Davey Detail Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early life

Davey Detail is a well-known American visual artist who originally rose to prominence while serving as a member of the art collective CYRCLE, which was located in Los Angeles. In addition to that, he is well-known due to the fact that he is married to Rose McGowan.

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Davey’s Details early life and education

David Leavitt was born on January 12th, 1983, in Bellevue, Washington, and later changed his name to David Detail. After completing his education, he uprooted his life and moved to Los Angeles; he had always had an eye for design and an enthusiasm for the visual arts. He began his studies at The Art Institute of Washington’s Seattle campus, but he quickly discovered that it did not provide him with a demanding enough environment, so he transferred to the San Francisco school.

A look into Davey Detail and Rose McGowan’s Marriage

Rose McGowan wanted something more conventional for her wedding, despite being notorious for making controversial statements on the red carpet (many of us still remember the “apparel” she wore to the VMAs in 1998). The little ceremony, to which just sixty people—mostly close friends and family—were invited, was a beautiful example of romance. It was off-limits to reporters, although many high-profile periodicals purchased photo coverage. Davey Detail, the artist, had a significant part in the wedding planning process by creating the wedding invitations in his signature CYRCLE style. 

Although Rose McGowan is no ordinary bride, her wedding dress was exceptionally classic and elegant. Amidst all her controversies in Hollywood, the young artist looked to have finally tamed the unfortunate lady. Rose McGowan said the wedding she would be attending was a magical occasion, and the ceremony had been meticulously arranged. Detailed planning and execution were evident in the final prints from the images taken during the event. Although the wedding was akin to something out of a fairy tale, the joyful ending didn’t last: the pair eventually split up after being married for three decades.

Personal details of Davey Detail   

Real NameDavey Leavitt
Celebrity NameDavey Detail
ProfessionVisual Artist
Age39 years old
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1983
BirthplaceBellevue, Washington, United States

Body measurements of Davey Detail

Height in Centimetres180 cm
Height in Inches5 feet, 10 inch
Weight in Kilograms75 kg
Weight in Pounds165 lbs
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBlue
Relationship statusDivorced  
Spouse name:Rowan McGowan (divorced)

Davey Detail split a year before the divorce

Several months after the split, the ‘Charmed’ actress said that she had never been into commitment, which was why her marriage failed. In court, she insisted that she and Davey Detail would remain, friends even after the divorce was finalized, but she asked the court to deny Detail alimony. McGowan has decided to focus only on her acting profession. McGowan said that she and Detail had been living apart for a year before she filed for divorce. A few times after the divorce was finalized, the media caught McGowan out with a mystery guy, although the claims that he was the primary cause of her split from Detail have never been verified. In addition to working on her next film, Rose McGowan has been romantically involved with the film’s producer, Beau Boost. Ex-husband Detail has yet to make a public remark about the situation.

Life for Davey Detail after His Separation and Divorce

Since Davey Detail’s divorce from Rose McGowan, not much has been revealed about his life, and it is unknown if he has been successful in his search for new love. Detail is probably putting more time and effort into expanding his art gallery for the time being. The Bellevue, Washington native has relocated to Los Angeles, where he probably has the time of his life.

Davey Detail’s Social Media Presence

Davey Detail is a commercial artist who avoids promoting himself or his paintings online. In contrast to his ex-wife, Detail never takes advantage of such chances to market himself. Rose refrained from posting any images or comments about their relationship on Instagram after marriage. An ex-wife of Details has been implicated in a sexual harassment case. McGowan accused Harvey Weinstein, a tycoon in Hollywood, of raping her, and she publicly lambasted Ben Affleck, another actor, for not defending her. McGowan’s Twitter account was temporarily disabled around a month ago because of her obscenities directed at Ben Affleck.

Net Worth of Davey Detail

Davey Detail isn’t a household name, but he’s made a good living from his work, so it’s hard to say that he hasn’t made a name for himself. Although the visual artist’s income and wealth remain secret, he will likely have earned a sizeable fortune and enjoyed a pampered existence. Also, Detail’s marriage to Rose McGowan brought him some financial perks, although his wealth will pale compared to that of the renowned actress. His ex-wife is reportedly living well with a net worth that is now believed to be $18 million.

Accomplishments in Davey Detail’s Professional Life

Since the year 2010, the professional activities of Davey Detail have yet to be reported anywhere. In addition, it is still being determined whether Detail worked at any other firms immediately after his studies; nonetheless, he is well-known for CYRCLE, an art company that he co-founded in 2010, together with fellow artists Devin Liston and David Torres. The outstanding quality of CYRCLE’s artwork, which was eventually shown in several renowned art galleries in Los Angeles, brought the band to the notice of the general public very rapidly. This allowed them to gain widespread recognition. 

CYRCLE launched the OVERTHRONE public relations initiative in 2010, originally conceived as a cross-European tour beginning in 2006. Visual artist Davey Detail and his contemporaries are well-known in the Los Angeles art community for the inventive ways in which they periodically present collections of artwork at various venues. CYRCLE also markets its books and other material using its sizable following on various social media platforms.

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