Gianna Toboni Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Less known for her journalist ambitions and TV show production, Gianna Toboni is a very popular TV personality. Apart from her profession, she is very adorable, sweet-looking, and charming. She got a lot of attention and fame after she worked with VICE NEWS. Gianna also worked with AI Jazeera and a lot of TV stations too. Apart from being a journalist, she is also a show producer and a TV star. Well, let us dive into her life and know more. 

Early life and family members

She was born in the year 1988, on 14th in San Francisco, in the United States of America. A lot of information about her is missing. The names of her parents and family members are not public for the time. She has her mother and father, sisters and brothers too. She does have a big family with 4 siblings. But the names of them are not yet known except for one, who is Jacqueline Toboni. Also, her nationality and ethnicity are not known for the time now. 

Educational Life and Career

As for her family life, not much is known about her educational life too. She got her primary and high school graduation from a city school. Then, she moved to New York University. She studied and very well got her graduation in the field of Journalism. In her early time, she joined ABC News station and started working as an intern at first. Later, she got to be their digital correspondent, booker, and even the field producer. Gianni got her producing experience from here.

Professional and Journey

Early, she worked for ABC news. Then after being a producer there, she used her experience to make her documentaries. Her topic mainly focused on the issues of sexual abuse, on women and girls on the UN peacekeeping. Her documentaries got the very sharp attention of social media. This got her a lot of fame and acclaim for her films. She even got her agreement for her documentaries. Then, she started working for VICE and now is a full-time employee in the studio. She currently has made over 30 documentaries and more are coming.  

Career Beginnings

Gianna was an intern for ABC News in college before being promoted to field producer, booker, and digital correspondent. After graduating, Gianna started seeking new opportunities. She started producing her documentaries, which focused on Haiti and the sexual abuse that women and young people experienced at the hands of UN peacekeeping personnel. After it was published, Vice Media became interested in it, and she worked out a deal for the media source to screen her documentary. She finally started working for the Vice full-time as a result of this.

Regarding Gianna Toboni sex identity, there was controversy in 2015. She was working on LGBT issues at the time. As a result of her active involvement in supporting the LGBT community, numerous rumors that she was a secret lesbian circulated. Nevertheless, Gianna is a straight woman, despite the rumors. Gianna is also a persona who actively supports the LGBT community. She also discusses community rights as fundamental human rights. She actively speaks out in support of the LGBT community and brings attention to their challenges. Her sister Jaqueline, who is truly a part of the LGBT community, maybe one of the contributing factors.

Rise to Prominence

She has been employed by Vice since 2015 and has contributed to and sometimes created several documentaries, which have helped her find success. Gianna has written about various subjects, including reporting from Iraq and interviewing ISIS militants for stories about monument raiders in Egypt. Her name has only grown due to her work in more than 20 different nations and lives to report numerous hazardous situations. Gianna is now a celebrity who is still working with Vice.

Awards for Her Projects

Gianna later produced several docuseries and films for VICE media. Her work frequently generates news coverage when other media sources expand on the subjects. She recently served as the show runner for the TV series Small Town Secrets. She participated in this endeavour as an actress as well. She has won numerous awards for her documentary work, including the Webby Award for Best Documentary Series, the GLAAD, Front Page, Gracie, and the Emmy.


In 2015, when Gianna shared one of many pieces from the New York Times on LGBT people, there were rumors regarding her sexual orientation. She is an avid supporter of LGBT rights, but she is not gay.

Their husband, Gianna, is Kyle Buckley.

Gianna Toboni long-term partner and current husband is Kyle Buckley. He is an entrepreneur with a degree in business from McGill University and an expert in marketing. In 2011, Kyle founded his first business, Grady’s Cold Brew, which offered coffee concentrate made in New Orleans and brewed and packaged by hand in New York. He serves on the board of directors and is one of the company’s co-founders. He then proceeded to open two more companies.

Appearances of Gianna Toboni

Gianna Toboni is 5 feet 3 inches tall, or 1.60 meters, and weighs around 110 pounds, or 50 kilograms. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine her vital statistics. She has short black hair with stunning black eyes. 

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Social media presence

She is not that much acquainted with social media. But she is present on the Instagram platform and has over 31K+ followers and 30K followers on Twitter too. 

Personal life and relationships

She is a married woman. Gianni is married to the handsome Kyle Buckley. The two have been dating for a long time and finally got married in 2017. Sadly, they don’t have any children yet. 

Rumors and controversies

Gianna Toboni seems to have fought marriages for some time in her early career. That rumored her to be homosexual but that is just false information completely. Till now, she doesn’t have any rumors about her name at all. 

Net worth in 2021

She has earned good fortune in her career time. She gets a salary of $70K a year. Her net worth in 2021 is close to $1M and maybe more.

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