Ivy Calvin Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Ivy Calvin is one of the best-known entrepreneurs, reality TV personalities, and an Ex- fighter of MMA. Ivy Calvin became popular from the Storage Wars TV series. Also, Ivy Calvin set up Grandma’s Attic thrift shop, and there are many valuable items sold through this store.

Childhood and Education by Ivy Calvin

In 1971 and on September 10, Ivy Calvin took birth in California, Palmdale, USA.; Ivy was raised in California by her parents, and he obtained a matriculation degree from a high school. Next, Ivy went to the University of California State nearby Northridge. Ivy’s parents’ and siblings’ names and occupations are unknown because he has yet to disclose much more information about his family members. Since a young age, he has had a passion for acting, and he was interested in martial arts, so he learned material arts at a young age. Ivy used to play football along with her friends in his childhood. While studying at the University of California, he was a member of his college football team. Also, he has played in many tournaments with his college team and won many championships. Ivy holds American nationality, and he belongs to African American ethnicity. He is 51 years old as of 2023.

Ivy Calvin’s Career

Ivy was interested in becoming a football player, and he moved to an octagon and turned his career to become a fighter. In 2002, Ivy appeared as a fighter, and he won the fighting competition. Ivy was named the match winner after the 1:22 fight submission; after that, he did not participate in other tournaments. Then he started to focus on other works like thrift Stores.

Storage Wars by Ivy Calvin

Ivy’s interest was in storage wars during their college days, and he always appeared in auctions that took place in the locality. Ivy Calvin used to buy and sell things, and he appeared as a huge seller. Over the years, Ivy visited various parts of the USA, and Ivy got a great opportunity to explore his skills in 2013, and he worked in a Storage Wars reality TV show. Ivy Calvin appeared in 3rd season and worked around 65 episodes of the show, and from here, he became a big star. At that time, Ivy reached a business successfully.

Ivy has impacted other buyers and auction leaders, and he has become the dominant personality in his business, and he will know what he is doing. He also had luck and hard work; later, he took his company to the next level along with the King of Palmdale moniker. Ivy has many big scores in the show, and he net more income from it.

Ivy Calvin’s Grandma’s Attic Thrift Store

Ivy established its thrift store in 2019, and Ivy created his official Facebook page to see the entire details of his Thrift store. You can also browse unlimited products such as clothing, accessories, decorative process, and many more whatever you are looking for, you will get here.

Appearances and Net Worth of Ivy Calvin

Ivy is a great entrepreneur and TV star and can buy and sell the items you want. Ivy Calvin has accumulated unlimited amounts in his bank, and as per a reliable source, the net worth of Ivy Calvin is calculated at more than $2 million. Thus, Ivy Calvin earns almost $300,000 per year. Ivy’s height is 6ft (1.83m) tall, and his weight is around 238lbs ~ 108kgs. Ivy’s hair is black, and his eyes are brown.

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Ivy Calvin presences on social media

Ivy Calvin is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His official Facebook account has more than 25 K followers, and he will use to post more of his store pictures, and people can see the new arrivals in the store, and it will scroll with millions of items such as coffee cups, dishes, clothing, and many others. On Instagram account has more than 9.5 K followers, and he will post more of his store product pictures. Ivy is active on Twitter, has more than 20 K followers.

Personal Life and Marriage of Ivy Calvin

Ivy is very secretive about his personal life and but according to media and sources, Ivy Calvin has tied with a woman Wendy. In 2014, Ivy Calvin married Wendy, and they have two sons together. Ivy Calvin also works for many fundraising charities and donated lots of necessary items to underprivileged people from Grandma’s Attic thrift shop. They both did face any issues in their marriage and are living happily with their children in Los Angeles, California. His sons’ names are Ivy Jr. and Isaiah, but he did not disclose their sons’ actual date of birth. There needs to be more information about Ivy’s past relationship and affairs.

Ivy Calvin’s Eye Injury

It is considered that Ivy Calvin met an accident because his left eyes are brutally wounded while fishing time. Many people will ask what happened to his right eye while he appeared on television. Many people also believe that he had an accident while doing martial arts, but he did not have any case like it. He avoided to wave gone rogue while he blasted into coral, but luckily, he has not had any significant permanent injury to his eye.

Interests and hobbies of Ivy Calvin

Ivy Calvin likes sports, especially football, and basketball, and he plays football with his friends in his free time. He loved to travel a lot and used to travel to many places in the United States and other countries for his business. Some of his traveled countries are Africa, Australia, Greek, Dubai, and many others. As a former MMA fighter, he likes to work out daily without fail, and in her free time, he goes to the gym. Ivy is a nature lover, and he wants to go trekking and stay there with his friends, and he likes photography very much. His favorite color is black and blue, and his favorite foods are pizza and many Italian foods. Ivy will want to watch more movies and television shows.

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