Imaqtpie Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Being one of the most prominent Esports Players in the gaming platform, Imaqtpie has made his name quite relevant in indexing. He belongs to the group “Team Dignitas” and got into a full-time professional career on Twitch. He left his old job from the Dignitas Team and wanted to make his own business out of games. Well, let us dive into the gaming career of Imaqtpie.  

Early life and Family

He was born in the year 1992, on the 21st of February, in Margate, Florida, in the United States of America. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is none other than White origins. If you want to know about his zodiac or star sign, it is Pisces. He hasn’t said anything about his family life or parents, members, and others. Imaqtpie likes his life away from the social media limelight and still, there is a known apparent reason for it. 

Educational Life and Career

He got his high school graduation from a city school. But Imaqtpie decided to invest his full time in games and make a career out of it. For that, he decided to skip college and join the game world instead.

Professional life

He got into gaming in 2011 and his then game was the “Oh God Bears” Team’s usual streams. To be noted, he got with the “Team Dignitas” till 2014 and has made a good name. Later, he found out that he was more than capable to be a solo live game streamer and launched his account on the platform. He is a very popular LOL player and has over 2.6M fan following. Imaqtpie also got “The Esports Industry Award” streamer of the year. Imaqtpie’s earning also makes him one of the richest gamers on the platform.

Imaqtpie Career Achievements

At the age of 19, Imaqtpie started his professional gaming career. Earlier in his career, he was a part of the “Oh God Bears” group. He was an active member up to April 2011. After departing from the first squad, he joined the “Rock Solid” squad. Imaqtpie changed teams in September 2011 to join “Team Dignitas.” Team Dignitas was one of the most well-liked teams at the time. Within a month of his arrival, the team won the third season of the GN Proleague. In addition, Team Dignitas took home Lolpro Final Curse Prize in 2012. In addition, the team placed second in the sixth season of the World Championship the same year. They even succeeded in winning the IPL Elites NA title.

The career of a gamer

Imaqtpie began his career as a professional gamer in 2011 when he joined the “Oh God Bears” LoL squad. However, he soon switched to the “Rock Solid” team after accepting an invitation from another team member, Scarra. Imaqtpie joined Team Dignitas when his skills were discovered, playing as their primary carry as they went on to win the National ESL Premier League. Imaqtpie remained with Team Dignitas until October 2014. At that point, he decided to give his solo endeavours full attention and devote all his time to twitch live streaming. He is regarded as one of the most popular League of Legends players on Twitch due to the roughly 2.6 million subscribers to his channel.

About The video game

League of Legends was released as “League of Legends: Clash of Fates” on October 27, 2009. This online multiplayer battle arena game was initially developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system. To create LoL, the two primary designers of the well-known “Defence of the Ancients” mod for “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” collaborated. After playing DOTA for years, they were inspired to create the new game in 2005. Every player controls a single hero that they choose before the game begins, and they kill creeps that spawn on the lanes every 30 seconds. 

Social media presence

He is very popular on Twitch, with over 1M subscribers. He also has over 300K fans both on Twitter and Instagram, but rarely spends time on them other than Twitch. 

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Personal life and relationships

He is a married person and for a gamer, this is a very rare thing aside from Dr. Disrespect and Michael Grzesiek. Imaqtpie is married to the adorable Lisha Wei and got married in 2018. They live together in California. The couple does not have any children for now.

Rumors and controversies

Imaqtpie spends most of his time in the game community rather into the open world and social media. This makes him less prone to bad rumors and controversies that might have been in his way. Currently, he is not related to any bad rumors or old controversies at all. 

Hobbies and other interests

Imaqtpie has a wide range of interests in addition to playing the computer game LoL and lives streaming on Twitch. Imaqtpie is a vast food enthusiast who loves visiting various eateries and trying different cuisines. He loves animals and has made Mellow, his favourite cat, a “house” while owning two other cats. He considers travelling his major pastime, and he and his girlfriend now his wife have travelled extensively around the United States and to Italy and Spain in Europe.

Height, Weight, and Appearance of Imaqtpie   

The actual size of Imaqtpie is 5 feet and 10 inches, whereas in centimetres is about 180 cm. In addition to that, the height meter is 1.80 m. This may show that Imaqtpie has tall and slim. Then moving upon the weight of Imaqtpie, she weighs up to a 70 kg, which can be expressed in pounds as 170 lbs. The colour of Imaqtpie eye is black, and then the colour of her hair is black.

The net worth of Imaqtpie in 2021

He has been earning quite a lot of money from his career in games. Till now he has streamed games on Twitch and other platforms for thousands of hours. Imaqtpie’s yearly earning is over $2M. His current net worth in 2021 is $5M. His worth is also said to increase by 10-20% by the end of the year. This is all about the popular Imaqtpie ESports Player that you might have not known.

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