How to get Tomorrowland tickets when they sold out

Tomorrowland is a world-famous music festival, it is mainly known for its epic themes and stage Production where you will get to see unique narratives. This year will be the 15 edition of Tomorrowland music festival. In the last few years, this world-famous music festival took place in the second half of June. We have come to know that this year there will be the 2012 beloved theme, The Book of Wisdom. It takes near about 50 minutes to sell out all the tomorrowland tickets for this beautiful music festival. So you can imagine that this festival is so popular all over the world and it is difficult to get the tickets for this event.

If you are planning to visit this music festival and you have missed the date for ticket booking. Then don’t worry there is still some way to get the tickets. Here below we are going to share with you some legal way to get the tickets of this world-famous music festival.

  1. Official Sale One of the best ways to book the ticket I will prefer you to go for official sale through the official website. You need to pre-register when it will open on December 15th at 3:15 PM CET. If you already have an account on Tomorrowland, then it will be easy for you otherwise you have to create an account on Tomorrowland official website for the purpose of pre-register ticket booking.
  2. Sign up for the waitlist In case if you have missed the official sell then you must sign up for the waiting list. I hope many of you don’t trust on this but believe me if you sign up for the waiting list then definitely you will get an email in the month of April-May if some tickets are left. Then you can book your tickets. This process starts only after the sold out of all the tickets. While doing this you must keep one thing that the ticket you are booking that is from 100% official website of Tomorrowland.
  3. Viagogo Viagogo will also be the best choice for the purchase of Tomorrowland tickets. On this site, you will get the tickets at a slightly higher price than the original price of the ticket. So we recommend you that don’t go for Viagogo only after the official sold out of tickets. Wait for a week then go for it. At that time the price of the ticket will be a little bit lower. Viagogo offers two types of tickets physical tickets and Digital Download tickets.
  4. Buying from another fan– If you personally know someone who bought the ticket and if he wants to sell then you can buy the ticket from that guy. Otherwise, don’t go for anyone else to whom you don’t know.

Final words

So I will recommend that in case if you did not get the ticket then you must go for waiting list option. Even though you did not get the email then the last option I will recommend you to go for Viagogo sale.

Remember to be cautious when purchasing tickets from unofficial sources, as there is a risk of counterfeit or invalid tickets. Always double-check the legitimacy of the seller, and if possible, use secure payment methods to protect yourself from fraud.

It’s essential to be persistent and patient when trying to secure sold-out Tomorrowland tickets. While it may be difficult, there’s always a chance that tickets become available through various channels. Good luck in your quest to experience the magical world of Tomorrowland!

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