Dustin Clare Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Dustin Clare is a professional Australian critically-acclaimed actor who has won many awards, who is famous and recognized for his role of Gannicus for the television adventure-action series named “The Arena Gods: Spartacus” in 2011, and also for its sequel “Spartacus,” which ran for a couple of years, from 2012 to 2013. He has appeared for the role of Sullivan Hill in the television drama-horror series “Wolf Creek” in 2016, adding herself to many other famous projects, which has earned him all the fame that he has gained. 

Interesting Childhood and Family of Him 

In Grafton, a place in New South Wales, in Australia, Dustin Clare took birth on January 2nd, 1982. He has spent all of his childhood in different parts of New South Wales. We do not know much of his parents, as he has not said anything to the media yet, showing his secretive side. 

Educational Background And Life As A Student 

After completing his matriculation from a hometown school, Dustin enrolled at Perth’s Western Australian University of Edith Cowan of Performing theatre and Arts. From there, she obtained a graduate degree in the year 2004. Dustin Clara started her journey of acting in a local school at a young age, and then he further moved for advanced training in acting in the theater of prestigious. In that theater only Dustin Clara has expressed his whole acting altitude in that prestigious theater. In that theater, he used to play both the primary and as well as minor roles in the different and multiple stages in a variety of drama scripts. As a result of this, he got recognition for the role of a theater artist because his various acting level impressed the audience as well as the higher officer. He acted in various roles, which may lead to him at the next level.

Beginnings Of Career which made him famous 

Dustin’s professional career began in the early 2000s with numerous supporting roles as Donny for the movie “Going Down Flames” in 2004, and later for the role of Rick Fallon for the television drama-medical series named “All Saints” and then for the role of Gareth Williams in the television series drama “Headland.” But his most prominent role came as Riley Ward for the TV drama-romantic series “Daughter’s Of McLeod,” which ran for a couple of years. It became critically acclaimed and won many awards. It was starred alongside Rachel Carpani, Simmone Mackinnon, and Aaron Jeffrey. He had continued to act in various Australian television series, and in the year 2009 got himself chosen for the role of a crime mafia Christopher Flannery in the series “Underbelly” in 2009.

Short Films and Movies of Dustin Clara

When he reached a theater artist, Dustin Clara started his next stepping stone, which was acting in drama, which is also known as a short film as a supporting character or a supporting role in the film which is named “Brothers.” In 2011, Dustin Clara got global recognition for the specific role of an actor in a movie. This can be achieved by the input given by Dustin Clara in the short series drama which is titled “The Eye of the Storm.” The movie has achieved its zenith, and it was majorly appreciated by the audience.

Moreover, Dustin Clara has been involved in many kinds of projects and also worked in major roles in many movies and numerous short films such as Iron Bird in 2006, Cane Cutter in 2008, Happenstance in 2010, Goddess in 2013, Early Checkout in 2009, Sunday in 2014, The Fragments in 2023, Pacific Rim: Uprising in 2018, Kanowna in 2010, Love is Now in 2014, Seriously Red in 2022, etc.

Web shows and TV Series of Dustin Clara

The TV series is “All Saints,” in which Dustin Clara had the supporting cast role in the drama series Rick Fallon in 2005. The role which is done by Dustin Clara in this drama series is appreciated. After that, only he received many opportunities as specific for TV actor in the year 2007 because of his work given as input in the drama series titled ‘Air Australia” he did a major role in it. This drama consists of an action, adventure, interesting and also a kind of drama.

Rather than he also played a significant role and a minor role in the Variety of TV series and web shows, which may include Headland in 2005, Underbelly in 2009, Satisfaction in 2008, Strike Back in 2015, Anzac Girls in 2014, Tidelands in 2018, Wolf Creek in 2016, Glitch in 2019, Reef Break in 2019, Doctor Doctor in 2019, Eden in2021, Surviving Summer in 2022, Spartacus: God of the Arena in 2011, etc.

Dustin Clare’s Personal Life 

Dustin never tried to hide anything from relating to his personal life to his fans and media. This info is quite kept in light ever since he has become a very successful actor. He met famous actress Camille Keenan for the first time on the television sets of Satisfaction, and the couple ended up marrying in the year 2009. 

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Children And Life Together 

Their daughter was born, named Darcy, in the year 2012. The family of three, daughter, mother, and father, seems to live very happily together with no controversies surrounding them. 

The Riches Of Dustin Clare 

The total accumulated wealth of Dustin Clare is somewhat around 3 million US dollars, which she earned from thirty television series and movies.

Some facts about Dustin Clara

Dustin Clara is a famous artist, media celebrity, theater artist, etc. Her hobbies are writing, traveling, reading books, cycling, dancing, surfing, painting, singing, photography, fishing, etc. Dustin Clara is an animal lover, and he loves animals more. More than that, he has one pet dog. Dustin Clara knows more languages, especially Italian, Japanese, Mexican, etc. Dustin Clara is one of the official ambassadors of the Foundation of White Ribbon.

Body Measurements And Appearance 

His height and weight are 5ft 9ins or 175cm and 165lbs or 75kgs, while vital statistics are unknown. He possesses dark brown colored hair and eyes. 

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