JJ Garcia Family Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Being the brother of Nikki Bella, a famous WWE former star, JJ Garcia has quite obtained his reputation too. Like his sister, he is a Businessman, TV star, and a consultant too. Garcia is also popular for appearing in a lot of TV shows and his wife, Lauren Garcia. Likewise, he does have a couple of people in the fame world and they are dearly connected to him. Well, let us not waste any more time dwindling and get to know more about JJ Garcia.

Early Life and Family

He was born in the year 1989, on the 31st of March in Italy. His nationality seems to be mere Italian but he is known more of a Dominican too. His full name is Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace. If you want to know about his zodiac sign, it is none other than Aries. His parents’ names are Jon Garcia and his mother Kathy Colace. He hails from Scottsdale, Arizona. He also has two sisters and Garcia is also a fan of soccer like his sisters. That’s all about JJ Garcia’s family life for now. 

Educational life and early career

He studied in a city school in Arizona and quickly finished his high school life. Also, JJ Garcia is a known graduate of the Gilbert community college, which is also in Arizona. During his early career years, he worked as a consultant for JBN Associates, as probably known for now.

The Career of JJ Garcia

JJ Garcia is an executive search consultant for JBN and Associates, LLC, and an Arizona-based recruiting firm. While there is not much information about his professional accomplishments, he seems fine. Even though he was an aspiring soccer player, Garcia wanted to make more of him and build a career not inseparably connected to his sisters’ stardom.

The current position that JJ Garcia can hold is an executive search consultant for many brands such as LLC, jon and Associates, an Arizona-based film that can be recruited. Where there needs to be more information about the professional accomplishment of her life, JJ Garcia has done a contribution to her career. On another side, he is part of a soccer player, one of the major things to be considered, and Garcia has wanted him to make more. These are reasons fans have total bells to have a Garcia family member as their favourite. 

Total Bellas

According to Brie and Nikki, they have planned and started to execute his idea for their own created reality show. But JJ Garcia has not exactly accepted the idea of what they have planned and also stated that I had told them immediately that whole things, whatever occurred, would glow up in her face only, and also JJ Garcia has recalled it by stating it. But on social media, a reporter is very excited about the people and waits for the audience or people to say something related to his controversy.

The latest reality show was aired as an invitation to scrutiny, Then after only he had appeared in many of the films as he appeared in major roles. So much time has been taken to solve or convince him. But there is no such positive result; at least we used to find out about JJ Garcia in the first season of the fifth episode. After his heavy contribution, JJ Garcia has to be found himself on the first page of himself again and again. By getting information, the media has found that Nikki fiance is John Cena, who has been previously married.

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Professional life

During his consultant time, Garcia also has appeared in “Total Bellas”. Appearing in the 5th episode, he did his best and nailed his part from a great perspective. The show got very popular with time provided a lot of other WWE stars were invited to it. A lot of social problems did arise in the part where the reality show didn’t go as it was supposed to, but JJ Garcia proved himself pretty well. 

Social media handles

He is quite famous on his social handles with over 200K followers gained to date. JJ Garcia is also available on other prominent social platforms.

Siblings of JJ Garcia

Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the sisters of JJ Garcia. Both of them are getting much more successful in the wrestling industry. In addition to that, both of them has own a kind of reality show. There were stayed as Scottsdale, Arizona, which can come under the show of Phoenix suburb. Now they were all have both brothers and sisters, in which they would get help from each other.     

Height and Weight of JJ Garcia 

The actual or original height of JJ Garcia is 5 feet 10 inches, which can be expressed as in centimetres, about 178 cm. More than that, it can be expressed in meters, about 1.78 m, and then moving the weight of JJ Garcia is 68 kg which can express in pounds as 150 lbs. he has hair which is black in colour with short and consists of a beard. When moving to the eye, it is black.

Personal life and relationships

He is married to the beautiful Lauren Garcia for 10 years. She is a very popular blogger who recently got into a bit of fame due to her great works in her blog. The couple has two children, Vivienne, Alice and also has adopted another adorable child named Jake. The two have been together since and there is no way they are breaking up at all. 

Rumors and controversies, if any 

Garcia has been in the social and TV limelight for a good amount of time. However, he hasn’t been related to any sort of rumors. Nor he has ever been connected to any celebrity controversies at all. 

Net worth in 2021

JJ Garcia has earned quite a good sum of money from his full career span that hasn’t been just one single field. He is a multitalented personality and is a known TV star. Well, the net worth of JJ Garcia in 2021 is $1M at minimum. This is all you need to know about JJ Garcia and his awesome life.  

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