Ingrid Bolsø Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Ingrid Bolsø is a talented actress who hails from Norway and got her first great film as “Limbo”. She got into the industry limelight after her performance in the movie “Cold Prey”. Bolso even got a brilliant character of Armistice in the series “Westworld”. She is one of those actresses who had most of her career time in short films while being largely imposed for great acting Talent. Let us learn more about Ingrid Bolsø from down below.

Early life and Family

She was born in the year 1980, on the 2nd of March in Utoy, Inderoy, Norway, which is Germany. In 2021, she is 41 years old and still looks like she is in her 20s. Bolso has a very attractive and charming appeal on her face that mostly gets on with her professional acting talent. Her nationality is Norwegian and her ethnicity is Nordic descent. If you are interested in her zodiac sign, it is Pisces which is very rare among all actresses. Her parent’s identities are not known in the media for now. Bolso also loves to keep a part of her life away from social media as much as possible. From childhood, she got her hold of music and wanted to learn singing. 

Educational life and early career

She enrolled in the Inderoy High School of Music to learn the art and instead, fell for acting. She got her high school graduation from a city school and then joined the University of Trondheim to study jazz. Then she shifted her study to acting in the Oslo National Academy for Dramatic Arts and graduated in the year 2003. During her early career, she nailed theatre arts and got the Hedda Award for her accomplishments. 

Professional life

She became a radio theatre actress at first and got her first prominent film as “Limbo”. She got into the limelight with “Cold Prey” which got her talent recognized worldwide. Then she plated Eva in “Eva Og Adam” but got discontinued badly. She got another lead role in “House of Fools” as Aina. Ingrid Bolsø played a lot of prominent roles in short films and a lot of TV shows and theatre roles too. Recently, Bolso played the character of Armistice in the AI SCi-Fi Drama “Westworld”. 

Career before international

After receiving her degree, Ingrid began working at The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo, where she stayed for a while before starting her first film production. Her first year at the company led to her winning the Hedda Award; the theatre wanted acting contribution award in the Best Debut of the Year category. She went on to have numerous additional essential roles in plays, including the main character in “Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy” by Gombrowicz, Sasha in “Ivanov” by Chekhov, and Shura in “Black Milk” by Sigarev. A few years after graduating, Ingrid expanded her sphere of influence by also becoming a radio theatre performer. Although she was chosen to play Norunn in “Sons,” playing the title character of Jannicke in “Cold Prey” was her most significant role this year. She gained a lot of popularity due to this movie, but she was also able to show the world just how talented she was in front of the camera.

Contribution to the film industry

Ingrid made her television debut a year later in the six-episode “Kodenavn Hunter” miniseries as Katinka Bjrstad. She additionally played Eva in the show “Eva or Adam,” which attempted to explain the differences between male and female behaviour. However, the production looked to be cancelled after the first episode. Additionally, she appeared in two episodes of “Thomas P.” as Siri and the short film “Tyvstart” as the receptionist. She appeared in three parts in 2008, two of which were comebacks: Jannicke in “Cold Prey 2” and Katinka Bjrstad in a “Kodenavn Hunter 2” episode. What matters most is that she played Aina in “House of Fools” in another leading part this year. Kristin in “Betrayal” was the only project she appeared in in 2009. Her career took off when she added five more elements to her resume in 2010. She appeared in two episodes of the “Going Postal” miniseries as Sergeant Angua, four episodes of “Hjerte til Hjerte” as Ingrid, one episode of “Wide Blue Yonder” as Nina, and two more short films. 

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Personal life and relationships

She keeps her personal life well away from social media and lets very few people know about it. She is not married for now but might be in a secret relationship with a guy, whose name is not known in the media either. 

Social media presence

She is popular on Instagram with 30K followers and has some fan following on Twitter too. Ingrid Bolsø is more focused on her real life and spends little time here. 

Appearance and Body measurements

His height of Ingrid Bolsø is 5 feet and 8.5 inches, whereas in centimetres is about 174 cm. In addition to that, the height meter is 1.74 m. Then moving weight of Ingrid Bolsø weighs upto a 62 kg, which can be expressed in pounds as 132 lbs. Ingrid Bolsø was too smart with an attractive face, which sometimes looked beautiful to most. Ingrid Bolsø has short hair, smooth and blonde. And then, moving further to the eyes of Ingrid Bolsø, it looks more gorgeous with the pleasant whole looking. The colour of Ingrid Bolsø eye is light blue. His shoe size of Ingrid Bolsø is 6 US.

Social media presence

As a well-known actress with a global following, Ingrid’s Norwegian and international fans anticipate frequent communication from her via exchanges on well-liked social media platforms. Ingrid doesn’t disappoint us because she is nearly visible on the top three social media platforms. More than 3,000 people follow her on Facebook, almost 9,000 people follow her on Twitter, and slightly over 32,000 people follow her on Instagram.

Rumors and controversies

A tiny rumor got her covered that she might be in a relationship with a known actor and maybe secretly dating him. But none of it is confirmed till now. Besides, she doesn’t have any rumors or controversies related to her. 

Net worth in 2021

Ingrid Bolsø’s net worth is $1M in 2021. 

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