Graham Wardle Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Born may be in the late 80s of the twentieth century. In the USA, Alison Wardle is an American woman of Caucasian ethnicity and aging in her mid-30s. However, she is known to the public for being the wife of well-known Canadian actor Graham Wardle since 2015 April. Nothing much is known about her, as she is secretive.

Short Introduction About Graham Wardle

On September 6th September, Graham took birth in British Columbia, located in Canada. He is known to the world as a producer, actor, editor, and casting director. He is still widely famous for his 2007 family drama movie named “Heartland” and other successes. 

Childhood And Educational Background 

He was raised alongside five siblings in his hometown by his parents. Nothing is known about his parents. Graham appeared for a TV commercial advertisement for the first time at the mere age of six, marking the onset of his acting career.  After passing school, to improve his acting skills, he enrolled himself at the University of Capilano in Vancouver and completed his graduation in 2007. 

Life As A Lover And A Husband

Wardle’s previous relationships and the gossips regarding them are close to almost unavailable. People always tend to associate him with his wife while talking about his love life. Before marrying secretly in 2015, the couple was away from the public eye, has dated for at least about half a decade. They made no children of their own so far. The family of two, husband and wife, currently lives in an unspecified location in Canada. 

Career of Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle started his career with various commercials and TV shows. In 2007 only, he started her first acting in a film entitled “In the Land of Women” beside Meg Ryan and Adam Brody. At the same time, he also selected in the CBC series name is “Heartland” in the role of Ty Borden. Furthermore, he has been nominated for the two LEO Awards for his performance of her in the series Heartland. In that series, he was specially nominated for particular episodes such as “Summer End” and “The Starting Gate.” he also involved and acted in further more projects such as the horror zombie movie which is entitled “Yesterday,” and also the film name is “Mon Ami” and the TV shows such as “Supernatural” and the last of the thing in SyFy movie entitled as “Grave Halloween.” By the year 2020, Graham Wardle has left The Heartland, which is going to start his 14th season. Starting time of this series is also another opportunity starting time for him. So he left this one and quit. After that, he started to produce the short film which is entitled “The Vessel” in the year of 2012. And also the co-founder of Lone Maverick, a production of movie and entertainment company in 2013. Presently he has hosted a podcast, which is called “Time Has Come,” which can rival her journey and the experience of Graham Wardle is slightly stepping out of her comfort zones.

The Dominance of “Heartland” In Canadian Hearts 

With a renowned television-related website in Canada,, once a survey was initiated, Canadians were asked to vote for TV shows they want to see more. And guess what? “Heartland” was chosen by the public with a most prominent share of about 39% votes. The survey was held in 2019 September. 

Graham Wardle Age

Age is said to be just an attribute that can be used to describe humans. When coming to social media, viewers or people wait eagerly to know the age of the people in their search that they used to know anyone. Graham Wardle was born in the date of August 18 in the year of 1975. By calculating this year, we can find out the age of Graham Wardle is 47. This kind of information can be retrieved from the website of celebrity net worth.

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Graham Wardle’s height and weight

Graham Wardle has a good-looking and perfect body shape and fit body measurements. He can always consider her health and fitness in her mind. Every person has to know about the diet plan to carry on herself and keep the body fit and healthy. According to the Graham Wardle, height is 5 feet 11 inches, collected from many sources, and the weight of the Graham Wardle is about 70kg.

Social Media Presence

Celebrities, in this generation, often gain more fans using their social media handles, especially Instagram, for sure. While Graham does not think anything contrary to that, his wife Alison certainly seems not to be very interested in social media. Graham never misses any opportunity that comes his way to promote and advertise his most successful work, “Heartland,”—using all of his three most social known social media platforms, which helps him to engage more with his fans helping him to share his daily information and personal life with them. These fans gave him the fame he has been enjoyed for the last fifteen years. He has gained close to 65,000 fans on Facebook, about 2000 Twitter followers, and near about 265,000 Instagram followers till now.

Graham Wardle’s charity work

The wealth of Graham Wardle is mainly due to his successful growth in his film career, which may lead him as a millionaire. Graham Wardle, in childhood, also has a deep interest in charity work which may lead him to give millions of dollars to the affected or various causes. Additionally, Graham Wardle has donated too many cancer-affected people, homeless shelters, etc.

The Riches of Graham Wardle

According to credible sources, it is said that Graham has made 3 million dollars from his quite lucrative career in the Canadian film and entertainment industry. Every person’s success can be determined by their net worth only. Net worth is the only way to find out our way is in success path or else. According to the net worth is one of the most important and welcomed things for people or viewers to know about their well-known or favorite celebrity or actress. Regarding the celebrity of Graham Wardle, their net worth can be 3 million dollars in the year 2023.

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