David Laid Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

David Laid had taken birth in 1998, on January 29, and he has an Aquarius zodiac sign. David Laid belongs to the American Estonian bodybuilder, and he is one of the best-known entrepreneurs and fitness models. David became popular from his fitness makeover videos, and in 2013, he shared lots of videos on his personal YouTube channel. However, at an early age, David’s passion was lifting weights, and he shared everything about his bodybuilding and fitness-related works. Even though, at present, David is a well-recognized individual in the fitness platform.

David Laid’s Early Life and Education

David’s childhood was spent in Estonia, and he became ahead of his family. David was also a great hockey player. David’s weight was 90 lbs (41kgs) just at the age of 14, and one of the physicians told David that only lifting weights can help recover his backbone. And he started doing like this, and he got an effective result after that.

David spent his early life in Estonia with his parents and two younger brothers.  Later he lost his father in a tragic accident.  He fell off a cruise ship docked in the Estonia harbors; it was a significant loss because he was very close to him.  His family had a hard time because his father died then his mother decided to relocate to relocated to the United States of America.  As a single mom, raising three boys alone was tough for her mother.  As the elder child, David quickly stepped up as the man of the family and supported all his family members.  David has been interested in ice hockey from a young age, and he was excellent in his studies; in his teenage, he had rapid growth; because of that, he had a scoliosis condition that curvature his spine.  Then his mother took him to the hospital, and the doctor told him to start lifting to return his spine to normal.  Also, his muscles will become stronger.  After the workout, he felt soreness, but he has seemed immediate results in his body.   

Career Beginnings of David Laid

David used to watch videos all about fitness-related content on YouTube channel. Over time, David saw changes in his body, and finally, he got to know to get the best results. And after sometimes David realized that his killing looks could reach him to success. David shared his first video named David Laid 18 Month Transformation in 2013 on December 21, and many people liked this video. And like this, David rose to stardom, and his career turned to be a great fitness star.

David has noted the faster change in his body, and he has started to use videos and books to learn how to track his progress; he has his records.  At one point, David realizes that his looks will help him become the star.  Then he remembered that he had an old YouTube channel with the username Computerman 91, which he used for gaming videos.  Then he changed the user and layout of the channel on December 21, 2013, and he uploaded his first video about his body transformation; it gained more views quickly and became viral.  Then many people have amazed at how David’s body changed with the year.  He has more than thousands of views, and then he decided to post more of his workout videos and became a full-time YouTuber.

David Laid’s transformation as Fitness Star

David has attracted many supporters quickly, and he gets more comments, like on every video he uploads on his channel.  Most of his video content was about the workouts, several question answers sessions with his followers, and collaboration with many other fitness enthusiasts, which helped him gain more popularity and get more subscribers.  David has contracted with many talent agencies, gyms, and supplement manufacturers.  He started his workout to straighten his spine, but later, it helped him to earn millions. 

On August 14, 2015, he posted one of the popular videos named David Laid’s 3 Years Natural Transformation from 14-17, which got more than 30 million views.  At the same time, he has many debuts on his channel, but he has shown improvement from his first workout.  Many famous websites have posted his video, and there are some debates on forums on Bodybuilding.com.  Many people have debated that his physique was used because he has sued steroids or he is doing Photoshop in his videos.  David will use to post more of his workout videos on his channel, and he will be able to upload a video in a week.

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David Laid’s Sponsorships and Other projects

However, David started earning from his videos on YouTube, and he joined many brands that sell bodybuilding supplements. At present, David joined a gym clothing brand Gymshark; besides, David is one of the best writers, and he wrote an eBook that mentioned how you could transform your body just in a few weeks.

Personal and Love Life of David Laid

At present, David Laid is dating Julia Jackson, and she is a fitness and dancer aficionado. And there is no further information and details about David and Julia’s relationship.

David Laid’s Hobbies and other Interesting

Jeff Seid is David’s one of the best fitness models, and when it comes to his workout session, David performs workouts six days a week. David avoids eating frequently, and he eats a good amount of calorie foods. David would like to perform squats and deadlifts workouts in his daily workout routine. Appearances of David LDavid’sid’s height stands form 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall, and his weight is around 187lbs (85kgs). David takes care of his body and never skips a workout.

The Net Worth of David Laid

As per an authoritative source, the net worth of David Laid is estimated at around $125,000.

Social Media Presence

David Laid’s Social Media account on an Instagram page has around 1.2 million followers, and on his Facebook account, David is followed by 4,000 people. And on his YouTube channel, David has received 900,000 subscribers and viewed by 125 million people.

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