Draya Michele Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Here we are going to discuss the very talented and famous model known as Draya Michele. She is not only a model but also a high-end media personality, fashion designer as well as a popular TV actress of leading reality shows of the United States of America. Draya is well known for her kind and decent nature, which has created its good image among a huge range of audiences. If you have even a little interest in the movies, then you would surely have noticed her in movies like The Perfect match and many more. Yes, it is a true thing that almost every movie in which she had even a little role had earned great success.

Early life

The popular model was born on January 23rd in the Pennsylvania region. Her full name is Andraya Michele Howard. If we talk about the parents of Draya, her mother was an Italian lady, and his father belongs to Africa. She was always possessive of her beauty which is why she took care of skin in a very gentle manner from her childhood time.

You might have noticed her dark complexion, but it was natural, and she gives her best to maintain her beauty. Due to her keen interest, she also becomes a part of several beauty courses during her school period. Not only this, but she was also having a good interest in learning the music but stopped at a certain time when she got a hint that her voice is not so smooth.

Career beginnings

It has been observed that Draya was highly influenced by the popular celebrity known as Victoria Beckham. She was the only cause, which gave her a reason to enter the field of fashion designing and modeling. She faced a lot of hassle in the modeling career due to her skinny figure. The disappointing part was when her photographs got rejected from getting printed on the magazines due to her long neck. The only thing which sustained her in this struggle was the dedication that motivated her to give her best and wait for the right moment. Soon, there was a time when she received the offers to work as a model in the music videos.

She got featured in the videos with very popular artists such as Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z, and it was the great path of success that she entered at that time. The golden era of her popularity started where she also get featured in several numbers of hot videos. She got enormous popularity and was recognized as the best model in the United States of America. Yes, at the moment, she was signed for getting appeared in the magazines like XXL, Black Man, and Show.

Personal life

Many of the people were having an interest in the personal life of the model. It has been noticed that her name was combined with plenty of make models and celebrities such as Kenyon Martin, Wiz Khalifa, and Gilbert Arenas. In 2013, the model was in controversy when she made an appearance with Chris brown on a popular reality show. They both married in the year 2015, and Draya gave birth to a baby on April 8, 2016.

Kids of Draya Michele

The most famous model and actor have two kids named Kniko Howard and You Scandrick. At the starting stage, Draya Michele has been favored on many issues about the main reason for his parenting, along with his famous co-star, an infamous basketball player in Los Angeles. In the first season of his life career, Draya Michele has been getting aligned with the endangerment of a child. But coming to the report of the police, Draya Michele has left his seven-year-old son at the house, whose name is Kniko. In his home, Draya Michele has left his son in place of Wyomissing. During that time, she has been going home for her work purpose. This has been happening for many years, and the two sons’ mother has been moved to the life of the past end. Now the current age of Draya Michele’s son Kniko is 17, and the picture has been most of the time the image has been posted on the social media site that she has been making his contributing on the part of her parents and also taking that much care of her child. In 2016, Draya Michele was given birth to a new child named, and also the second child born to Orlando Scandrick, who is noted to be former finance of Draya Michele. In this way, Draya Michele has given the two childbirth into the world. 

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Height and Weight of Draya Michele  

Draya Michele’s original height is 5 feet 7 inches, expressed as in meters about 1.70 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimeters, about 170 cm, and then moving the weight of Draya Michele is 58 kg, which can describe in pounds as 128 lbs.

Appearances and Body Measurements 

Draya Michele consists of big breasts and wide hips that complement each other more with a flat stomach, and the most important one is the pearl-shaped body. Draya Michele has worked much more to increase his net worth through his efforts and career settlement in television media. Draya Michele has short blonde hair with the color dark brown. Draya Michele has a gorgeous and pretty-looking eye that looks hazel brown. The body measurements of Draya Michele are 38 inches in the breast, 25 inches in the hip, and 36 inches in the waist, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 38-25-36 inches. The shape of Draya Michele’s body is sugarless, and then the dress size of Draya Michele is 4 US. Her shoe size of Draya Michele is 6 US, and Draya Michele has no tattoos on her body. The skin tone color of Draya Michele is white.


The Draya made a very good amount of wealth through the profession of acting, fashion designing, and some other professions. The estimated net worth of Draya is around $1 million.

Some of the trivia about Draya Michele

Draya Michele is currently a 36-year-old girl. She loves to cook various foods, especially for her family members, and Draya Michele has an interest in cooking site. In addition to that, Draya Michele loves to travel to all the places and takes many clicks during her traveling time. Draya Michele has three different types of clothing lines.

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