Jason Maybaum Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Jason Maybaum is famous for his roles in the movie “Resident Alien”, which became a quiet hit with its first season. he may have got a small role, but it was enough for him to get good attention. Jason has also proved that he is already a good actor than a lot of young actors his age. He already has witnessed a successful career in acting, movies and currently going into the professional line. Let us get to know a lot more about Jason Maybaum and his awesome film life.

Early Life and Family

He was born in the year 2007, on the 31st of August, in LA, California, in the united states of America. Jason has American nationality and if you are interested in his star sign or zodiac sign, it is none other than Virgo. his ethnicity ranges between British and Ireland origins. Jason has his British accent too when he talks. His mother’s name is Laurie Maybaum and he also seems to be his manager too. Aside, being just 14 years old, he already has that’s all known about Jason Maybaum for now. 

Educational life and early career

He has finished his primary school and now attending his higher secondary education in a city school in Los Angeles. He has not been able to study properly due to his constant film schedules. However, his mother helps him a lot to cope with both of his worlds. Jason also has plans to pursue college life before getting into acting completely. In his early career, he landed some small roles when he was just 7. His TV debut was in “Blunt Talk”, “Meth or no Meth: You Gotta Floss”.

The career of Jason Maybaum  

Jason Maybaum took the first step in his acting career when he was at the age of seven. He was cast in 2015 as the role of Eli in the film series Blunt Talk in two more episodes./ and also in other film series such as The Queen Of Hearts and Also Meth or NO meth; You still have got to Floss. It was aired on September 19 and also on October 13. Jason Maybaum has launched his role in the Television movie series in the film of The Perfect Stanleys, which can be released in 2015. In this movie, Jason Maybaum, Matt Letschar, Jenna Elfman, and Liza Lapira have played the role. In February 2016, he was cast in the role of Bratty Son in the film, which is titled Workaholics. In this, he has appeared in the episodes of Night at the Dudeseum. On 2017 April 6, Jason Maybaum appeared in the film Glenn Kids in the role of Leo. In which he has starred as Leo in an episode of Super stones. Also, Jason Maybaum has been featured along with many talented actors, such as Issac Ryan Brown, Sky Katz and Raven Symone in 2018 Jason Maybaum has been won the first prize in the role of Best Leading Young Actor in sitcom in the television series.

Further acting career

 Jason Maybaum landed his role as Jed Hart in the series Bitch in 2017, written by Marianna Palka. Jason Maybaum has appeared as Jaime King and Bill Hart in this series. In addition to that, Jason Maybaum has been featured in the series of Teachers in the episode of “Nightmare on Fillmore Street”, which can be aired on November 28 2017. In addition, he played the young version of George Laze by that same year.

Hobbies and Interest 

Jason Maybaum loves to watch a movie of Avengers. He has a dream to become a director in her future life. Jason Maybaum likes to play outdoor games such as sunbathing at the beach, basketball, swimming and spending time with his family. He fears the dark. Her favourite pets are cats. Her favourite television show on the Disney channel is Jessie.

 Professional life

He played the role of Oliver in “The Perfect Stanleys” and it got him under both Tv and social attention. Then, he got into “Workaholics”, “Superstorm”, and also acted in the Tv series “Raven’s Home” in the character of Levi Grayson. Jason nailed a bit of award in his early career. One of them is The Best Leading Young Actor in a TV series for his role in “Raven’s Home”. With all of that, both Jason Maybaum and the series got great recognition on the Disney channel too. 

Social media handles

He is already a star in his Instagram handle with over 500K followers to date. Jason also has thousands of fans on Twitter as well as on Facebook. He is mostly active on his Instagram handle. 

Personal life and relationships

Jason Maybaum is just 14 years and is not yet ready to get into dating or relationships or any of them. He is currently single and is focusing both on his studies and career. 

Rumors and controversies, if any 

Till today, Jason Maybaum hasn’t been related to any kind of rumors or controversies at all. Jason has maintained his reputation quite well both on Tv and in the social world.

Height and Weight of Don Stark

The actual or original height of Jason Maybaum is 4 feet 3 inches, which can be expressed as in centimetres, about 124 cm. More than that, it can be expressed in meters, about 1.24 m, and then moving the weight of Jason Maybaum is 40 kg which can express in pounds as 156 lbs.

Appearances and Body Measurements 

Jason Maybaum has short and straight hair with the colour black. Jason Maybaum eye looks dark brown. The body measurements of Jason Maybaum cannot be determined because he is too short and also a young boy. He regularly does exercises to gain fitness in his body over it. Jason Maybaum, in short, is a fitness freak person and also loves to do a daily input of exercise to make his physique to be better. 

The net worth of Jason Maybaum in 2021

With his young career in TV, Jason Maybaum’s net worth in 2021 is over $300K. Also, his net worth is increasing as he is getting into new projects now. 

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