Kim Marie Kessler Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Born in New York City, Kim Marie Kessler has not disclosed her precise birth year. However, she supposedly celebrates her birthday on 1 April – maybe this is a joke? She is an American citizen and a socialite who rose to prominence after her marriage to Randy Orton, a prominent World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler.

Early Life

Kim grew up in New York with her parents, but little is known about them since Kim has avoided public mention of them — she has never mentioned having siblings and is thus considered an only child. Kim aspired to be a model since she was a child. This love continued throughout her adolescence – she practised posing in front of the mirror in her room – but modelling has never worked out for her since she has never been given the opportunity. Kim was highly popular in high school due to her gorgeous appearance and refined demeanor. So after enrolling, she opted not to attend college and instead concentrated on other aspects of life.


While Kim does not have an actual profession, she works as a socialist – she seems to be doing well owing to her husband’s WWE wrestling success since he is reportedly supplying all of the money for her and the family.

Personal Life

Kim was a tremendous admirer of Randy Orton before the two met – she hung multiple photographs of him on the walls of her home and fantasized about being his girlfriend. Her first spouse – name withheld – thought of this obsession is unclear, but it undoubtedly influenced the couple’s divorce. They met for the first time in New York City at a WWE event — Randy made the first approach, asking for her name, and later stated that despite his celebrity, he was scared when he approached Kim. Randy divorced Samantha Speno in 2012 after five years of being married and started dating Kim soon afterwards – he proposed to her in July 2015 after three years of dating. Randy is a romantic guy, and he went above and beyond when he offered by taking Kim to Bora Bora, lighting the candles on the table, and arranging for a special meal to be served.

They exchanged wedding vows in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 14 November 2015, in front of all of their children from a prior marriage — the two are now parents to Brooklyn Rose Orton, who was born on 22 November 2016. The family has grown by one – while on holiday in Bora Bora, Kim and Randy came upon an abandoned puppy, which they rescued and called Spike. Both Kim and Randy had children from prior marriages — Randy and Samantha have a daughter, Alanna Marie Orton, while Kim has three sons after her first marriage.

Hobbies and Interests of Kim Marie Kessler

Kim has a taste for the more luxurious aspects of life, as seen by her Instagram page, which is filled with pictures of her luxurious vacations and precisely crafted hobby sets. Kim’s husband, Randy, tends to go to any extent to make her happy. As a result, she has had the opportunity to travel extensively over most of South and North America and Europe, which is her primary passion. She was the one who thought of naming the stray dog Spike, and it was her idea to take in the stray dog that was running about. Kim is also incredibly fit, thanks to the fact that she often goes to the gym and puts in a lot of effort. Since receiving her high school diploma, she has made it a point to visit the gym consistently when they have some spare time. Kim and her husband like to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” films together, as well as “Breaking Bad” and “Lost,” which are two of their favourite television series.

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Kim Marie Kessler on social media

Kim is highly active on several major social media platforms because she sees them as crucial to her “career” as a socialist. She has been tweeting regularly since March 2014, when she first signed up, and has amassed approximately 80,000 followers. Kim also maintains a Facebook profile with more than 1,500 admirers. Her old account was deleted, but her new one already has about 1,200 followers, and she’s posted around 60 photos there.

Interesting Facts about Kim Marie Kessler

  • The socialite Kim Marie Kessler tied the knot with WWE star Randy Orton in 2015.
  • Kim’s marriage to Randy Orton made her famous as a socialist.
  • Kim and Randy have rescued a stray puppy named Spike and are the proud parents of a little girl named Brooklyn Rose Orton.
  • Randy has won nine titles in the WWE and is worth over $11 million.
  • Kim is quite connected online; she has around 1,200 Instagram followers.

Controversies regarding Kim Marie Kessler

Kim Marie and Orton’s relationship started after the end of his first marriage, and since then, she has been involved in several controversies. She’s been called a gold digger for allegedly taking advantage of professional wrestler Randy Orton’s wealth and enthusiasm for the sport. She also deletes the many tweets and letters of support he receives. One of the events involving the two that received the most media attention was a fan called Kayla Gomez, who followed and harassed them for an extended time.

The two responded by publicizing Kayla’s moniker “Ms. Piggy” on several social networking platforms. Gomez’s efforts to take and share internet photographs of Orton presented a challenge to Kim, who shared Kim’s interest in Orton. Kayla was banned from contact with his family after he accused her of harassing and stalking his wife in a public declaration. He urged her to lead a mundane existence and said she should let someone else handle the trolls. The issue eventually became irrelevant, and the two continued their lives as before.

Net Worth

According to credible sources, her present net worth is believed to be less than $100,000, whereas her husband Randy’s net worth is estimated to be more than $11 million.

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