How you can buy the right wooden picnic tables

When there is warm weather, it can be the most suitable time to be outdoors to enjoy the sun. This is especially true when you have short summers. You can make your garden into a place of excitement when you buy wooden picnic tables, chairs, and many more to make it look nice. Remember that warm weather can mean more picnics, and more picnics require you to have more tables and chairs. No doubt, a picnic table is worth investing to make your picnics complete. This post explains how you can buy the right wooden picnic tables.

The type of material

While there are many types of materials that picnic tables are made from, wood is considered to be the popular one. In most cases, plywood happens to be the common material you can find in picnic tables. This is because it’s affordable and easier to paint over once it is messy. When it comes to porch or patio use, many wooden picnic table sellers usually use durable materials to make sure that they last longer while they are in the outdoor setup.

Keep in mind that wooden picnic tables come in various forms including pine, teak, cedar, and many more. In some cases, you can also find wooden picnic tables that are made from oak and walnut, though they can be a bit more expensive. Hardwoods such as teak and cedar can withstand outdoor weather conditions because they have a lot of natural oil. This oil makes the wooden picnic tables to be more resistant to moisture, molds, and insects.

No wonder, picnic tables that are made from these types of wood can sometimes last for many years. This is good evidence of the durability of these woods. But regardless of the type of wood you choose for your picnic table, it’s always important to protect it from stains. Therefore, make sure that you have a clean tablecloth for clearing these stains.

Size and shape

Many picnic tables tend to come in rectangular and linear shape, and they can accommodate at least eight people. The good thing is that you can now buy wooden picnic tables of various types and styles to fit into a variety of spaces.

When it comes to rectangular tables, they usually take four to eight people. These rectangular picnic tables are suitable for large parties to allow people to sit together in one place.

You can also find square tables that are more perfect for you if you want to have a formal and quiet dinner with friends and family. The square-shaped picnic tables can allow you  to see the faces of each other. 

There are also circular picnic tables that offer more fun, and they can be handy if you have limited space. These tables are suitable when you want to use them to play games like cards or board games. Likewise, you can also find hexagonal and octagonal picnic tables.

Remember that size of the picnic table also matters a lot. Therefore, before you purchase a picnic table, you should think about the free space size of your place. You can measure it to ensure that the picnic table will fit into the available space.

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