Greekgodx personal life, career and net worth

Whenever you talk about the YouTube industry, you are not just going to talk about the music videos and video directors or the comedians. There are other peoples as well with a lot of widespread range of talents who are taking over the industry of YouTube nowadays. We are talking about the gaming industry and Greekgodx is a very significant name in it. He is from the British axis. There are only a few YouTubers from the British and therefore, his name is something that must be taken as a pride for the Britishers.

More about him

It is not the comedy videos which has made him popular. He’s considered to be very excellent gamer and he has got excellent skills in different games. Greekgodx was born on 6th of October and his birthplace is in England itself. He was born in 1992 which makes him 28 years old now and we believe that it is a very huge task to have a such a huge fan following at such a small age. He is on the heavier side when it comes to body weight and therefore, there are a lot of fans of him who has advised him to lose weight.

Being a briefly popular YouTube artist, there is only a few personal information available about him. It is not at all available over the internet about what is the name of his parents or his siblings. He might be keeping his personal life away from the social media because Greekgodx did not wish to disclose it publicly. We have never got to learn about any relationship of this popular YouTuber because of which, we are unable to provide you with this information. He’s been a very self centric person and therefore, he has concentrated on the self growth since the beginning of his career. This is something which has made him to grow such huge heights and he is one of the most popular YouTubers from British nowadays.

About his career

He’s a self-made icon and the stream that he has chosen is twitch streamer, YouTube gamer and a YouTuber. He has been playing League of legendsOn a continuous basis but there are several other games as well that Greekgodx used to play. No matter what game he play, he is excellent in it and this is the main reason because of which he has been very popular among the video game lovers.His YouTube fan following mostly consists of the ones who likes to watch gaming videos and learn from them.He has got a total of 51 million YouTube followers on his YouTube page which is certainly a very good number.

The trade of YouTubers and Twitcher

Greekgodx has played various video games though out his life career, but only some of the games were also liked by him as much as LOL. On April 7, 2011, Greekgodx started his YouTube channel. The current subscriber of his channel is more than 320,000 peoples, and the views of a single video counted will cross over 63 million. At the beginning of his medium, he regularly uploaded videos that could be related to LOL gameplay. Still, after he started Twitch for the role of live streaming, Greekgodx started to upload pranks and funny videos and also a challenge given on YouTube. On Twitch channel, one of the most celebrities is Greekgodx, and the current count of followers is more than 860,000 uploaded videos, nearly 500 on Twitch. Greekgodx has mainly focused on the live streaming show while playing the famous video games LOL. More than that, he often shares some tips and advice with those who are much more interested in the game. Greekgodx has played other games, such “Fortnite: Battle Royale” and” Grand Theft Auto V.” CGX Talk show is one of the podcasts owned by Greekgodx, and he can host it. This podcast can be launched in 2018, February in which each episode can run between the times of two to four hours. The other features are Andy Milonakis, Trihex, Sodapoppin, etc. CGX is a group name that can be created by Greekgodx, where the current counts will be across 500,000 members worldwide.

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The League of Legends Video Game

LOL was launched in 2009 on October 27, and it was actually known as “League of Legends: Clash of Fates.” MOBA can be mainly made for the Microsoft Windows OS, which means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. These consist of two leading creators in defense of Ancients mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, a game that can be worked together to create LOL. After playing the game of DOTA, they got an idea about making a new game, and they started working on it. The gameplay is the next; in this, two teams can play out of three, four, or five teams. In this game, both teams have their building on their side, called the Nexus, and the winning team will initially destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. In between them and fighting, there has three paths and also three towers where each group can be played on every lane. By killing and destroying the opponent, you will get an experience and gold, which may be used to buy items for boost up.

Love life and relationship of Greek gods. 

On Twitcher, there is a rumor has come that at current; Greekgodx has been dating another female YouTuber since 2017. The girl is one of the LOL players, and she is the first to move toward Greekgodx by sending a message on Instagram. They two were get matched and got dated for four months before they called it quits. For some of the months, they have enjoyed their life full of happiness.

Net worth

According to the hard work and effort Greekgodx is putting in the YouTube videos of his own, he has managed to earn a net worth of $250000. Greekgodx is not much attached to the social media accounts and therefore, there is barely any income that he is earning from the social networking sites.

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