Laura Deibel Net Worth, Career, Early Life, And Personal Life

Laura Deibel is the wife of Tim Allen, a famous American comedian, and actor. The following article includes everything you probably want to know about Laura, including her relationship and confusing divorce with his husband.

Childhood And Education/Life As A Student

On 12th November 1956, Laura Deibel was born, and her date of birth suggests that her zodiac sign is Scorpion. Her nationality is American. Almost nothing or very little is known of her childhood. In 1978, she graduated from the University of Western Michigan.


Before marriage, Laura worked as a sales manager in an interior decorator company. Even after marrying Tim, she had to continue his work and even more complex as her husband was still a struggler in the film industry.

Life With ex-husband Tim Allen

Laura and Tim dated each other as they were college mates during the mid-70s. Laura was a full-hearted love of Tim, and it was proved and witnessed by their friends, saying, “those two were the loveliest couple we’ve ever seen.” In 1978, something worse than ever imagined happened, and Tim was taken behind bars as he was convicted for drug (Cocaine) distribution charges. But his beloved wife, Laura, stood by her husband’s side, supported him, and waited until his return after two years and four months of imprisonment. They loved each other, and even after long imprisonment of about two and a half years, their love hasn’t ever died or faded. Tim was released from jail and returned to Laura in 1981. And after three more years, in a private ceremony, they decided to marry. Their marriage date was 7th November 1984. Five years after marriage, their first and only children, daughter Katharine Allen was born. Laura had to face many hardships since she has to take care of her new-born baby all by herself and nobody else to help her. Tim was an extremely busy man at that time, often coming home at midnight. He remained active in shooting sets, dialogues, rehearsals, tapings, re-takes, and dubbings. Although Laura joined Tim in some of his taping sessions and almost every Time, she remained busy raising the kid. The couple was very religious, devoted Christians, and they baptized her daughter. After fifteen long years of marriage, when Katharine was nine, Allen filed a divorce case against Tim.

Conflict in Laura Deibel’s Marriage and Her Daughter

Katherine Allen was born to the couple in December 1989. She was their daughter. Their relationship as mother and daughter continues to be strong. Katherine managed to keep her ties with both of her parents on a strong footing after her parent’s divorce. Even though Laura and Tim had been married for a significant amount of time, their relationship started to suffer. Tim was unable to commit a significant amount of time to his family despite the numerous qualities he had. The majority of their split may be attributed to this one topic. Since she was alone and had no one to assist her, Laura was saddled with the obligation to oversee the household’s management. After receiving a divorce on March 1, 2003, the couple eventually came open about the issue by transferring custody of their daughter to the husband, Tim, who had been the child’s primary caretaker.

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Laura Deibel: Making a divorce petition

After the success of “Home Improvement,” Tim was cast as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the animated film’s sequel. While the five million dollars he earned from the comic contributed to their financial security, it did nothing to improve the mood at home. However, a friend of the couple claims that Laura and Tim simply pretended to be a family for the Los Angeles premiere. In addition to her parents, Katherine, then nine years old, walked the red carpet. Laura filed for divorce four days after being married for 15 years.

Tim Allen’s mom, Martha Bones, described the incident as “very unhappy for everyone.” In an interview with The Detroit News, Tim admitted that “he let his family slide” and that he seldom or never visited his daughter because of his work. Some of their friends and relatives still hoped that Laura and Tim might “fix it” and save their marriage. Rob Cowin addressed that she was always there for him emotionally, but as he got renowned, she relegated to the passenger seat. It took four years of negotiations, but on March 1, 2003, the final agreements defining Kady’s custody arrangement were signed.

Life After Divorce

Laura remained lonely and alone after their divorce, but Time went through to marry for the Second Time. Her second wife is actress Jane Hajduk. His second daughter was born in 2009, named Elizabeth Allen. Elizabeth never went through the traumas that Katharine had to face as her father gave her all the love Katharine never had.

The physical appearance of Laura Deibel

Laura is a short, grey-haired woman with hazel eyes. She is around 1.68 metres (5 feet) tall and 132 pounds (60 kilogrammes). Her dress taste has always been conservative; she prefers wearing pants over skirts when she goes out in public and favours black and white feminine suits.

Interesting facts about Laura Deibel

  • Laura Deibel’s high prominence is mostly due to her status as the ex-wife of American actor Tim Allen.
  • The same can be said about Laura Deibel, who attended the Golden Globes’ 50th-anniversary celebration.
  • It is thought that Laura has a net worth of about one million dollars, despite choosing to keep her life secret after ending her marriage to Tim.
  • Even though Tim has a child with his second wife, Laura only has one daughter, and her name is Kady.

Laura’s Appearance and Net Worth

.Laura has brown eyes and short grey hair. Her height and weight, respectively, are 5ft 6 ins (168 cm) and 132 lbs (60kgs). She prefers to wear black and white classy outfits whenever she went out in public. As of her net worth is concerned, it is estimated to be around 15 million U.S. dollars, and she inherits a large part of it after her divorce from Tim Allen. Tim’s net worth is over 80 million U.S. dollars.

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