Eve Chilton Net Worth, career, early and personal life

Eve Chilton was born on 1st September 1995 in Boston, Massachusetts, the USA under the zodiac sign- Virgo. She bears American nationality. After tyingknots with Harvey Weinstein, a contentious film producer, Eve officially entered the space of limelight.

Early life and Education

Eve was raised in Boston by her parents Tom and Maude Chilton, who were both into the law firm. Eve’s grandfather Edmund Randolph was the founder of the first global law firm i.e. “Hunton and Williams” and he also served the country as a Secretary of the State. In 1968, Eve left the city of Boston and moved to New York, to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. However, her fate didn’t approve this.

Eve’s Career

Eve worked as his husband’sassistant from 1986 till their divorce in 2004,in his company Miramax. It’s believed that Harvey helped her get the job at Miramax. And thereupon, she was said to be self-employed, working in her family’s company.

Professional Life and Career of Eve Chilton 

Eve Chilton has got his professional career in the way of his husband Harvey Weinstein only. By getting help from his husband, Eve Chilton has received this offer. Her husband, Harvey Weinstein, has been helping, by the way, getting a recommendation for the role of an assistant in the company of Miramax. But now Eve Chilton is a one of the self-employees and gaining by his own hands. And also works in her family company which makes him more popular. Eve Chilton has been stared his acting career; instead of that, she has been following in his father’s footsteps. At 18, Eve Chilton returned to New York City to meet his spouse, Harvey Weinstein; as a side by it, she continued his professional work in the film industry. By the way, meeting Eve Chilton landed his career in Miramax and started his work as an assistant.

Eve’s and Harvey’s Marriage

Harvey Weinstein and Eve Chilton met each other in1986 and began dating shortly there after. Eve was working as his assistant because of his assistance. A year after in 1987, they both got married and were together until 2004. They had 3 children together: Remy, who was born in 1995; Emma, born in 1998 and Ruth who was born in 2002. Whilst, Harvey’s career was prospering at its peak, their marital relationship was fleeting quickly. Harvey was accused of sexual abuse and misconduct. Various newspapers published about Harvey’s miscellaneous accusations of sexual assault, filed by women. In 2004, after discovering his deeds, Eve sought an immediate divorce. Following that, she married a businessman named Sal Martirano but their marriage didn’t last long, and Eve has stayed single since then.

About Harvey Weinstein

On 19th March 1952, Harvey Weinstein took birth in New York City, USA under the birth sign Pisces. Harvey is a filmmaker and the founder of the Miramax company. He was brought up in Queens inNew York City by his parents Max (Diamond cutter), and Miriam (homemaker).

Harvey’s Education Background

Upon matriculation from John Bowne High School, he got enrolled in the University at Buffaloand officially graduated in 1974 as a bachelorette.

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Career beginning

Being an undergraduate student, he along with his brother Bob and Corky Burger launched Harvey & Corky Productions. They began organizing rock concerts. In the late 70s, Harvey and Bob initiated the Miramax film distribution company. The company came into the light in the 80s, after the release of “The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball” in May 1982. After their first major popularity gain, they stuck to the line of success. In 1993, Disney offered $80 million to the brothers for the Miramax company. This proposal was accepted by Bob and Harvey but Henry demanded to be the head of the company. Following this, the Company grew enormously with the production of movies like “Pulp Fiction” “The English Patient ”, and “Good Will Hunting”. Harvey launched The Weinstein Company with Bob but it suffered through bankruptcy in 2017.Afterward, several women came up accusing Harvey of sexual assaults. On 25th May 2018, the New York police arrested Harvey based on charges filed against him including- sex abuse, sexual misconduct, rape for affairs pertaining to two women. Nonetheless, he was discharged on $1 million bail and is forbidden to travel anywhere else other than New York and Connecticut.

Height and Weight of Eve Chilton  

Eve Chilton’s original height is 5 feet 6 inches, expressed as in meters about 1.68 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimetres, about 168 cm, and then moving the weight of Eve Chilton is 60 kg, which can describe in pounds as 132 lbs.

Appearances and Body Measurements 

Eve Chilton looks more attractive because she has good connectivity with people. Eve Chilton consists of small breasts and wide hips that complement each other more with a flat stomach; the most important is the pearl-shaped body. Eve Chilton has worked much more to increase his net worth through his efforts and career settlement in television media. Eve Chilton has short blonde hair with the color blonde. Eve Chilton has a gorgeous and pretty-looking eye that looks black. The body measurements of Eve Chilton are 35 inches in the breast, 27 inches in the hip, and 34 inches in the waist, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 35-27-34 inches. The shape of Eve Chilton’s body is slim, and then the dress size of Eve Chilton is 4 US. Her shoe size of Eve Chilton is 6 US, and Eve Chilton has no tattoos on her body. The skin tone color of Eve Chilton is fair. The bra size Eve Chilton is 34, and their cup of his is B size.

Some of the facts and hobbies of Eve Chilton

In her free time, Eve Chilton enjoys watching her favorite movies, such as Harry Potter and Les Miserable. Eve Chilton loves to watch his favorite actor and actress movie, such as Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone-related movies. In addition, she likes to eat a variety of food items, such as exceptional food and her favorite, Italian. Eve Chilton loves black colors, and the most lovable place in london for Eve Chilton in England in the world. Eve Chilton’s main hobby is traveling, and also she loves to travel to many places in London and also likes to visit on many occasions in London. In addition to his hobby, Eve Chilton loves to play music, especially l; like to play the piano; her interest in the piano has been becalmed from her younger age when she was at the age of 6.

Eve’s Net Worth

As of early 2020, Eve’s net worth is supposedly over $25 million.

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