Chrystale Wilson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Chrystale Wilson who is a good actress in America and her role is always known perfectly as Ronnie that played an awesome role in a movie of Ice Cube that is fantastic “The Players Club”. But Chrystale’s mother always forced her daughter Wilson for making a career in law. Chrystale made her good career in the acting field.

Chrystale’s life and her family

On date 28th March, in the year of 1971 of course, Chrystale Wilson came to this earth and her birthplace is the infamous place Georgia located in Atlanta in the USA. As she is Aries zodiac sign, and her citizenship in America nationality. Chrystale was a single child daughter raised alone by her mother whose name is Ethel Cook Wilson is a single mom. Though, Chrystale lived in Georgia and also spend her most of days, times in child in the same place Georgia. Chrystale and Ethel Cook Wilson her mother both have struggled together in a search for a good lifestyle.

Educational background of Chrystale Wilson      

In the year 1989, Chrystale Wilson had done her matriculation from Johnson High School Hiram W. And it is placed in Atlanta. After this education Chrystale entered into law subject But Chrystale’ mother always supported her every time and her mother every time used to motivated her to do excel in her career in doing creative activities. As Chrystale made her good career in lots of movies and they include Lockdown, Trois, even she also played as an actress in Honeybee movie.

Chrystale Wilson’s successful career

Chrystale first acted in The Players Club in 1998, and many other actors, including her in the films, are Michael Clarke, Jamie Foxx, and many others.   In 2000, she acted in a minor role in the film Trois; the same year, she acted in the other film named Lockdown. In 2001, she acted in the film Honeybee as Nine Ahlin. In 2002, Chrystale acted in the film The Kuduz Christmas as Nina Taylorson and worked as a producer for the film. The same year she acted in the other film Pandora’s Boc.

Then she acted in the films Trust in 2006, Man of Her Dreams in 2009, and Soul Kittens Cabaret in 2011. Then in 2012, Chrystale acted in the movies For Richer or Poorer, Interludes, and Lorenzo Monica. In 2013, she acted in the film Shake, and in 2014, she acted in the television film Marry Us for Christmas, and in the television film A Baby for Christmas in 2015m and Merry Christmas Baby in 2016. After that, her movies have not hit; in 2016, she acted in the film The Rich & Ruthless, When Love Kills, and The Falicia Blakely Story 2017. In 2020, Chrystale acted in the film Switched at Love.

Personal life

Starting from Chrystale’s career she was badly rumored for her love affairs with many persons. Also, it is told, that Chrystale began seeing Anthony Johnson, and they both made roles with first appearances in The Players Club movie. And this movie was enjoyed by the spectators. But still, they did not announce any positive thing in their relationship. Furthermore, even, Chrystale had also got a rumor that she had also an affair with a merchant of the drug. Chrystal was not in a relationship with anyone as of 2023 and has not shared more details about her relationship status. She was not married to anyone and did not have any children now. Still, there are some rumors that she was married to a famous actor, but the rumors are fake as she did not officially announce any information about her marriage.

Chrystale’s Hobbies, likes, and the interesting things she loves more

Chrystale has hobbies like others and she does spend her most of time with her mothers and other relatives in her family. Also, Chrystale loves to sit alone near the beach and feels very soothing at that time Besides such things she has found of touring many destinations and loves swimming as well. Chrystal loves to watch more films and television shows in her spare time, especially since she loves to work more on crime thrillers and honor films. Sometimes she will use comedy and animated films, and also, she will watch more television reality shows. Chrystal loves to read books in her free time, and often, she will eat more comic books, and she likes Harry Potter so she will read Harry Potter books. She loves to travel. So far, she has traveled to many countries, and her all-time favorite destination is Switzerland. Chrystal loves shopping in her free time, and often, she will use it to purchase more clothes for herself. She likes dogs and cats but has no pet animals because she doesn’t have much time to take care of them.

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Chrystale’s Appearance and fashion

Chrystale’s hair is very tangling and wavy whereas with a chocolate brown color. And, she is very much well-known for her golden tint wig and this wig she once put on in a movie of The Players Club. Even, Chrystale eyes color is a deep brown. Chrystale’s height is 5ft 8ins (1.73m), and her weight is estimated at about 149lbs (68kgs). Most of the time, Chrystal would like to wear very clear types of outfits people mostly see Chrystale in very short skirts, tight shirts, and pants. However, Chrystale has done many designs of tattoos on the parts of her body. Along with, Chrystale fond of wearing different styles of ornaments like bracelets chain necklaces, and sandals she like wearing high heels and loves to carry pure leather bags.

Chrystale’s Net worth and salary

At present it is shown that Chrystale’s net worth right away is around $2 million even when her career was on top position then she earned handsome amounts of $120,000 as she charged for each series a huge $40,000.

Social media presence of Chrystale Wilson

Chrystale is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On her Instagram account, she has gained more than 20.3 K followers, and she will use to post more of her pictures in it; so far, she has posted more than 120 pictures in it. She has gathered more than 4.1 K followers on her Twitter account, but she will not often tweet on it; her last post was uploaded in 2018. On her Facebook account, she has more than 569 followers, and she will use to post more of her pictures and videos in it.  

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