Gracyanne Barbosa Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

If you are a fan of bodybuilding and fitness, Gracyanne Barbosa might ring a bell for you. She is one of the boldest and rock looking, beautiful fitness models based in Brazil. On her professional side, she is also a Carnaval Dancer. She has an insane number of followers on her Instagram handle and is still an icon for girls and women to start fitness.

Early life and family

She was born in the year 1983, on the 20th of September. Her hometown is in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, in Brazil country. If you are interested in her star sign, it is Virgo. In 2021, she is 38 years old now. For now, there is nothing available on her parents at all. She has faced a lot of hardships in her early childhood life. She is very well into the social limelight due to her intense bold photos on her Instagram handle which is her strong sign of motivation for herself and her fans.

Educational Life and Career

She didn’t get to study well in her childhood at all. Her family faced a lot of financial issues and eventually, they have to do something to make it up. She was a lot into sports and switched careers with law. She is a lawyer and faced a lot of struggles to pay for her fees. She then got into dancing to cope with finance and found her passion in it. As of her early career, she started as a carnival dancer.

Rumors and controversies

Gracyanne Barbosa doesn’t have any controversies or false rumors on her. However, her husband was once into a rumor of getting married to another woman, before he vowed with Gracyanne. But the rumor has been nothing but falsified information. 

Personal life and relationships

She is married to none other than handsome Balo, who is a Brazilian singer. He is a very famous pagoda and also a very renowned Samba Singer. After 2 years of dating, the two got married in 2012. Before her, Balo’s first marriage was with Viviane Araujo.

Gracyanne Barbosa’s Career Start: Tchakabum, Body Sculpting, and More

Gracyanne struggled to deal with her financial issues and grew a little depressed, but once she joined the axé band Tchakabum as a dancer, her outlook and fortunes began to turn around. After the first trip, she had the same zeal she remembered from her youth. Her band became one of Brazil’s most in-demand acts, playing at Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo’s most prestigious carnivals. Gracyanne was enjoying the time of her life, but she also knew that her body was becoming stronger and healthier the more she performed. Long tours and twice-daily practises required her to become a gym rat to keep up, and as she bulked up, the media began to comment on her attractiveness. Gracyanne began modelling as a “side gig” after various talent agencies interviewed her. She had no idea it would turn out to be the finest decision of her life.

Gracyanne Barbosa from Playboy to Full-Time Model: Making Her Mark

Gracyanne’s fame in her nation skyrocketed while she was at the height of her time with Tchakabum. This was made clear when, in 2007, she was contacted by Playboy executives who, upon seeing her, knew they had found their next cover model. The photo made her a genuine celebrity and provided her with a platform to tell her tale, to which she enthusiastically responded with a “yes.”

After participating in several additional photo projects, Barbosa left Tchakabum and pursued modelling full-time in 2008. This choice paid off well, as she soon had enough money to provide her parents with a comfortable retirement. Rather than making her complacent, this turn of events spurred her to excel at the highest levels possible. For the 2011 issue of the Brazilian men’s magazine Revista Sexy, she graced the cover. As her muscles expanded, Gracyanne appreciated the training more than she had before.

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Gracyanne Barbosa’s fame on the social media

In 2012, she increased her presence on social media, mostly sharing images and videos of herself doing out. This was just what Gracyanne needed to break out on a worldwide scale. One video clip from her leg day, where she squatted with 450 pounds (204 kilogrammes) on her shoulders, went viral and generated disputes as late as 2013. Fans and athletes alike were astounded by her strength and endurance. Others praised her as such an inspirational figure, while others said she was only trying to get attention by putting on a show. Gracyanne has responded to these allegations by stating that she has everything to lose if she continues to pretend.

Her Professional Life as the Rainha de Bateria

Not only is Gracyanne a successful model and entrepreneur, but she is also well-recognised as an authority in fitness. She has appeared as a rainha de bateria, which translates to “drum queen” in Portuguese, at every major funfair in Brazil. Because it is one of the most prominent roles a dancer may take on, only the most talented and skilled performers are considered for the role. Gracyanne put in a lot of effort to get better at her art, and as a result, she is now considered one of the best performers in her own country.

An enterprising and influential person 

Gracyanne continues to go to the gym nearly daily, despite the fact that her focus is now divided between her enterprises and her fitness. She has had a great deal of success in promoting various items throughout Latin America connected to physical fitness. This celebrity endorser also has her brand, which she uses to compete in selling sports supplements.

Net worth in 2021

She is a carnival dancer, a professional social media star, and an entrepreneur too. She is also a full-time model and a fitness icon. Gracyanne Barbosa’s net worth in 2021 is $5M. She also dances in most of the Brazil Carnival occasions and is successfully a Rainha De Bateria.

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