Josh Hartzler Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Josh Hartzler is generally popular due to being the husband of Amy Lee, the lead singer of the famous band party “Evanescence” as this band has so many followers. Their followers knew that Amy lee was in a tough and painful relationship with another guy. And then she started dating her long-term friend Josh Hartzler and then they eventually decided to marry each other. Josh Hartzler is damn interested in listening to classical music. When Josh and Amy are free and have time, they enjoy Mozart’s compositions and some other favorite composers. His height is quite good and weight is above 65 kg. He has brown hair and brown beard.

Early life and career

Josh Hartzler took birth on 4 November 1977 in Encino, California, USA. He has the nationality of USA. There is no such information about their family and parents as he has not shared any information about his sister, brother, or other relatives in the media. He has spent his whole life in his birth city and has not gone anywhere. Josh Hartzler did his high school from their city in 1995 and then after he took admission to Arkansas Baptist College from where he completed his graduation in 1999. He has done B.A. in Psychology, and then after doing this, he became a Psychological Counselor.

His Profession

Josh Hartzler is served the people as a therapist during his whole life. He has also started writing a song, and later he has collaborated with so many musicians. He has collaborated with a big profile like David Hodges for the album “Musical Demonstrations Pt.1”, this album consists of four songs written by Josh Hartzler. He has also written a song, “What about now”, sung by Irish Boys’ band west life and the group Daughtry of American rock. Josh Hartzler has helped his wife in writing so many songs. Josh Hartzler has a good personality and good eyes.

Josh Hartzler wife Amy Lee

Amy Lee was born in Riverside, California, The United States of America, on December 13, 1981. Her father’s name is John Lee, and his occupation is unknown. Her mother’s name is Sara Cargill, and she is a housewife. Amy has two sisters, and their names are Lori and Carrie. In 1987, her younger sister died when she was three years old. She has a brother named Robby, who died in 2018 because she had severe epilepsy. She has been engaging in music from a young age and decided to pursue her career as a singer. 

Despite all the difficulties and tragedies in her life, it has made her strong, and she started to feel the music as her healing instrument. So, she started to learn piano, and also she started to write songs when she was nine years old. Josh studied at the Pulaski Academy, located in Arkansas, and later she moved along with her family, so she joined Middle Tennessee State University. Still, she decided to drop out of college and focus on her music career. In 1995, Josh formed a band along with Ben Moody, a guitarist with whom he released four studio albums. Fallen was released in 2003; in 2006, his other album, The Open Door, was released. In 2011, the studio album Evanescence was released; in 2017, another album, Synthesis, was released. 

Social Media Handles

Josh Hartzler has not had too much interest in using social media sites. He is not active at all on any social media sites. He is busy with his profession. In 2014 he used Twitter but only for some. After someday, he deleted his Twitter account. The same thing happened with his Instagram account. He posted only six photos which he deleted too after some time. Even his wife is active on every social media site and regularly posts her recent photos and activities. Generally, this is not her passion, and she used this only to be connected with her fans.

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His total income

According to the sources, it was assumed that the total income of Josh Hartzler till now is around $1.5 million, but he is still doing hard work as a psychological counsellor to grow his income more and more. And his wife’s total income was around $12 million, while she is also doing work as a songwriter to grow their income. This is all about Josh Hartzler.

Hobbies and interests of Josh Hartzler

Josh will use to listen to music in his free time, and he will use to listen to music along with his wife. His favorite composer is Danny Elfman, the biggest inspiration for his wife. His favorite singer is Bjork, and his favorite pianist is Tori Amos. Josh will use to paint in his spare time, and he likes to do painting, and he will always support her wife in everything. Josh used to spend more time with his wife, and also he goes along with his wife while she performs on tour with his son.

Social media presence of Josh Hartzler

Josh Hartzler is active on social media platforms. He has more than 2k followers on his Twitter account and will not often tweet on it. He is also active on social media Instagram but has fewer followers; he has posted only six posts so far. But his wife is very active on social media platforms, and she will use to post more of her pictures and videos in it. She will use social media to keep in touch with her fans. She has earned more than 800,000 followers on her Instagram account, and on her Twitter account, she has more than 830,000 followers. On her official Facebook account, she has more than 2.5 million followers.

The Physical appearance and Clothing style of Josh Hartzler

Josh Hartzler stands 5 feet 4 inches or 164 cm, and her weight is unknown, and there is no information regarding her vital statistics. Josh will use to wear casual and classy looks. His wife Amy used to wear fancy gothic dresses while performing on stage, and in her everyday life, she preferred simple and comfortable clothes.

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