Logan Paul Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

YouTube and the internet have been one of the most important sources of income for many people, and one such person we will tell you about today is Logan Paul. He is an internet celebrity and also a YouTuber and was born on April 1, 1995. His birth date makes him 26 years old now, and he is 6’2″. He was born in Westlake, Ohio, USA. Due to his hard work and dedication, he has recorded his name in the list of some of the most popular YouTubers across the globe from the USA.

Little more about Logan

Logan was interested in setting up a successful career from the age of 10. He used to work on his YouTube channel when he was just ten years old and posted different videos on that particular channel. He is an internet celebrity nowadays, and he has been creating videos of comedy and music. When he was very young, he worked on a YouTube channel of his own, but later on, he moved toVine. Logan was very interested and attracted to sports. After that, the vine network was closed, and Logan pursued his independent platform due to his sports passion. Several scholastic inspirations made him enter into the field of wrestling and boxing as well.


If you talk about the early life of Logan, there is only a little information available about it. He has a younger brother named Jake Paul, and the name of his father is Gregory AllanPaul. His father was a real estate owner and dealer, whereas his mother was a housewife. He has been grown in a very decent family, and both her parents supported whatever you do. The growing up of Logan Paul is completely reflecting that he started publishing videos on the Internet at a very young age of 10.

Personal and relationship details of Logan Paul

In July 2018, Paul and Chloe Bennet, an actress, announced they were dating. According to reports, they dated for a year before making it official. In September of that year, they officially called it quits. It’s red and green that Paul can’t see. Logan Paul came clean about dating baseball icon Jose Canseco’s daughter, model Josie Canseco, in May 2020. On his channel in June 2020, he posted a video titled “I Bought My Girlfriend a Horse.” After a little argument, he made up with Josie by gifting her a horse, as she enjoys riding. 

The Charity and Foundation of Logan Paul

He had previously revealed the donation on one of his vlogs. But then there were rumours that he hadn’t paid the whole thing. Logan Paul has raised over $1,30,000 for various charities through his vlogs and the unpacking of Pokemon cards. His prize money has been given to the National Alliance for Mental Health. The Paul brothers also run the Challenger games and donate their proceeds to good causes.

Logan Paul’s controversy over a Suicide Forest

On December 31, 2017, Paul posted a video he shot in Aokigahara, Japan, at the foot of Mount Fuji, on his YouTube account. Therefore the locals have given it the nickname “suicide forest.” A corpse hung from a tree in Paul’s video. Within 24 hours of being released, the video received 6.3 million views. Many people wanted Paul’s channel removed from YouTube and started petitions. On January 1, 2018, Paul apologised on Twitter and removed the video from his YouTube account. On January 9, YouTube said they didn’t approve of Paul’s video in a tweet. On January 10, YouTube said it was de-listing Paul’s channels from the Google Preferred ad programme. Unfortunately, Paul also lost his job as a cast member on the YouTube Red series “Foursome.” Paul then gave a million dollars to groups working to prevent suicide.

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Profits from Boxing Events

In addition to two amateur bouts against fellow YouTuber KSI, Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition. The KSI vs. Paul matches played in 2018 and 2019 have earned an estimated $150 million in revenue. And the fighters have made almost $75 million apiece. However, the bout between Logan Paul and Mayweather was labelled an exhibition fight since its primary function was entertainment rather than sports promotion. The Paul brothers reportedly made $250,000 in salaries plus 10% of the pay-per-view’s profits, as reported by sportingfree.com.

Profits from Pokemon trading cards

Recently, Logan Paul bought a Pikachu card from the 1998 Japanese promotional illustration set. He amassed a fortune of $5.275 million, making his collection of Pokemon cards a veritable holy grail. He also announced on his vlog that he would convert this Pokemon card into NFTs using his own NFT website, Liquid Marketplace. Therefore, he will keep a 49% minority interest in this card’s worth and distribute the other 51% to the NFTs.


Zouch is the first channel that admitted Paul at the age of 10 to create videos. He worked with that particular channel for a very short duration of time, but he started pursuing his lifestyle through Vine when he went for his studies. He was enlightened with encouragement and leading a successful career in the YouTube videos when he got a hike in his social network followers. The YouTube channel with which Logan Paul works claims that the videos of Logan Paul can bring hundreds and thousands of dollars within a couple of six seconds after it is uploaded. He has been living a very successful life in the USA, and he also has a successful career over the internet because he has received offers from several short films.

Net worth

If you have ever seen the list of social media celebrities of the USA, you will find the name of Logan Paul in that. He has a very good lifestyle and also earns a fair amount of money daily. The net worth of Logan Paul stands at the US $19 million, and it is and basically from YouTube internet videos. He has also got a small collection of cars, and he’s very fond of creating new music. He has hobbies like playing sports in wrestling and boxing, which also led him to enter this field for a short time.

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