Macdoesit Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

MacDoesIt is a YouTube celebrity and comedian from the United States who rose to prominence via his YouTube channel MacDoesIt. He posts entertaining and informative videos on popular culture. Among other distinctions and prizes, he earned Best in Comedy Vlog at the 2015 Buffer Festival.

Early Life

MacDoesIt was born on November 25, in the year 1996, in America Los Angeles, California. He was born in a religious family, but now he is an atheist. He went to Taekwondo lessons, but he was too short to acquire a black belt. He began to gain weight and got bullied by his classmates. Before YouTube, he pursued photography and music. He still takes photographs of many things like trees, animals, buildings, and many more. He has also acted in many films but not as a professional actor.


MacDoesIt created his YouTube account in 2012, and his debut video, “How to Make a Sad Video,” was released six years ago and has had 88,000 views since then. He continued to upload movies in the same genre, and he continued to win new admirers. MacDoesIt began experimenting with new topics for his movies and began deploying more satire, regularly mocking other YouTubers, encouraged by his early success with only a few films. He rose in popularity over time, and within a few years, he had 500,000 followers.

Rise To Stardom

On May 6, 2018, MacDoesIt surpassed one million subscribers, and he was noticed by a number of prominent YouTubers, including HelloXRyan, Michael Khare, Shira Lazar, MilesChrinicles, and others, further boosting his popularity. MacDoesIt now has just under two million subscribers, with over 210 million views on his videos. He has used his popularity to promote awareness about a variety of topics, including racism and homosexuality. He’s also become well-known for his criticisms of other YouTubers, notably Tana Mongeau and her make-up tutorials.

MacDoesIt’s successful professional path

MacDoesIt, one of the most popular, Reacting to Anti-Gay Commercials Because I’m Gay, has reached over 13 million views, and many people have liked the videos. Then another video’s string reaction to anti-gay commercials reached 2.4 million views, and Trying on Sexy Costumes, So You Don’t Have To reach more than 2.9 million views. His video Reacting to Racist Videos Because Why The Hell Not has reached more than 4.8 million views, and many of his videos have crossed more than 2 million views, he will use them to post more funny videos, which have helped him to increase his wealth, and also it has raised his subscribes. He will also have a live question and answer with the subscribers, which he uses to answer all their answers. MacDoesIt has posted more challenges and prank videos. Some he will work in collaboration with fellow YouTubers and appear in their videos. He was also part of YouTube’s policies for brand deals and advertisements on social media. On YouTube, he has worked for more brand deals and appeared in ads for other brands.

MacDoesIt social media career

MacDoesIt will work only for trusted brands because harmful brand content could damage the trust between the viewers and the content creator. He will use it to maintain a balance overdoing between endorsements and refraining. He is active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On his official Instagram account, he has more than 1.5 million, and like YouTube, he will use to share more of his pictures and videos in it.

On his Facebook account, he has more than 280 K followers, and he is also active on Twitter, which has more than 600 K followers. He has more fan followers on social media because of his video content. Machiavelli is a crated, entertaining, and engaging content creator who has attracted more of a number of subscribers, views, likes, and followers. He won the Best Comedy Vlog Award at the Buffer Festival in 2015 and has been nominated for some other awards, and he will win more awards and achievements in the upcoming years.  

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Personal Life

MacDoesIt has already spoken openly about his life in one of his films, in which he came out as homosexual and captured his parents’ reactions. Since then, he has made a lot of videos in support of the LGBT community. In terms of dating, MacDoesIt has been dating Jake Lindelof since the beginning of 2019. In addition to YouTube, MacDoesIt is well-known on Instagram, where he promotes his job by posting images of himself and friends in hilarious circumstances.

Despite growing up in a religious household, MacDoesIt is agnostic. As a kid, MacDoesIt studied Taekwondo and came close to achieving a black belt. He was anorexic until he reached middle school, when he began to put on weight. He was interested in music and photography before YouTube, and he still does photoshoots on the side when he has time. He’s dabbled with performing and participates in a local theatre, albeit not professionally.

Height, Weight, And Appearance

MacDoesIt weighs around 185lbs ~ 84kgs, and his height is around 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall. He has brown eyes and black hair.

Net Worth

MacDoesIt is a hardworking man, and him being so hardworking, he has gained a lot from different things, from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more business. According to some reports, MacDoesIt has a net worth of $130,000 – $500,000 from YouTube.

Hobbies and Interests of MacDoesIt

MacDoesIt will spend more of his time posting videos on his social media platforms, and his free time will do many interesting things in his life. He will use to watch more comedy movies, and also he will watch television shows. Machaizelli loves to read more comic books in his spare time, and his favorite food is pizza and ice cream, and he will not use to follow a diet because he loves to eat different types of foods. MacDoesIt loves to travel, and he has traveled to many countries, and all states in the United States, and his dream destination is Italy. He will often post more videos, which will help motivate others who are suffering. He loves to ride a bike and often goes on long bike rides in his spare time.    

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