Josh Jovanny Levya Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Josh Jovanny Leyva came into this earth on December 27, 1990, in California, USA, under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. He is well-known for his work as a vlogger, social media phenomenon, and YouTuber. On his YouTube account, he uploads amusing videos. Aside from that, he is also a well-known actor.

Early Life

Josh Jovanny Leyva was reared in the same household as his younger brother named Mark. They both spent their childhoods in California City located in America. He is of American nationality.

His Videos Frequently Include Members of His Family

Josh Leyva’s mother, Marie Ojeda, and Josh’s brother, Mark Galvez, frequently contribute to Josh’s channel. In addition, there is no disputing the closeness of the family. Galvez is considered Leyva’s half-brother since he is the son of mortgage trader Marco Galvez and Marie Ojeda, and Marie Ojeda is Leyva’s mother. Marco Galvez has made the happy news public on his Instagram account that he has married Hilda Villalobos. In the state of California, Marie, who is the mother of Josh and Mark, works as a real estate agent. She is utterly devoted to her two boys. Over the time they spend together over the holidays, family members will make frequent appearances on one other’s Instagram profiles. Mark and Marie are featured in several films uploaded to YouTube by the user Josh Leyva.


Josh Leyva, an actor, has always desired to advance in his profession. He saw the power of social media and launched his YouTube channel with the nickname “YoMuscleBoii”- later, in September 2011; he changed his channel “Josh Leyva.” He subsequently posted his first video, “You Ain’t A Guido,” 12 days later, and has since maintained his presence with challenge films, prank videos, Q&A sessions, and his private life vlogs. His skills and relationships drew increasing notice as time passed. He began to get more views, and the number of subscribers increased as well. His videos have had over 260 million views to date, and he has over two million subscribers. These massive statistics on YouTube contributed significantly to his net worth. His most popular videos in YouTube include “Normal People vs Justin Bieber,” which has over 8 million views, “Relationship Goals vs Reality,” which has over 7 million views, “Driving With A Gay Cholo,” which has over 6 million views, and “Yoga Challenge W/ Chachi Gonzales,” which has over 6 million views.

Josh Jovanny Levya’s Additional Channel on YouTube

Josh Leyva has been active on YouTube since April of 2013 when he launched his first channel under the username ‘Josh Leyva’, which he then changed to ‘Josh Leyva Vlogs. Among the many things he shares are personal anecdotes, travelogues, struggles, and storytimes from his life. Thus, the channel has over 220,000 followers, and his films have been seen seven million times, adding to his already substantial wealth. The “Are You Gay Test,” “25 Facts About Me | @JoshLeyva,” and “Belly Flop Challenge” videos, among others, have been the channel’s most viewed content. The actor’s second channel has over 220,000 subscribers and over seven million views. Josh Leyva’s second channel is where he posts his private life vlogs, travel diaries, storytime, challenges, and so on.

Josh Jovanny Levya’s Promising Acting Career

In 2012, Josh finally achieved another lifelong goal of his: becoming a professional actor. He got his start by appearing as a guest star on shows including “Cholo Adventures” (2012-2013), “Saving Lives” (2015), and “High Fives” (2015). In 2016, he played Brad Smith in the romantic comedy “Love For All Seasons,” alongside his girlfriend Chachi Gonzales; he then played Derrick in Andrew Bush’s comedy “Dirty 30,” and he featured as Tucker in the comedy “Laid In America” that same year. Acting as Rudy in the 2017 comedy followed Josh’s co-writing, producing, and directing the comedy mini-series “Gaylo Returns” (2017), which boosted his career. The 2018 Netflix original series “Cooking On High” features his first acting role.

Social media and handles

The social media sensation’s ambition of becoming an actor came fulfilled in 2012. He began his acting career as a guest actor in shows such as “Cholo Adventures” in 2012 and 2013, “High Fives” in 2015, and “Saving Lives” in 2015. The actor made his cinematic debut in 2016 with the character of Brad Smith in “Love For All Seasons.” Then he went on to sing “Dirty 30” and “Laid In America.” The actor’s next step in his career was the comedic mini-series “Gaylo Returns.” This series was co-written, directed, and produced by him. Then came “The F*** Happened” and “Cooking On High.”

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Informative Facts about Josh Jovanny Levya

Josh’s journey towards linguistics began with his study of Spanish. He hasn’t spoken the language in a long, so he’s lost some of his fluency. Josh is notorious for being a fussy eater, even though he only has a few food-related quirks that drive him crazy. Do not even entertain the idea of handing him a glass of grape soda because he will promptly empty the whole thing upon your head. Pizza and peanut butter are the only foods he will ever consume in his life. Josh is dissatisfied since he ordered a large bucket of chicken nuggets but was only sent with a handful of packets of barbecue sauce to accompany his food. As a direct result, Josh rarely eats at McDonald’s. His primary pet peeve is when people utilise the thumbs-up symbol mockingly. Josh is certain that he is the top player when it comes to the game of tic-tac-toe. Josh avoids scary films at all costs.

Personal Life

Josh Leyva has a long history of dating. In 2014, he began a romantic connection with Olivia Chachi, a social media star. After three years of dating, the pair decided to call it quits in 2017. The actor was said to be dating a beauty blogger named Nikita Dragun, although this was never verified. He is now dating singer Madison Watkins.

Net Worth

The social media star has a net worth of roughly $350,000 as of the year 2021.

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