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Kelsey Henson is best recognized for her five-season role as Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones. Björns son and Kelsey’s 19-inch height difference is instantly noticeable. It’s not hard to see why she has 282K Instagram followers. She worked in construction at Voice Construction OPCO, Guthrie Mechanical Services, and Tervita Corporation before becoming recognized for her husband’s work. A financial services professional at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, she met him while serving at Earls Kitchen + Bar in Fort McMurray. Her credentials include WHMIS Train the Trainer, Tervita Basic Fire Extinguisher Training, Principles of Health and Safety Management, and Basic Instructional Techniques.

Early Life

According to her birth certificate, Kelsey Morgan Hanson, a Canadian citizen born on March 5, 1990, is a Pisces by zodiac sign. The majority of her childhood was spent with her parents, two sisters (Kathleen and Lindsey), and both of her parents’ parents (her father and mother). She likes spending her spare time with her new niece, Nikyla Jane, whom she just adopted. Kelli has always enjoyed sports of all kinds and was a member of the volleyball and football (soccer) teams throughout her high school career. Because she participated in athletics, she became a fitness advocate and personal trainer.


Kelsey earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Alberta the following year, completing her education. Until 2014, she realized she wanted to work in the health and fitness business. She earned her certificate in Occupational Health and Safety the following year.


Given the scarcity of chances in sports and fitness for someone with Kelsey’s degree, she started working part-time as a server at local restaurants and cafes while working full-time as a financial services representative. A project administrator for many months during her tenure as a junior safety adviser at the Suncor Base Plant in Fort McMurray, Canada, she gained valuable experience in the field. She also worked as a building operator with Guthrie Mechanical Services Ltd. for a short period. She also obtained her NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) and HSA (Health and Safety Administrator) certificates from the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Kelly worked as a waitress at Earls Kitchen Restaurant and her average employment at the Tervita Corporation until the end of 2017, when she left the company.

Height and Weight of Kelsey Henson

Kelsey Henson original height is 5 feet 2 inches, expressed as in meters about 1.58 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimeters, about 158 cm, and then moving the weight of Kelsey Henson is 53 kg, which can express in pounds as 117 lbs.

Appearances and Body Measurements 

Kelsey Henson looks more attractive because she has good connectivity with people. Kelsey Henson has worked much more to increase his net worth through his efforts and career settlement in television media. Kelsey Henson has short and blonder hair with the color of dark brown. Kelsey Henson has a gorgeous and pretty-looking eye that looks blue. The body measurements of Kelsey Henson are 35 inches in the breast, 24 inches in the hip, and 36 inches in the waist, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 35-24-36 inches. The shape of Kelsey Henson body is a banana, and then the dress size of Kelsey Henson is 4 US. Her shoe size of Kelsey Henson is 8 US, and Kelsey Henson has no tattoos on her body. The skin tone color of Kelsey Henson is bright. The bra size of Kelsey Henson is 34 B.

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Personal Life

Kelsey met Hafór when he came to her city to participate in the “Strongman” tournament. Following his training, they met for the first time when Kelsey served him dinner at a neighbouring restaurant after he finished. On October 21, 2018, Hafór announced on Instagram that he and his fiancée had exchanged vows in a private ceremony. Hafór had a daughter, Theresa Lf, with Thelma Björk Steinmann, with whom he had previously had a relationship and who was the mother of their daughter. On occasion, Hafór may publish photographs of his daughter dressed in costumes designed by his wife, Thelma, a successful fashion knitwear designer.

Short information About Hafthor Bjornsson 

On November 26, 1988, Hafthor Bjornsson was born; his full name is Hafthor Bjornssonor Jlus. Furthermore, at 34 years old, Hafthor is used to remember his zodiac sign Sagittarius. Hafthor Bjornsson native places are Reykjavik, Iceland. In addition, Hafthor Bjornsson father’s name is Bjorn, and he stands up to the height of 6 feet and 8 inches, whereas in centimeters is about 203 cm then. Moving his mother, her name is Ragnheiur, and she is also the same as her husband tallness in height.

Similarly, Reyni grandfather is named Hafthor Bjornsson, and the height of his grandpa is 6 feet and 9 inches, which can be expressed in centimeters as about 207 cm, and he has a broad chest that may be across the equivalent measurements. Hafthor Bjornsson grandfather has recalled some of the memories that can happen or occur in her childhood days when they combined worked along with his family in her farmhouse. Hafthor Bjornsson also has a sister named Hafthor Bjornssonds Lind. Hafthor Bjornsson also consists of some nicknames, such as the Mountain and Thor. On the celebrity site, there is only so much information about her ethnicity; some of her bio data are also contaminated.

Height and Weight of Hafthor Bjornsson

Hafthor Bjornsson original height is 6 feet 9 inches, expressed as in meters about 2.06 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimeters, about 206 cm, and then moving the weight of Hafthor Bjornsson is 193 kg, which can express in pounds as 389 lbs. The body measurements of Hafthor Bjornsson are 42 inches in the breast, 24 inches in the hip, and 46 inches in the waist, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 42-24-46 inches. The biceps size is about 20 inches in size. There is used to find many of the tattoos on her body, which always makes him perfect.

Net Worth

According to reports, Kelsey’s net worth is believed to be $850,000 as of 2016, but her husband, Hafþór Björnsson, supposedly has a fortune of $2 million or more.

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