Complete Guide on DIY Wedding Decor Rentals

There is nothing quite like personalizing the most important days of your life! “Do it yourself” has been a popular take on wedding celebrations for years. This trend stays one of the top priorities of many couples and with a good reason. Couples want to showcase their uniqueness, the authenticity of their love story, and every single detail that can portray that is wholeheartedly welcomed! They want to personalize and accent the union by infusing it with their character. The best and most affordable way to achieve that is by opting for DIY wedding decor rentals.

What should you know before deciding on DIY?

The key points to consider are your wedding theme, chosen colors, and style. When you know these essentials and have a basic vision, it is easier to start with the DIY quest. Furthermore, you need to think about your ceremony and reception venues. Will your celebration be indoor or outdoor? Are there certain limitations considering the decorations? Based on the answers, you will be able to draft how much of the DIY wedding decor rentals you can include into the adornment.

Which DIY Wedding Decor Rentals are the best choice for personalizing your event?

  1. Backdrops

Starting with the basic decor that can level up your whole event! The best rental? Easy – draping! You can use draping to add an awe-inspiring statement for your ceremony aisle, reception ceiling, main table background, cover any walls that you don’t like in the chosen venue, or even adorn your marquee/tent reception space. The possibilities are quite endless. The easiest is to rent draping that you can do yourself. They usually come with clear instructions and manuals – and couples find them the best statement DIY wedding decor rentals for their event. Just head over to any rental company that ships nationwide like these wedding décor rental professionals and start envisioning how your event will look with the help of these statement accessories!

  • Wedding Signs

Rent a wedding sign base that you can easily customize yet return in its original state. For example, that can be a vintage mirror upon which you can write the welcoming of your guests to your ceremony and reception with a marker. Additionally, a stylish framed glass will be amazing for marker inscriptions or rent a chalkboard statement piece to state your welcome. These DIY wedding decor rentals can be used also for a seating chart for your guests. Add a floral adornment or some other props and you will have a pretty statement piece in no time!

  • Uplighting

Indeed! If this comes as a surprise, you can actually rent your lighting equipment and easily set it up yourself! The best thing about uplighting rentals is that they are amazingly affordable and simple to DIY. They are the easiest way you can add a statement, especially with uplighting. They have the power to transform any event space into a magical & sacred place where you will celebrate your special day. Whether plugged or unplugged with long battery life, you will be surprised by the effect they will have on your guests and the overall ambiance. Based in the Detroit area? Discover these Detroit uplighting rental options for your event and set them yourself easily!

  • Containers

If you don’t have any at home, rent interesting containers that you can further DIY with flowers, accessories and tie a decorative lace to spice up the end design! They can get quite handy for the reception. Furthermore, you can rent clear boxes to make amazing table centerpieces with dried petals and something special to you both. Include a few candles into the aesthetic and you get a beautiful romantic mood that will complement your unique love.

  • Wedding Chair Decorations

Adding that special something can be chair decorations that will highlight and adorn your special place. They are really simple DIY wedding decor rentals that you can acquire and accent your chairs. Wrap linens, attach monograms with Mr & Mrs, complete with few beautiful floral adornments and you will get beautiful personalized chairs for your event.

  • Artificial Flowers

They are quite versatile but for a striking effect, you can tape them on a wall like a curtain and attach guest names and you get a seating display! You can also use these for lovely centerpieces or simply place them in containers, vases, or large urns to create statement decor in no time.

We hope we inspired you with this DIY wedding decor rentals guide to adorn your special day with personalized touches that are quite simple to do. For more tips and ideas on DIY weddings, make sure to visit Ship Our Wedding!

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