Felicia Combs Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Born on 27th May 1989, the Gemini woman is an American journalist, who has worked for several television channels like KYTV, Fox, and many more.

Upbringing and Academic History

Felicia was born and brought up in Lake Wales, Central Florida, U.S.A. She bears the citizenship of America and belongs to white ethnicity. She was raised by her mother, who worked as the secretary at a local law firm, and her father, who is an esteemed lawyer. In regards to her studies, Felicia is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Back then at the University of Central Florida, she was a news coverage assistant at one of the regional stations, and that was when she understood that she didn’t have any sort of interest in becoming a hard journalist. Additionally, she has also been to Mississippi State University in 2011 and acquired a 4-year certification in Applied Sciences.

The career beginnings and professional life of Felicia Combs

In 2019, she began working for The Weather Channel, which was a pivotal moment for her professional development and represented a significant advancement. Although she has nine years of experience under her belt, she has witnessed everything there is to see in terms of climate; however, Hurricane Matthew is the one event that has left the most profound impression on her. Felicia recalls the hurricane and says, “It came very close to West Palm Beach, and it looked like it might be a direct hit for a little while, and then it changed path.”

Combs was in charge of conducting studies of meteorological data and developing interpretations of those findings in order to produce forecasts, which she then presented to the broader audience. In addition to this, she gives an examination of maps, images, and other visual forecasting tools, and she estimates the path that hurricanes and other instances of severe weather will take.

More professional details of Felicia Combs

In June 2011, Felicia kickstarted her vocation as a meteorologist in the show “Morning News” that is broadcasted through the channel, News Central FOX 24 and ABC 16. She continued her work there till 2 years and 6 months of her joining and thereafter progressed to KY3 Inc. (KYTV) network in Missouri in December 2013. She has been viewed most in the following shows, “Ozarks Today Weekend Edition”, “KY3 News”, and “NY3 News at Noon” as well. After a couple of years, in January 2016, the WFLX FOX 29 complex based in West Palm Beach, FL hired her as their morning meteorologist and she served there till 2018, and then proceeded to join the “WSVN-TV 7News” in 2019. With this rich history of working with some of the best networks, Felicia is currently a part of “The Weather Channel”, working as their broadcast meteorologist since 2019.

Felicia Combs: LifeStyle

It should come as no surprise that a woman who spent her childhood in Florida, with its consistently warm climate, would have a preference for residing in another tropical area. She thought about the tough times she went through during the hurricane season of 2004-2005 when she was unable to attend school since her home did not have electricity or a roof because it had been destroyed in one of the storms. Outside of that, autumn is her favourite time of year.

Felicia may sometimes divulge private information on her social media accounts, but she will always protect certain aspects. She became an aunt, made new friends, and gained job experience in Thailand and Mexico, among other things, throughout the course of the year, and at the conclusion of the year, she released an article in which she expressed her gratitude for all of these things, as well as everything else that had occurred to her and to her during that year. 

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Personal and Social Life

Felicia utilizes her social media accounts to interact with her followers and also to share some events related to her life, yet she does not disclose much information about her life. Towards the end of 2019, she posted a story, in which she offered her thanks for things she has accomplished so far and particularly brought light to the fact that she turned into an Auntie, made companions, and had worked in two nations, Thailand and Mexico. She has garnered over 15k followers on Instagram, where she posts pictures from her daily life events with friends and family. People were curious to know about her most preferred weather of all time, and you would be happy to know that it’s tropical weather which is quite evident since she grew up in the tropical climate of Florida. At the close of 2018, Felicia’s Twitter and Instagram accounts combined had a total of 5,000 followers. She has 15,000 people following her on Instagram, and she uses the platform to share photographs of her trips as well as her time spent hanging out with her friends. She hasn’t celebrated Christmas with her family in more than a decade due to the time and energy demands of her career, but she doesn’t mind since she gets to celebrate it with her coworkers, who actually are also like family members to her.

It doesn’t bother her that she won’t be able to spend Christmas with her relatives since she will be able to celebrate the holiday with her employees, many of whom she considers to be extended members of her family. Some of Felicia’s newscasts have been published on the website YouTube, which is used for sharing videos online. Felicia has been working as an employee for both the National Weather Association and the 211 Helpline ever since the year 2015, when she first started doing so.

Income Stream and Net Worth

Felicia Combs receives her primary source of income from mainly her professional career as a meteorologist. According to reliable sources, it was found out that she owns a net worth valued at 300 thousand dollars, as of early 2020.

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