Erin Angel Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal life

Erin Angle is a known face in public as she is the American actor Jon Bernthal’s wife. Jon mainly became famous for his essential role in a TV series named “The Walking Dead”. His wife, Erin, was a nurse, but now she stays at home being a caring mother, putting her career at a halt. Almost everyone who follows WWE must have heard of Kurt Angel, the veteran American wrestler, and actor. Erin happens to be Kurt’s niece.

Erin’s Past: Early Life,

Childhood and Education In the year 1977, Erin was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Her mother’s name was Cindy Abbodanza, but her father’s name was never disclosed in public. However, it is known that her father was a very close relative to Kurt Angel, his brother. Erin’s mother gave birth to six children in total. Erin has one brother and four sisters. Mike is her brother’s name, and her sisters are Cassidy, Kristen, Lea, and Jackie. After completing her school life at Canon-McMillan High School, she went on to study nursing at Indiana. University, Pennsylvania, and completed her graduation in 1998. And then, in 2008, ten years later, Erin went to add on to her tally of educational degrees. She completed her MS, from Southern California University, in anesthesiology.

Career and Social Media Activities

When Erin met Jonathan, she was working as a trauma nurse. She is now a mother, staying at home, but it is unknown if Erin left her nursing occupation for good. She has only seen her husband’s shares sometimes from social media as Erin doesn’t have any social media accounts of her own.

Life as a Wife Before marriage,

Jon and Erin dated for a few years. Some say that the marriage was going through an ill phase, because of Jon being irresponsible when it comes to being a ‘good husband. However, their marriage is now on a happy course as Jon could, in time, realize his mistakes. Jon took the lovely initiative to write a letter backstage to Willie Nelson and requesting him to sing the song “Always on my Mind” for his wife. That was a heartfelt moment for the couple. People believe that this sweet act from Jon has saved their marriage.

In a magazine, Jon has said that he fell in love with her head over hills’ when he saw Erin. They married on 25th September 2010. The couple had two sons, the elder named Henry, born in August 2011, and the younger named Billy, born in January 2013. Later a little baby-girl named Adeline was also taken to the couple named Adeline, held in February 2015.

Erin Angel’s husband, Jonathan Edward Bernthal

Jonathan Edward is a prominent American actor who started acting in the early 2000s. He gained more popularity after he acted in the horror television series The Walking Dead. He was born in Washington, D.C., USA, on September 20, 1976. His father’s name is Eric Lawrence, and he is a professional lawyer. His mother’s name is Joan Lurie, and she is a housewife. He was born and raised in a Jewish family background with his two brothers. One of his brothers’ names is Nicholas, an orthopedic surgeon and a professor at UCLA. His other brother Thomas is the CEO consulting agency and was married to the billionaire Sheryl Sandberg, the former Facebook COO.

Jonathan’s cousin Adam Schlesinger is a famous rock musician. He spent his early life in Cabin John, Maryland, along with his family members, and he studied at the Sidwell Friends School and graduated from high school in 1995. After graduating from high school, he joined Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York City, and studied for his bachelor’s degree. But later, she dropped out of college to start his career in acting. Then he joined Moscow Art Theatre School located in Russia. He is a professional baseball player.

Jonathan Edward Bernthal’s successful career

Jonathan has acted in many films and television series so far in his career, and he first acted in the film Mary/Mary as Manny in 2002. The same year he acted in the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent as Lane Ruddock. From 2017 to 2019, he acted in The Punisher as Frank Castle. Jonathan has won and been nominated for many awards and honors for acting in films and television series.

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Additional Info and Net Worth

Erin weighs 115lbs/52kgs and is 5′ 4″ tall (163 cm).  Her eyes were brown colored and her hair was blonde. Her Net Worth was never disclosed in public, so nothing can genuinely estimate her wealth. She prefers to remain silent in public and on social media.

Social media presence of Erin Angel

Talking about the social media presence of, Erin Angel, she needs to be more active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Erin will not use to share more of her personal life information with anyone, and she needs to keep her personal life away from the media. But her husband, Jon Bernthal, is very active on social media and has more fans and followers for his acting. Often, he will use to upload more of his pictures with his wife and children.

The Interests and Hobbies of Erin Angel

Erin Angel loves to travel and has traveled to many countries with her husband and children; her dream destination is Paris, France. She loves shopping with her friends and family, and she likes music very much and will use it to sing in her free time. Erin used to cook different foods for his family members, and her favorite cuisine is Continental Foods. Her favorite color is red and green. Erin’s favorite actor is Robert Pattinson, and her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawerence. She likes to go to the beach and likes to go swimming in the summertime, and spring is her favorite season. Erin is a pet lover, and she has two pet dogs. Erin will use to workout daily, and she will use to workout daily and often goes walking and jogging.  

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