Jena Frumes Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Widely known for her beauty, Jena Frumes is a popular model, Instagram personality, and a mother too. She even got more fame when she got engaged with the popular soccer player Jesse Lingard and other notable personalities. All of these got behind in time when her fame got into the light. Jena is also an Instagram personality and a self-built model. She has her charm on her social handles and it can be easily seen via her posts. Let us get to know a lot more about Jena Frumes and her awesome life.

Early Life and Family

She was born in the year 1993, on 21th of September in Union Beach, New Jersey, US. She has a mixed ethnicity of American, African, and French origins. As her father was African-French and her mother was American. She has American nationality and her zodiac sign or star sign is Virgo. There is no identifiable information about her parents nor any family members, siblings of her for now. However, she spent her childhood with her young sister. This is all about Jena Frumes’s early life and family. 

Educational life and early career

She studied in her city school and wanted to get into modeling by the time she finishes her education. After she finished high school, she got admitted into the North Carolina Central University in Durham. Sadly, she opted out of the college in just her first year. In her early careers in profession and modeling, she got great success to have it reared out just right.

Social media handles

She has over 4.6M fan following on Instagram who is none other fans of her dressing sense and her shoots. Jena looks fabulous and stunning in her fashion choices which are getting more and more followers of hers. Other than Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, she is more active on Instagram only. Over 130,000 individuals have shown their approval by liking her official Facebook page. She also finds great pleasure in utilising Twitter to keep her more than 140,000 followers up to speed on the goings-on in her life.

Personal life and relationships

She is in a sweet relationship with famous Jason Derulo and also had a child, Jason King recently. At first, she was reluctant to showcase her relationship socially but now she is completely open about it.

Jena Frumes: A Self-Made Instagram Model

After completing her high school education, Jena went to work with the intention of beginning a career in the modelling industry. She didn’t waste any time and was always looking for new opportunities. She had originally anticipated that talent agencies would manage all of her marketing, but in the end, she was let down by the performance of these agencies. She broke ties with her representatives and shifted her focus to social media in order to carry out the plan she had devised.

Jena believed that internet promotion was the way of the future in the modelling profession, she started doing it herself. Because of her Instagram account, she was able to amass more than ten thousand followers in the span of a single month, which led to her being included in the music video for the smash hit tune “Ah Yeah” by R&B superstar Jacob Latimore. The photos that she had taken garnered a lot of attention due to her stunning poses and unusual sense of style. As soon as she began building a name for herself as a social media influencer, she began associating with other renowned individuals, such as Nick Cannon, who is both a popular rapper and actor. Jena made her first appearance in front of the camera in 2015 on the highly acclaimed MTV reality series “Wild N’ Out,” which is hosted by Nick Cannon.

Jena Frumes’s Sponsorships

Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things, both renowned across the fashion industry on a global scale, are Jena’s two most famous sponsors. Because of her natural comfort in the limelight and her position as one of the most prominent brand ambassadors for these two brands, Frumes rose to prominence not just around the globe but also among the younger demographic. Jena was the public face of a variety of accessory-focused enterprises, including several jewellery firms. Her work in this capacity began in the early 2000s.

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Jena Frumes’s Troubled Past With Her Boss

Due to the cutthroat nature of the influencer marketing profession, Jena was very lucky to have met Draya Michelle early on in her career. Draya Michelle would prove to be an extremely helpful manager later in Jena’s career. It is possible to trace Frumes’ spectacular climb to popularity to this partnership, during which she showed fans and marketers that she could easily retain their attention worldwide. This collaboration led to Frumes’ meteoric ascent to fame. Although Jena had remarkable success, she and Michelle quickly began to have substantial disagreements of opinion over the path that the budding star should pursue. Jena’s Instagram posts revealed that her supervisor acted improperly toward her. The fact that hiring new representatives turned out to be a smart option is excellent news for her.

Jena Frumes’s Movie Roles: “Wild N’ Out,” “Mango & Guava,” and “Music Videos”

Since Jena started her career as a model, she has been very forward and honest about her desire to transition into the acting industry. In the film “Wild N’ Out,” she made her acting debut, co-starring with the man who would eventually become her husband, Nick Cannon. After that, she had an appearance in the music videos for “I Think of You” by Jeremih and “Light It Up” by Marshmello, Tyga, and Chris Brown, respectively. Her role as the protagonist in “Mango & Guava,” a sports-oriented criminal thriller with aspects of romance, is considered to be her most memorable performance.

Rumors and controversies, if any

To date, Jena Frumes hasn’t been into any major controversies or rumors at all.

Net worth in 2021

The net worth of Jena Frumes in 2021 is $700K.

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