Ground Hunting Tips

There’s no need to ask why we hunt. Nothing compares to the feeling of anticipation, the silence that follows as you steady your hands, and the brief seconds your arrow or bullet races through the wind to hit or breeze past the game. While many chose heights to blindside the prey, the fun is more when you’re ground hunting. Yes, you don’t have to learn to climb trees for a hunt after following these tips.

To begin, ensure your hunting rifle is in the optimum state. Ensuring your rifle is always ready starts with the storing condition. For example, high humidity can cause your gun to rust or grow mold. On standard, the moisture of the air should be between 30 and 50%. You can always find the best gun safes under 600 for storing your firearm.

Don’t get sniffed out

Secondly, you need to get rid of the concentrated body scent before leaving home. What animals lack in vision, they make up for with their keen sense of smell. Staying scent-free isn’t possible, but you can minimize it. Take a shower with fragrance-free soap and leave out the body spray when dressing up. 

Next is finding a perfect hunting spot. Three things make a suitable hunting spot; cover, vision, and a favorable wind direction. For the first, shrubs, tall grasses, fallen trees, and the likes would do. Create one if you must or wear camouflage. 

Meanwhile, it is crucial to get an unobstructed view of potential kills coming from afar or passing by. That allows you to begin your aim before it gets out of range. The latter requires that you ensure the wind is blowing towards you and not away. Wind blowing away can carry your scent to potential kill, making it red alert.

A good cover is priceless

Also, ground hunting requires minimum movement and noise. Therefore, while engaging in ground hunting, learn the art of staying steady while aiming at different angles. Should you choose to squat or kneel, be sure that you are comfortable. It isn’t a bad idea to have a make-shift seat to allow you to feel as comfortable as possible while waiting. Clearing of twigs and leaves that can crack or rustle from your movement should precede settling down.

Now that you have the kill in view do not pull the trigger while the animal is in motion. This is because, by that time, the agility of animals is unrivaled. So, ensure the animal attains a level of motionlessness. By this time, you stand a better chance of making a hit.


Patience is crucial in every hunting type. Try to hit a spot that would not let the hunt suffer before it expires. The heart, lungs, and head are spots that won’t require you to chase after the prey after a hit. On getting home, don’t forget to store your firearm in a safe. You can get the best gun safe under 500 to preserve your gun for the next ground hunting trip.

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