Charles Melton Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On January 4th, 1991, Charles Melton Michael (full name) took birth in Juneau, a place in Alaska, in the USA. This info suggests that his birth sign happens to be Capricorn, and for nationality, he is a Charles Melton. Charles is famous to the public for being an actor, best recognized for his famous television series named “Riverdale.” 

Family And Early Life 

Charles spent almost all of his childhood in his hometown, Manhattan, a place in Kansas. However, since their father had a transferable military job, their family often roam all around the USA. She has a sibling, a young sister named Tammie. Her mother belongs to Korean ancestry and is named Sakyong. 

Education And Sports 

Charles became extremely inclined towards sports, especially football, while still studying in high school. He continued to play the game after enrolling himself at the University Of Kansas State. For supporting himself financially, he used to work as a dog walker. Alongside being a university student, we took up acting classes, and after his second year, he decided to go away from education and quit college for good and diligently focus on how to become acting.

Career Beginnings 

He kick-started her career as a model, and in the year 2014, decided to move to Los Angeles and settle their searching for several television and movie. 

The career of Charles Melton as a Model and Actor

Charles Melton started his modelling career in the year of 2012. Charles Melton has moved towards VLOV, such as places in New York, New Park, and Ronen at the fashion week show. More than that, he was also featured in the formation of Gabbana and Dolce, and he did the prestige of being on the cover page. In addition to this information about Charles Melton, he has worked in various fields such as Azalean, Jeff Slater, Dolce and Gabbana, John Russo, Old Navy, Armani, Hollister, etc. Most of the time, Charles Melton would be a face mac of cosmetics make-ups for men and any artist.

 The above information about Charles Melton entirely depends on the basis on an actor of his career in the year 2014. Charles Melton has been involved in many series episodes, such as Ghee. After some years, Charles Melton came back to work as an actor field, by taking a long gap distance between them. Charles Melton can appear in popular web series such as American Horror Story, in which the episodes can involve Charles Melton. As the same as in that same series but has a different topic, which is known as Be Our Guest, which can be used in the year of 2016. In that Charles Melton has played a significant role in that series. But before that time, Charles Melton used to play with the documentary of short films such as Faces without Eyes, which occurred at the end of the year 2015. By completing this series, Charles Melton returned to America, which Charles Melton initiated to start with the horror-based story. By the year of 2015, Charles Melton starred in a role in the series Bad Friends, in which her character is specified as Colin.

Similarly, Charles Melton has appeared in most short films, such as The Channel, which was developed in 2016. By the end of the second stage or season of Riverdale, Charles Melton has replaced the role of Ross Butler instead of playing the role of Reggie mantle. More than that, Charles Melton has starred in the American science fiction thriller, The Thinning in 2018 and films such as the sun is Also a Star in 2019. A recent update about Charles Melton is that the upcoming movie or film, or series may include Bad Boys for Life in 2020. Less, Charles Melton is famous in his career and acting field, such as various stages.

Girlfriend And Love Life 

There are a couple of rumors that keeps on circulating — some say that he is actually a homosexual, a gay person, and secondly, some say that he is dating a famous actress Camila Mendes, the one who is currently playing the role of Veronica Lodge in television series Riverdale. 

First Meeting And More About Their Relationship 

The couple met for the first time in the shooting sets of the TV series “Riverdale,” but she was dating another actor Victor Houston during that time. But they finally separated in 2018 August, and after splitting away, she started to be with Charles Melton and hence attended several events, the two of them. In 2018 September, Charles and Camila were often seen romantically sitting with each other. Neither Camila nor Charles have ever spoken publicly about their romantic relationship. 

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Awards and Nomination of Charles Melton

As the current age of Charles Melton is over 28, he did not win any of the awards till now. And one more piece of information about him is that he does not nominate for any awards.

Interests And Likes 

Charles has many clothes, a full wardrobe of it, and always keeps up with the fashion trends— and his favorite fashion brands are Pokemon pajamas and Dolce & Gabbana. He loves to enjoy her leisure time by watching several television series and new movies. In addition, he can be termed as an animal lover and hence has a dog. 


In the 2018 summer, Charles criticized fat people in his Tweets — and for that, he faced a backlash and had to make a public apology. Charles Melton has appeared to be highly active in the state regarding a relationship or the extreme of love. Charles Melton has only one past relationship as the result came. Camila Mendes is a previous relationship where linked to the way of gorgeous personality by Charles Melton. In the period of his relationship , he has more active performance in this time period.

Appearance And Net Worth 

Charles is a 29 years old woman currently. He possesses short black colored and brown colored eyes. His net worth is 200,000 US dollars. 

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