Linda Durbesson Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Linda Durbesson is a nearly 40-year-old Caucasian fitness teacher, model, YouTuber, businesswoman, and Instagram personality. She was born on December 20, 1979, in Carpentras, France, under the sign of Sagittarius. She is likely most well-known to the general public due to her regular appearances in fitness magazines and on social media due to her popularly beautiful body form and fitness exploits. Since 2014, she has achieved many successes during her frequently successful modelling career.

Early Life

Linda was raised in her birthplace, probably as an only child, by her father and mother, whose names and occupations are still unknown. At the age of five, she began taking tennis, modern jazz dance, mountain biking, classical ballet, and martial arts. She was also involved in kitesurfing, track and field, karate, basketball, and handball during her adolescent years. Durbesson is believed to have excelled in every subject she studied while attending an unidentified French high school from which she graduated in 1997. For a time, the fitness model had little interest in furthering her education but eventually acquired a college education 17 years later, graduating with a master’s degree in personal training from an undisclosed US institution in 2014. Linda began attending the gym to combat despair, resulting in the development of the enviable figure that would contribute significantly to her net worth in the years to come. Before pursuing her degree, she had numerous modelling offers but stayed out of the industry until 2014.


By 2016, Linda had established herself as an Instagram sensation with a growing following. At that point, she launched her website to advertise and sell all of the fitness and nutritional advice she had to offer. Linda Durbesson’s official brand is called “LDFIT” (Linda Durbesson Fit), and it includes a variety of products such as clothes, exercise and diet plans, and supplements. In 2019, this site served as her primary source of revenue, while Durbesson is no stranger to generating money through YouTube advertisements. She uploads fitness videos to the popular video platform, promoting her brand and Instagram page. She is not a fan of professional photoshoots and rarely promotes another fitness product on her Instagram feed.

Personal Life

When it comes to her romantic relationships, it appears as though the fitness icon has opted to remain professional. Apart from the fact mentioned above that she dated a confident man upon her arrival in the United States, no source can provide factual information regarding Linda’s love life. She has never been seen at a public function in the company of a specific male, and there has been no issue around her personal life. Durbesson is said to be a solitary resident of Miami, Florida. She is most likely single at the moment.

Linda Durbesson’s exercise and daily routine

Many of her admirers undoubtedly believe she follows one of her own workout programmes devoutly, given that she sells workout plans for various jobs. Lina strives to exercise six days a week, but her routines aren’t necessarily scheduled in advance. She tends to make last-minute adjustments to her regimen, emphasizing her upper body one day and her legs the next, but her overall goal is to strike a healthy balance. The number of repetitions that Linda does of her preferred superset during her go-to exercise is about 20. She does her cardiovascular workouts on the treadmill often.

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Linda Durbesson’s diet and nutrition intake

In comparison to her workouts, Durbesson puts a greater amount of effort into her diet. She carefully considers the preparation of her weekly meals, modifying the foods she consumes or omitting specific dishes as required to ensure that she gets the appropriate amount of protein and vitamins. However, no matter how drastically her eating habits shift, you can always find fresh fruits and vegetables on her dinner table. Although you may be surprised by Linda’s love of sweets, it seems that she only allows herself one ‘cheat day’ every week, on which she binges to her heart’s content on the candies and chocolate that she so ardently craves.

Linda Durbesson on YouTube

Although Linda has been posting videos to YouTube since March of 2008, she has just lately begun to get attention from the site’s community of users. Despite the fact that she hasn’t been all that active on the network as of late, her total video views are somewhere around 2.5 million. Her video from August 2011, named “Linda Durbesson Hot & Brutal Workout,” is by far the most popular of her videos, having received over 250,000 views.

Linda Durbesson on TikTok

It would seem that the viral hit on social media is active on various platforms, one of which is TikTok, which was once known as and is now the primary competitor to Vine. Even if she is just doing it for herself, being found by such cutting-edge technologies would enhance her profile, improving her profits.

Linda Durbesson’s essential oils

Fewer people are aware of Linda’s less noticed activities, such as another one of her websites that sells an essential oil that will permanently cure bloating. Since she has not promoted this page in quite some time, it is reasonable to assume that she is either out of stock or has lost interest in this page.

Interesting facts about Linda Durbesson

  • Linda Durbesson is a fitness trainer, model, entrepreneur, and YouTuber who is very popular on Instagram.
  • She graduated from a French high school in 2014 with a master’s degree in fitness education and went on to study college.
  • “LDFIT” (which stands for “Linda Durbesson Fit”) is the name of the official brand of items carrying her name.
  • She has breast implants and follows a well-planned diet in addition to doing so.

Net Worth

Have you considered the possible wealth Linda may be amassing? According to some of the most credible sources, her net worth peaked at the $ mark. She amassed this fortune by trading her fitness and nutritional skills throughout her career. Linda is still confident in her pursuit of this course, which means that the stated value will almost certainly increase.

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