Craig Kilborn Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Craig Kilborn is a multitalented TV personality, political commentator, comedian, sports commentator, and actor. He gained limelight for being the host of “The Late Night Show” and “The Daily Morning Show”, including other projects he has been a part of since the early 80s. Comedy deadpan delivery seems to be his trademark. He hosted comedy central’s “The Daily Show” for three years and CBS’s “The Late Late Show” for five seasons.

Where Is Craig Kilborn now?

We ought to say that he has been too early to take his pension; he has surprisingly taken retirement from his television life and said that he was tired of his monotonous life. After leaving the famous “The Late Night Show”, he has struggled to look through himself anymore in the TV industry, and as “The Kilborn File” became a fail, he decided to leave television completely. However, he has been seen as a guest for the “Eisen Rich Show”, and there he spoke on topics regarding his career and life on that show.

What is Craig Kilborn doing now?

Craig Kilborn launched his YouTube channel, which is named “The Craig Kilborn Podcast,” on 15th April 2022. Today this channel is subscribed to by nearly 3,000 people. All videos on this channel are combined to get a gain over a million views. Videos on his channel are from the telecast” The Life Gorgeous,” He will upload new videos monthly. Some of the guests for craig kilborn are Ian Eagle, Michelle Beadle, Mike Gibbons, and Ryen Russillo.

 Family And Childhood

On August 24th, 1962, Craig Kilborn Lawrence took birth in the city of Kansas, in Missouri, USA. He was the son of an insurance executive named Hiram Kilborn, his father, and Shirley Kilborn, a teacher. He grew up in Kansas until four years of age, and then his family settled in Hastings, Minnesota. Growing up, he was tall for his age, which became an advantage for playing basketball instead of the city’s much-favored hockey sports. He loved watching “Firing Line,” a public affairs TV show hosted by William F. Buckley with his father. He said he wanted his politics to come from something other than intellectual people who are not amateurs.

Educational Background

He has completed matriculation from a hometown school named High School Of Hastings. While studying in that school, he has seriously played basketball, and he played that quite well because of possessing a tall height and was way taller than most of his school colleagues. Post matriculation, Craig enrolled himself, with the help of a scholarship, to the State University Of Montana. She has completed his graduation with a double bachelor’s in media and theatre arts in the year 1984.

Beginnings Of Career

Craig kick-started his career on the field of radio, finding himself a place there as a match-by-match commentator on the CBA for the Savannah Spirits. That job lasted for a couple of years, from 1986 to the end of 1987, and later, he joined the KCBA in Salinas again as a sports commentator and anchor. This was his first TV job, and there he covered the Garlic Gilroy Festival and covered bocce playing among the locals near Row Cannery.


Craig Kilborn started his career in radio as CBA play-by-play radio in 1986 and 1987. He can later begin his career in television in California as the sports. He did some early work which can include the Gilroy garlic festival. He also involved in TV commercials such as Cheese and kraft macaroni.

Sports Center and ESPN                                

After creating his skills and knowledge, Craig Kilborn was engaged by ESPN, and in 1993, he was made their Sports Center anchor. He also started his segment, “The Feel Good Edition,” and published the telecast “Sports Center.” This can last until 1996, when he joined Comedy Central. During this time on ESPN, Craig became quite popular. He remembers their slogans such as “Oh, precious” and “Release, Rotation, Splash,” among others.

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The Daily Show In Comedy Central

At a particular point in time in his career, Craig moved to Comedy Central Channel to host the famous “The Daily Show”, starting from July 21st, 1996, and was there for a couple of years, counting up to 386 episodes in total. Jon Stewart was his successor, who carried on with the show until 2015.

The Late Show and other upcoming projects

In 1998, he was recruited by the company of David Letterman and CBS to become the new host of “The Late Late Show.” Following this was the end of Tom Snyder’s tenure, publish 535 episodes from 1999 until 2004. He made the shows correctly, which became popular with the younger public, segments like “5 Questions” and “Yambo.” Then he decided not to extend his contract, and In August 2004, he stepped down as the host. Kilborn went on hiatus from television work until 2010.

Personal Details of Craig Kilborn

Craig Kilborn’s height is 6 feet 5 inches, precisely equal to 1.96m tall, and he weighs 190 lbs, which means 86 kg. He is of Scottish descent with golden hair and hazel-brown eyes.

Net Worth And Salary

His successful career in TV and radio has earned him a net worth of 7 million US dollars. During the peak years of his career, he used to earn over 90,000 dollars a year. Moreover, Craig Kilborn has earned much from his long jobs, such as comedian, writer, anchor, and composer. More than that, he is also involved in movies such as old school, The Benchwarmers, and Cursed, which may be helpful to improve his income highly. However, he can be sold the big mansion, which is located in Los Angeles, to Jed Root, in the real estate price rise to $2,900,000 in the year of 2012. His house was found in the Hollywood Hills west area and was in a style of Spanish. Nowadays, there has yet to be an update regarding this new house. He enjoys his beautiful life with his wife and three children in Los Angeles. 

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