Features of the layout and design of the children’s room

Your child’s room is his castle. It should be multifunctional. Such a room should harmoniously combine several zones: sleeping, playing, and study area. When you start designing your child’s room, take care to make it as safe as possible.

Decorating a room is certainly a fun process, but try to involve your children when choosing some details for their room. After all, your child should like the room.

What to do if you have limited space

When the room for the child is spacious, then it will not be difficult for parents to make this room functional and comfortable. But when the room has small footage, you need to be especially inventive to try to accommodate all the necessary things and arrange them correctly.

To visually expand the room, you need to be guided by little tricks. For example, when painting walls, choose only light shades – they will significantly expand the walls. In addition to the color of the walls, hang a mirror in the room and install shelves with mirrored surfaces.

When starting to choose furniture, think about choosing folding furniture. The bed or sofa can be easily folded and there will be more space for the child to play. The folding table can be laid out when the child needs to do homework or make crafts. Furniture stores offer a variety of options that can be easily folded. So that you can free up space in the room.

If the folding bed does not suit you, you can install a podium where there would be a bed for the child. For comfort and coziness, place photo pillows on a bed. If your child loves cars, then custom pillows are perfect for him. In the lower part of the podium, shelves can be installed where toys and accessories will be stored.

If there is a balcony in the child’s room, then it would be an excellent option to demolish the walls and make one large room. In the part where the balcony is located, you can place the child’s study area. There will be plenty of natural light during the day. Alternatively, you can make a playroom here. Toys will not be scattered on the floor and will not obstruct the passage.

Be sure to resolve the issue with the heat insulation of the balcony and the installation of wind-proof windows.

Interior selection

Every child is different. That is why a child’s room should reflect his interests and preferences.

If your boy likes cars, then put a shelf where his car collection will be located. In this case, the child will not want to throw them around. When inviting guests, he will want to impress his friends.

Girls love to have tea ceremonies. Therefore, set aside a place in the room for the tea ceremony. Soft throw pillows can be placed on the floor next to the table for comfortable seating. AllAboutVibe offers a huge collection of decorative pillows that every child will love.

Moreover, you can offer your child to become a designer for a moment. Create unique wall art by playing with your child. The simplest thing you can think of is to buy paints in bright colors and use your palms to make wall decor. Such an idea will bring family members together and you will show your trust by decorating the room with your child.

Color scheme

The color scheme for the room should be bright. It will be more pleasant for a child to be in such a room and spend his free time there.

Traditional colors can be used. Blue tints for boys and pink tints for girls. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to make the colors too bright so that those colors don’t hurt your eyes.

Alternatively, you can use the classic style of room decoration so that it does not stand out from the overall interior of your home. This style implies light shades of colors and furniture made from natural materials. The accent can be made on various interior items: bedding, curtains, etc.

You may also consider making the room in Provence style. Such a style solution involves decorating the room in light pastel colors and light-colored furniture made of aged material.

Practical advice

The following tips will help you create a cozy and safe room for your child.

  • If your children are pupils, then put a bed for them next to the window so that it would be easier for them to wake up in the morning.
  • Be sure to make a study area for the child in the room, where it will be convenient for him to do his homework, as well as draw and do creative work in his free time. Buy all the supplies you need and place them on the shelves next to the table.
  • If you are going to paint the walls, make sure you buy non-toxic paint that won’t harm your child. Also, choose the paint that is moisture resistant.
  • For the child to be able to feel comfortable, try not to pile up the room with objects that accumulate dust. Such things include carpets, soft toys, and artificial fabrics.
  • The child’s room should be wet cleaned regularly. That is why, when decorating a room, give preference to easily washable surfaces.
  • Every child loves to draw. If you do not want the wallpaper to become his canvas, then install a blackboard where your child will be able to draw with crayons.

Decorating a room for several children

It is easy to arrange a room for an only child, but when you have several children, you need to satisfy everyone.

You need to make the room suitable for your children and also accommodate sleeping, play, and study areas for them.

Here are some tips for you:

  • If the room is small, and there are several children, then an excellent solution would be to purchase a two-tier bunk. What’s more, you can buy folding armchairs that will unfold into sleeping places for each child and fold into regular lounge armchairs during the day.
  • Each child should have their own study area. If you do not have the opportunity to accommodate two tables for each child, then give preference to a folding table, where the children will not interfere with each other.
  • If your room is spacious and you can easily accommodate all the necessary things for each child, then you can divide their space with partitions. So that everyone knows that they have their own space.

Planning a children’s room is a laborious process. First, you need to think about every detail before starting the design. Do not forget to involve your child in the process, who can tell you what he would like to see in his room.

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