Dbangz Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On 10th June 2001, Dbangz took birth in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA. This proves that his zodiac sign is Gemini, and by nationality, he is an American, as his date and place of birth suggest. His real name is Damian Lewis Darius, but he took up the name Dbangz, as he is a professional American rapper, internet personality, and songwriter. Dbangz attempted to replicate the popularity of the song “Him & I” by Ed Sheeran and Halsey. On a worldwide music rating website, he did better than their songs. 

The beginnings and formative years

This emerging star was born in the United States to a woman of mixed Asian and Pacific Islander heritage raised in Hawaii. His father is of African-American descent, but little further information about his history or upbringing has been made public. His mother is credited with giving birth to him in the United States. Since DBangz never brings up himself in conversation, he has not had any problem adapting to the sudden fame that has come his way. Reporters and fans often questioned Lewis about his family, but he politely refused at all times to speak about his parents. His zeal for hula dancing is well-documented, as is his presentation before an audience of 100,000 during the Aloha Festival in his mother’s home state of Hawaii. MF Doom was DBangz’s favourite rapper in 2014 and 2015. It is common practise for academics to analyse MF Doom’s excellent lyrics and the intricate metaphors he uses in his music. Additionally, DBangz has conducted a study on the work of alternative hip-hop pioneer Earl Sweatshirt. When Darius was younger, one of his favourite musicians was Mac Demarco, and he used to like listening to his music.

More Interesting Info About Him And Early Successes

In 2015, DBangz and his friend Jonathan, better known as Snot, acquired recording equipment and set up a makeshift studio in a garage. Additionally, Lewis’ father gave the guys some of his microphones to use in their aspirations. He used the money to produce a few brief tunes, which he published on Soundcloud. DBangz is acknowledged as an early example of this sound on the West Coast, even though most artists that contributed to this subgenre were based in Florida. Many of his early songs were reminiscent of popular rap music in the 1990s. His song “F*ck It Up” was the first of his Soundcloud tracks to get 10,000 plays. It was released in December 2016, when it spurred Lewis to attempt new things, and the ensuing “Booty Toe Sucker” became an immediate hit, racking up 100,000 plays in only a few short weeks. In 2017, he gained popularity for releasing “Thick Niggas & Anime Titties,” which topped 50 Viral Global’s Chart on the famous music application, Spotify.

Incident With The Wycon Cosmetics

In 2018 January, Dbangz began to staunchly dominate all the headlines across Internet, with a case relating to cosmetics. Eventually, the Italy-based retailer of cosmetics, named Wycon Cosmetics, especially manufactures nail polishes with famous R&B and rap songs. One of its shades was peculiarly named “Thick As Nigga”, which was one of his hits. The company had to face scrutiny through social media platforms from minorities, but the rapper gained even more fame.

How Dbangz Became This Influential

According to various important rap critics, Ugly God and Dbangz earned their place in the entertainment industry by pushing all the boundaries of being a rapper, where no other artist has done anything. He has accomplished success by layering his obscure anime references with Eastern Asian culture and homoerotic comments. Since, in the music world, rapping is dominating by obscene lyrics mostly revolving around women and money, DBangz is very different. Since the year 2017, even more, artists came to explore this new lyrical sense.

Recent works of Dbangz

The first mixtape released by DBangz was titled “Summer Body Sweat,” and it came out in 2017. His subsequent project, titled “Winter Booty Circles,” was centred on the notion that it is opposed to winter and its language. The strange references that have been his signature were paired with violent lyrics in his song “Konohagakure,” released in 2018. As a result, the track captivated many fans of traditional rap music. He has developed something fresh by combining the anime culture of East Asia with the usually malevolent trap and rap music. This has resulted in the creation of something new. It didn’t take long for him to become well-known, particularly in the meme rap and sound cloud communities. After taking this action, he released a nine-song EP titled “Keahonui,” on which he drastically toned down the impact of meme rap. He seemed to be pleased with this decision. The cover artwork was created to memorialize the late gamer and streamer Etika, who died in a sad accident at the beginning of 2019.

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Body Measurements

Dbangz is around 5ft 10ins tall, but anything specific other than that has not yet been known to the public.

Presence In Social Media Platforms

Because of the ever-growing hold of social media on audiences worldwide, it is in the best interest of the vast majority of celebrities to keep their followers up to speed on their activities to maintain and, preferably, improve their ratings and profit. This is because of the ever-expanding grip that social media has on audiences. By maintaining an active presence online and engaging with his fans, it’s clear that DBangz is well-versed in this trend. On Instagram, he has 180,000 followers; on Twitter, he has 12,000 followers; both platforms are used often by him.

The Net Worth details of Dbangz

It is believed that as of August 2019, he has a net worth of over $200,000 thanks to his meteoric rise to fame on Soundcloud, where he has topped the charts in several nations. After becoming famous, he expanded his business to sell products through his internet presence. Since he is still young, there is a possibility that DBangz may achieve even greater levels of accomplishment in the years to come and collect even more fortune.

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