Joe Kernen Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Joe Kernen is a popular CNBC anchor and is one of the most popular TV personalities to appear on TV. Joe is also ranked among the richest anchors to work on TV, also getting his title on the age side. He has worked as an excellent and accomplished anchor for a long time. Let us get to know a little bit more about Joe Kernen from down below.

Early Life and Family

He was born in the year 1956, on the 6th of January in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the united states of America. his nationality is American and his ethnicity is White. If you want to know about his zodiac sign, it is Capricorn. Joe hasn’t mentioned that much about his parents nor siblings. However, his father worked as a medical practitioner. his mother usually stayed in the house only. This is all known about his early and family life. 

Educational life and early career

He studied in the St. Xavier High School and then got into the University of Colorado, in Boulder. Joe got his degree in the field of Arts with a specialization in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He also studied at MIT and got his master’s. Later, Joe Kernen worked on Cancer research and published a lot of papers. In his early career time, he worked as a researcher.

Social media handles

Being a person from the 50s, he is not that of a fan of social platforms. However, he is present on Instagram and is a popular anchor on Twitter with over 160K+ followers.

Personal life and relationships

He is married to the beautiful Penelope Scott for over 23 years. The couple has two children, Blake Kernen and Scott Kernen. He also lives a pretty and luxurious life in his hometown and with his family. Although Joe Kernen is a well-known authority on finance, the public is not privy to much information on his personal life. Outside of his employment at CNBC, he maintains a low profile and seldom discusses his personal life on social media, including his family and his religious beliefs.

Joe Kernen’s Profession of Being a Stock Broker

Before transitioning into journalism, Joe Kernen worked as a stockbroker for ten years. Joe began his professional life with Merrill Lynch, but his ambitions quickly led him in a different direction. He worked his way up through the ranks to become a vice president at Smith Barney and EF Hutton before pivoting in his career in 1991.

Joe Kernen’s Prominence and Success as a Journalist

Joe did not get to work for the network until 1991, when it was formed due to the merger of FNN and CNBC. After four years of diligent effort as an on-air stock editor and financial news reader, he was allowed to co-host the flagship morning news and conversation programme “Squawk Box” with Mark Haines. This promotion was given in honour of the hard work that he had put in over the previous four years. When Mark departed the firm in 2005, Carl Quintanilla and Rebecca Quick were the only people he worked with until 2011, when Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin joined the organisation. 

The morning talk show “Squawk Box,” on which Kernen eventually became a regular co-host, is largely responsible for propelling him to the forefront of public attention. Because of his humour and charm and his extensive understanding of the financial markets, he became a well-known personality among those who followed the latest financial news. Because of his work on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” in which he conducts frequent interviews with CEOs and other executives in the financial sector, Joe Kernen has become an indispensable part of the network’s programming.

Rumors and controversies, if any

Joe got into a scandal after he noticeably got an Indian accent and was told if Indian currencies were accepted in a Japanese store. He also made a great controversy, by asking the CE of IDA, Ireland that why Euros were still operable in it. Joe Kernen is also known to have once considered falsely that Ireland was a part of the United Kingdom.

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Joe Kernen’s physical appearance and social media

Journalist Joe Kernen, who is 62 years old, has citizenship in the United States. Kernen is tall, standing at an optimum height of 181 cm. At 199 pounds, it seems his health and physical fitness are in excellent order.

Joe Kernen, the skilled co-host of “Squawk Box,” is also an active user of Twitter. As of the year 2018, he has 93,907 people following him on Twitter.

Awards and Achievements of Joe Kernen

The “Great Neck Award” was bestowed to him by the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he had completed his studies in journalism, in recognition of his many accomplishments in the field and his unwavering commitment to his work.

The Net Worth details of Joe Kernen

Joe Kernen is one of the richest anchors, with worth over $14M. At the moment, Joe Kernen and his wife Penelope call the Garden State their permanent residence. Rumson, New Jersey, which is located on the water, is reported to be the location of their house that costs $6.9 million. Even though there are no listings of further properties that Kernen may own, given his wealth, it is safe to believe that he has made investments in various real estate assets throughout the years. This is the case despite the fact that there are no listings of such properties. 

If you trust the estimates provided by Money inc, Kernen has a net worth of close to $14 million. It does not make sense to me how a person who studied molecular, cellular, and developmental biology for his undergraduate degree should wind up working in television news. Joe earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from MIT before beginning his career at CNBC in 1991. Before this, Joe had spent the previous ten years working for FNN as a stockbroker. His income for the year comes to $2 million.

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