Erik Kuselias Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In Hamden, a place in Connecticut, USA, Erik Kuselias took birth on an unspecified date of birth which is still not shared with the public. However, it is guessed that it was in the mid-70s. He has gained popularity and fame for hosting famous radio shows, namely “Football Pro Talk” and “Sports 1040 Talk Orlando”, which was aired through the NBC network of sports. 

Childhood, Early Life And Life As A Student 

Erik spent almost all of his childhood in his hometown, Hamden, raised by her parents, US immigrants from Syria. His brother Chris also used to be a sports news reporter, but nothing is known now. Erik, since childhood, became inclined towards various kinds of sports, especially football, and baseball used to be his point of interest. He played baseball in his school life and personally knew famous baseball professional players like Mo Vaughan and Jeffrey Bagwell. After matriculation from his hometown school, he enrolled at the Michigan Law University, and from there, he got his doctorate Ph.D. degree in 1998. 

Details Of His Reporting Career And Other Involvements 

Erik has got an IQ of 156, which is way higher than an average American, which got him in Mensa high IQ international society. He started his career as a lawyer at first. But later, from 2004, alongside his brother Chris, he started a show named “The Sports Brothers.” Then, in February 2007, he became a “NASCAR Now” show host. His later shows were for the ESPN sports Network, namely “The Show Of Erik Kuselias,” “Mike & Mike For The Morning,” and “Fantasy Freaking.” 


Erik Kuselias is a member of MENSA and combines both a gift for mathematics and a wealth of knowledge in journalism, which many people might find hard to believe. For those who don’t know, MENSA is a non-profit group of intelligent individuals. Everyone working for this company has an IQ score higher than the 98th percentile. The Annual Gathering (AG), a noteworthy event, is held in several nations.

The career of Erik Kuselias

Erik began his legal career with Goldblatt, Kuselias and Rashba, P.C., where he worked on numerous arbitration issues. But after working for a while, Kuselias decided to make a complete about-face and try his luck in the media industry. Erik’s path to becoming a well-known name in networking began in college. Erik then made his television debut in 2003 with the program “The Sports Brother” alongside his brother Chris. Every week, the show aired for an hour. As the same, 

The afternoon show hosted by Kuselias brother, who ESPN has hired, has become a hit show. It was also renamed “The Erik Kuselias Show” in 2005, and it quickly rose to prominence as the radio’s fastest-growing sports talk program. However, by 2007, both siblings had quit the program, forcing the producers to rename it “SportsBash.” Thus, Kuselias joined NASCAR Now, an Emmy-nominated program, in 2007, after departing the program in 2007. Sadly, Erik’s tenure only lasted a year since Nicole Manske took his place for the 2008 NASCAR season. After that, he worked for ESPN Radio and filled in for the regular hosts of “Mike and Mike in the Morning” there. He also hosted “Fantasy Football Now,” a program honoured with an Emmy.

Golf Channel

On January 3, 2011, Erik started co-hosting the morning drive on the golf channel. In addition, he participated in CNBC’s coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs as a studio host. As in NBC Sports, he did extraordinary work, so the head of the golf channel company decided to take him as an employee. Erik then anchored a Florida-based morning drive show for Genesis Communications until 2016.

CBS Sports have employed Erik as a host for “Sports line” and CBS Sports HQ since the beginning of the year. Additionally, his program airs live on Sports Talk 1080 The Team in Orlando, Sports Talk 1080 The Team in Tampa, WMOP in Ocala, WGGG in Gainesville, and Sports Talk 1040 The Team in Tampa.

NBC Sports and Erik Kuselias

Kuselias went from his position to NBC Sports due to his secret agreement. Additionally, NBC fired him when the Pro Football Talk Live anchor attempted to upsell his then-wife Holly. For instance, Sonders has drawn the attention of Fox Sports for a while now. By grabbing the chance, Kuselias tried to present a “package deal” to Fox Sports for him and his wife. When Fox Sports rejected the offer, he returned to NBC to discuss a new deal. NBC wasn’t pleased with the recurring issues or Kuselias’s requests in the contract. That’s how they finally decided to let him go from the team. Overall, Kuselias made things better without causing any issues.

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Relationships, Wife And Personal Life 

Erik Kuselias started to date Holly Sonders, a known sportscaster, in 2007, and after four long years, they decided to marry. After a year of marriage, their son was born, named Troy. It seemed to be a very happy couple bit; eventually, they divorce after half a decade of marriage. Fans believe that Erik was the one who cheated with his wife and thus forcing the divorce. After the divorce, Erik immediately started to date Stephania Bell, another journalist. 

Interests, Likes, And Other Mentionable Hobbies 

Erik loved sports since childhood, and hence his life has somehow revolved around it. He was a fine baseball player, but he quit it to become a sports journalist. He still enjoys watching baseball and football regularly on TV. He loves to travel, and his job makes it easy for him to visit different places in his own country. He is not a family man, neither he is a loyal man. He often goes to nightclubs, getting surrounded by women. 

Net Worth And Appearance 

It is upon mere guess that his age is around 55. Erik’s height and weight, respectively, are 5ft 9ins (175cm) and 143lbs (65kgs), with brown colored hair and eyes. As a very famous sports journalist, his riches have crossed 6.5 million US dollars, and it is still going to grow even more as we know that he is quite active in the industry of sportscasters. 

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