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On 11th July 1988, Andrea “LA” Thoma was born in Malaysia. Her date of birth suggests that her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is best known for being the wife of actor Grant Gustin, although she was a social media personality and physical therapist. Her husband grant is a famous actor, mainly because of playing the role of the DC character, The Flash. 

Education and Early Life 

LA was born in Malaysia but never stayed there for too long, as her parents moved to the US. She has three siblings. Her younger brother’s name is Christian, and her older siblings were named Louise and Jonathan. The family settled in the American state of Ohio. Although LA was exposed, since childhood, to raw American culture, her mother insisted on her daughter not to forget traditions and cultures of her Malaysian roots. And this helped her to learn Malaysian languages other than English. After completing enrollment from a hometown school, named St.Thomas Aquinas High School, she went to the Kent State University to study Exercise Physiology. In 2009, she completed this degree. Later, he continued higher studies, and from Old Dominican University, she completed her doctorate in Physical Therapy. After her education, she started working in Connecticut and Virginia as a physical therapist. But later, when she moved to California, she met Grant, and their love story began. She was a fitness freak since childhood and played football/soccer for her institution. She almost excelled in every kind of sports she played. For this, she was chosen as a representative for the Adidas/NSCAA All-Region III team. To add to that, for the Greater Akron Premier Club, she played soccer. 

The Career of LA Thomas 

LA Thomas is originally known as Andrea LA Thomas. A famous LA, Thomas, passed his graduation in 2009 from Kent State University, where this college completed his higher degree and higher studies. LA Thomas has managed the thing that can occur in his studying time. She is passionate about studying for a Bachelor’s degree in science, which comes under the study of psychology. Then after it, she moved to another university named Old Dominion University. LA Thomas has moved to this university to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

During this time, LA Thomas has started to begin his career and work as a student in the special or particular side of physical therapy in the nearby location of Virginia. Whereas Virginia is located in the United States of America. Before she started to move to Connecticut, she started working in the United States of America. After moving to Connecticut, she further moved to California for the reason to start or pursue a career in which related to being a Physical Therapist. In addition to her career as a physical therapist, she is much active person on social media, especially Instagram. Not all social media, it is one of the most wanted and powerful social media in the networks. Some months ago, she became the most famous influence on her Instagram page as she has a large group of followers. Rather than Instagram, LA Thomas does not get activated on any other social media, and she does not have an account on the different social media networks.

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Career as a soccer player 

LA Thomas started his career as a soccer player as she got selected to pursue St.LA Thomas s High School in 2005. During his play time, she broke the record of 6 goals for the course provided to him at the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy. Thomas has played very carefully during this time because she can meet with an accident before. LA Thomas is one of the selected candidates for the Kent state players. To score one goal in that season. LA Thomas has to succeed and get the 19th position in the school’s history, which makes him more proud. LA Thomas was one of the wanted game players before her physical therapy career was started.

Relationship With Grant

At a dinner party in December 2016, which the Sabah Tourism Board held, Grant and Andrea met for the first time. They felt attracted towards each other as they started to talk to each other more and more and they went to date each other, a month later the night they first met. Her fame skyrocketed when this relationship came to the public. In 2017, while Andrea and Grant worked out at the beach, Grand came up with Andrea’s lovely idea. She was completely surprised when finally Grant proposed to her, and she happily accepted saying a big “Yes.” They had rituals of dressing up traditionally for marriages and receiving a spiritual blessing from a shaman and a medicine man. That ritual took place in KG Kolopis. Their wedding happened in Valentine DTLA, Los Angeles, in December 2018. Andra and Gustin, after about two years of married life, are expecting their first child. We might not know, but Andrea is also an actress, thanks to her interest in movies. She acted in two films as of now. 

Height and Weight of LA Thomas 

The actual height of LA Thomas is about 5 feet and 7 inches tall in state. Whereas in, centimetre it can be expressed as 167 cm, same as in meters, it is described as 1.67 m. Then moving forward, the weight of the LA Thomas is about 55 kg, whereas it can be said in pounds is about 132 lbs. Most celebrity does not prefer to express their weight in public or on official sites on the network, especially for woman celebrity. The main reason for this query is only changing weight; most women will unknowingly face the problem of changing their weight. So The weight may vary at any and, so it cannot be constant. Only getting the site update will change the information that can be given in it.

Appearance And Net Worth 

She is a beautiful woman with black eyes and dark brown hair. She is about 5’7″ in height. However, her weight is kept unknown. Her net worth, upon estimation, is over 300,000 US dollars

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