Julian Corrie Broadus Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early life

The discovery that Julian Corrie Broadus is the son of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., better known by his stage name Snoop Dogg, prompted great curiosity about Julian Corrie Broadus’s background as well as his personality. As a result of the parties’ disagreement over the story’s accuracy, a paternity test was carried out, and the findings showed that Snoop Dogg is, in fact, the child’s biological father. We have reason to think that the rapper has accepted his responsibilities as a father and is having honest conversations with Julian regarding the nature of their bond. Corrie, who is now enrolled at UC Berkeley, loves music and his school just as much as his father does. After the announcement of his paternity went viral, he saw a dramatic increase in his online following.

The early years of Julian Corrie Broadus

Snoop Dogg and Laurie Helmond are his parents. He was born in 1992. It was determined through paternity testing that Broadus was brought up solely by his mother. Broadus has three half-siblings named Cori, Cordell, and Corde Broadus. In addition, he has a stepsister named Cori Broadus.

The educational qualification of Julian Corrie Broadus

Julian Corrie Broadus, son of Snoop Dogg, attended Diamond Bar High School, where he was torn between two possible futures: a career in music or a career in sports. Snoop Dogg is a famous rapper. At this time, he is pursuing higher education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Personal details of Julian Corrie Broadus   

Real NameJulian Corrie Broadus
Celebrity NameJulian
ProfessionDecided to build his career in the entertainment industry
Age24 years old
Date of BirthJun 18, 1998
BirthplaceUnited States of America

Body measurements of Julian Corrie Broadus

Height in Centimetres193 cm
Height in Inches6 feet, 4 inch
Weight in Kilograms165
Weight in Pounds240 lbs
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBrown
Relationship statusSingle

The personal and relationship details of Julian Corrie Broadus

Julian Broadus, a young man, known for his attractiveness and his presence on social media, has attracted the attention of a number of young ladies. It is tough to determine who precisely his relationship is since he has a habit of uploading visually nice photographs on Instagram of lovely women. This makes it difficult to tell who his partner is. Since Julian Broadus has not confirmed that he is dating anybody, our only option is to assume that he is not married and does not have a girlfriend.

The Net Worth of Julian Corrie Broadus

Famous Julian is the heir of a wealthy family. It is natural that he and his family take advantage of all the luxuries that come along with that status in their day-to-day existence. As of the year 2021, the exact amount of Julian’s fortune is unclear. However, we estimate that it is somewhere in the area of one million dollars. His father, Snoop Dogg, is now worth 143 million dollars to him at this time. On the other hand, Snoop Dogg’s maternal grandpa reportedly has an estimated net worth of 143 million dollars. His fortune was built on the back of his successful professions as an actor and a rapper, in addition to the profits he made through his membership in lucrative online groups.

According to the calculations of an influencer marketing company, a rapper who has over 65 million followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 0.05% may anticipate earning between $129,480 and $215,800 for each post that they make on the platform. Snoop Dogg purchased a home in California with eight bedrooms and a large sum of money in the year 1994. This opulent mansion with 6,500 square feet of living space now lists $1.995 million rather than the previous price of $1.995 million.

Hobbies and interests of Julian Corrie Broadus 

Julian still plays basketball often with his friends and watches games from the National Basketball Association (NBA) on television on a regular basis, despite the fact that he has given up on the possibility of a career in professional basketball. Because he is a regular at the gym, he is able to participate in a variety of other types of active recreation, including golf. Julian has made the decision to pursue a career in music due to his passion for writing, especially poetry. This decision was inspired by his love of books. He has high expectations that he will be able to tell stories via his music and, as a consequence, will amass a sizable following. In his spare time, he likes to relax by watching movies, and some of his all-time favourites are “Bad Boys” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life.” His favourite actor is Will Smith and favourite actress is Angelina Jolie.

The career life of Julian Corrie Broadus 

Corrie, a student at UC Berkeley, shares the same strong connection to music that her father does, which is something her father has always instilled in him. Since the announcement that he was going to be a father was made public, his standing as a user of social media has seen a good increase as a result. Julian Corrie Broadus has made the decision to pursue a career in the music business, much as his well-known musician father did before him. 

It would seem that Julian is more interested in R&B and pop music than he is in the rap music that made his father famous. Many people have come to the conclusion that he will achieve the same degree of success in the music industry that his father had after watching merely a taste of his work that was uploaded on social media. This is an extremely optimistic outlook. The majority of his supporters are certain that if he continues to put in the necessary amount of effort and tells a fantastic tale, he will eventually become a well-known person in the world of music.

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