How To Choose A Flight School For Aircraft Flight Training

When training to become an aircraft pilot, the skills that you learn and the degree of preparedness depend on the school that you opt for. This makes it crucial to take your time and do your research before you zero in on a flight school. There are various factors to consider when making a decision. Here is a list of such factors that can help you compare different flight schools and decide which one best fits your requirements and expectations.

  • Aircraft

The aircraft that you train on will decide how hands-on you are with your flying skills. Flight schools equipped with modern and new aircrafts that are not more than 10 years old make for a good choice. And given how modern airlines have replaced the gauge operation with glass cockpit-equipped aircraft, look for one that trains you to operate LCD screens.

  • Training Environment

When you opt for an established flight school, you can be assured that the school has the equipment and necessary resources required for training. Additionally, such flight schools have competent trainers and adequate personnel. You should also pay attention to the student-trainer ratio, which should ideally not exceed 3 or 4:1.

  • Costs

Aircraft flight training is considered expensive. However, when comparing schools based on the fee they charge, you should see what is included for the price that you pay instead of comparing how much the course costs. Pilots make a considerable amount of money, which can help pay off loans. However, what matters the most is the skills and training you receive, so make sure that you’re investing in the right course.

  • School Policy

While some schools allow you to pay in installments, others may require you to make an advance payment for all the training, all at once. This is an important factor to consider as, in case you decide to quit your training at some point for some reason or a situation that demands so, you may not get back the money that you pay.

  • Instructors

Last but not the least, make it a point to find out if your instructors are well-trained. All your training depends on how skilled your instructors are. So, make sure you check the instrument rating of your instructors and if you will be trained by former airline pilots in the advanced stages of the training. If you’re from a non-English speaking country, check if the instructor can speak English as this can be extremely helpful in your later years as a pilot.

While advertising and marketing is a huge part of the training industry, be it aircraft training or any other field, you have to depend on your analytical skills to compare different schools based on various criteria to make an informed decision. If needed, don’t hesitate to visit different schools in person and have a real look at the training environment. The aircraft training school that you pick will decide how well you’re trained to be a successful pilot, thus broadening your scope for finding career opportunities and choosing from different airlines.

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