Lil Wop Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Lil Wop (also known as Lil Wop 17 as well as Little Wopster) is a young American rapper best known for his smash tune “Lost My Mind,” released in July 2017. Furthermore, he is well-known for his other tracks such as “Safe House,” “Broadway,” and “BackWoods,” and as well as being Gucci Mane’s ‘protégé’ and signing a record deal with Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Label.

Early Life

Lil Wop, whose actual name is unknown, was born on October 17, 1995, under the zodiac sign of Libra in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and is of African-American nationality and the American race. Danny C. Williams is his father, a former musician best known as a Detroit music group “Rick, Ran, and Dan.” Lil Wop has an older sister, Brandi, who was the R&B vocalist of the hip hop female group “Blaque” (known as “Blaque Ivory” in the rest of the world), and a younger sister, Kodie, who is also a rapper and composer and is better known as Kodie Shane.He is also a cousin of Famous Dex, another American rapper. It’s no surprise that Lil Wop has had a successful music career, coming from a family with such a solid musical pedigree.

Personal Life

Despite his moniker – or possibly how it was humorously formed – Lil Wop stands 6ft 5ins (1.96m) tall and has tattoos ‘from head to toe’ on his body. His signature beauty features include:

● A ’24 carat grin.’

● A sword tattoo is crossing his right eye.

● A replica of Gucci Mane’s renowned ice cream cone tattoo on his right cheek.

Along with Trippie Redd, Lil Wop was arrested in October 2018 for his involvement in a street battle with Atlanta artist FDM Grady.

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The Career details of Lil Wop

In 2014, when he was 19 years old, Lil Wop went headlong into the music business by uploading mixtapes and songs to the popular music streaming website SoundCloud. Millions of people now use SoundCloud. His early work includes singles such as “Perky’s & Molly’s,” “Hyped Out,” and “The Wopster” (the latter of which was one of his stage names). Lil Wop worked with his sister and an up-and-coming young rapper by the name of Trippie Redd in the years that followed, which resulted in the publication of three further songs: “Beast Mode,” “Awakening My Inner Beast,” and “Rock the World Trippie.”

Lil Wop signed a contract with Bases Loaded Records not long after his mixtape “Wopster the Mixtape” was released in December of 2016. In March 2017, he released his first studio-recorded mixtape, given the moniker “Wopavelli.” After a month, he came out with another mixtape called “Wake N Bake,” hosted by DJ Holiday. It had several successful tunes, such as “Gotcho Bitch” and “BackWoods.”

The continuous successful career life of Lil Wop

Seeing his star soar, in June of 2017, Lil Wop released “Wopavelli 2,” his second and largest mixtape. It spawned the smash songs “Safe House,” “Dead People,” “Broadway,” and “Lost My Mind,” and included guest stars ManMan Savage and Red Smash. Lil Wop’s 2.8 million YouTube views caught the attention of his idol, Gucci Mane, who signed him to a record deal with 1017 Eskimo Label. Lil Wop and Trippie Redd released “Angels & Demons” in October 2017. After the first of the month, his third mixtape, titled “Wopavelli 3,” was released, with 17 tracks, three of which (the singles “Workstar,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Paid in Full,” featuring Gucci Mane) topped the charts.

Lil Wop was crowned “2017 Trapper of the Year” for all his efforts and the meteoric rise to his popularity in a very short period. Songs including “The Ring,” “Hills Has Eyes,” and “Bride of Chucky” from Lil Wop’s 10-track EP “Silent Hill,” inspired by horror films, were released in August of 2018. The EP also included guest appearances from JDA Mook and Big Adolf. After a two-month delay, in October of 2018, he released “Wopavelli 4”, the fourth installment in the Wopavelli mixtape series. The mixtape included 19 tracks, several of which had been released as singles. The Slime, his newest album, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 in March of this year.

Other ventures of Lil Wop

The record label Lil Wop issued a total of eight further cassettes between the years 2019 and 2021. However, after that flash of insight had passed, he realized he was dealing with something far more significant than he had thought when he had first conceived of the problem. The music video for the song “Glow” by Wop was released for the first time in February of 2022. After that, he commemorated the holiday of love by posting a selfie on Instagram. An unexpectedly feminine side to his appearance was brought to light when he posted a photo of himself wearing a white T-shirt.

The fact that he is bisexual was made very clear in the text of the photograph that he posted on Instagram. There were many responses, but most of his supporters remained loyal to him. Lil Wop may have admitted his wrongdoing, but as a result, he no longer has the backing of his hero Gucci Mane. Since parting ways with Gucci Mane and his label 1017 Records, Wop has released more than ten albums under his name as a free agent. It wasn’t until 2022 that he published “Parental Advisory” and “Savage.” 

Interesting Facts about Lil Wop

  • Rapper Lil Wop is from Chicago, Illinois, and his true identity is unknown.
  • He is Gucci Mane’s protege and just inked a record contract with the 1017 Eskimo Label, which Gucci Mane owns.
  • Mixtapes and songs like “Perky’s & Molly’s,” “Hyped Out,” and “The Wopster” represented his early work as a musician.
  • “Lost My Mind,” “Broadway,” “BackWoods,” and “Safe House” are just a few of his chart-topping tunes.

Net Worth

According to insiders, the 24-year-old rapper’s net worth is expected to be approximately $450,000, amassed by his music career rich in mixtapes, which has undoubtedly enabled his extravagant lifestyle, which supposedly includes spending $4,000 monthly on drugs.

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