Chelsea Ingram Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Chelsea Ingram is an ex-contestant of the pageants, and now she works as a famous meteorologist, currently working for WJZ-TV, located at CBS Baltimore. Since childhood’s hour, she was very interested in reading nature and weather, so she loves and enjoys doing her dream job of being a meteorologist, as she herself claims.

Childhood And Family 

On 10th October 1988, Chelsea Ingram took birth in the city of Raleigh, in the state of North Carolina in the United States of America, so she holds the nationality of an American, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. He belongs to a family of Greek descent, but apart from that, nothing more is known about her parents, as she is a secretive person and never talks about them. However, we know that she has a single sibling, an younger brother, named Trey.


From a hometown high school named Apex, Chelsea completed his matriculation in the year 2006 and then enrolled herself at the State University of North Carolina. From there she completed her graduation degree, choosing meteorology as her subject. After that from Lyndon College in Vermont, she had done another BA degree, this time in Broadcasting and then from University of Johns Hopkins, she obtained her MS degree in Meteorological Science and Environment. 

The modelling career of Chelsea Ingram 

Though Chelsea Ingram is small her age, she had been much interested in a modelling career. For that, Chelsea Ingram has worked hard to participate in that contest. For once, Chelsea Ingram has shared a photo of herself with the range of difference of 5 years. This gives a five years gap between 2007 to 2012. Many changes can be carried over it. For this better change, Chelsea Ingram did many of the workouts and entirely changed her lifestyle and also made to be slimmer, and this made him a turning point of him. More than that, Chelsea Ingram participated in many of the competitions, such as the miss north Carolina contest. Also, Chelsea Ingram waited for several competitions-competitions, such as winning the pageant show only in the time of 2012, she was awarded Vermont. After this only, Chelsea Ingram got many contracts related to his career. Chesla has woned the title, and the collection prizes called him. The prize amount is more than a few thousand dollars that she got through his competition in modelling.

Career as a metrologist at Chelsea Ingram

Then Chelsea Ingram got back to Burlington, Vermont, in order to continue to work in the field as a metrologist at the network of WFFF or a WVNY channel for some of the years. Until the year of 2013, Chelsea Ingram planned to quit the current network channel, such as da WFFF, in order to work with the team WJZ television, and later Chelsea Ingram moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Chelsea Ingram stopped working in this channel and then moved to another network by the year 2017. Along with his broadcasting work, Chelsea Ingram is considered a weather reporter or a blogger. At one time, Chelsea Ingram often used to share things about him. Later Chelsea Ingram expressed his dream to be a weather anchor as well at the GMA Means to Show, which is the excellent Morning America news awards—among these awards gathered many of the recognition that can be related to him. Chelsea Ingram has been nominated, and there are many of the awards have been carried over by Chelsea Ingram and; at times. Chelsea Ingram is used to getting outstanding performance and also part of academic membership at the exact location of her alma mater, Lyndon state college.

Career as a meteorologist 

Chelsea made her dream come true by pursuing her career as a meteorologist by profession; actually she started working as an operation meteorologist immediately after graduating from the University of North Carolina for V-Trans, in the Department of Transportation in the city of Vermont.

Chelsea To Her Job Platform

As a research meteorologist also, she has done some field work, having received a short-term contract served to her by the Technological Company of Earthrisk. In the year 2010, finally as a broadcast meteorologist, she started working at WTVD-TV for Raleigh City’s network.

Leaving that job, she came to Vermont again and continued her meteorologist job at WVNY/WFFF network until the year 2013, and later she joined WJV-TV, and for that she had to move to Baltimore. But now, she has shifted to the CBS network’s KYW-TV.

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Personal Life

After dating for many years, she finally married his boyfriend Mike Cammarata. They met for the first time in the year 2012. After a couple of years in 2014, they were engaged. Finally, a couple of years later on April 9th 2016, the couple decided to marry each other in the city of Raleigh, located in the state of North Carolina. At the State Club wedding, guests were invited for the post-wedding party, celebrations and dinner. Famous meteorologists Chelsea’s office colleagues, such as Tim Williams and Kristy Breslin, also attended the wedding.

Hobbies and favorite things of Chelsea Ingram

 Chelsea Ingram likes to spend most of her time traveling as well as exploring an outdoor game. More than that, Chelsea Ingram has a bright, good-looking, sunny personality with extraordinary skills in singing. Also, she has performed in the national anthem at baseball home games for the Orioles. It can happen when Chelsea Ingram was working in Baltimore. In addition to that, Chelsea Ingram is an animal lover, as she spends much of her time with his dog named, Doppler. More than that, Chelsea Ingram is a lover of food, especially for Western items and also for the species items. She has a small animal collection in her house that makes him happy every day. 

Appearance And Net Worth

Chelsea has long length dark brown coloured hair and brown coloured eyes. While her exact vital statistics are not known, her height and weight sequentially is 176cm and 62kgs. According to trustworthy sources, Chelsea’s accumulated net worth is no less than 700,000 US dollars. 

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