Carter Sharer personal life, career and net worth

The YouTuber that we are going to tell you about was born on 23 October 1993. Looking at the date of birth, you might be thinking that it is a very small age to become a YouTuber but perhaps you are wrong. At just an age of 25 years, Carter has managed to make a very well developed a career in YouTube. He is a very good looking YouTuber and was born in Oakton, Virginia, USA. Carter is very much interested in video blogging and commands which makes him quite popular among his followers. His content is creative and entertaining like no other YouTuber at present time.

Personal life

If we talk about the personal life of Carter, there is only few details available about it. When it comes to his parents, there is barely any detail about his parents available over the internet because he do not prefer to talk about it over the social media or any other place.But, there is a brief information available about his siblings. The name of his brother is Stephen and he is also a very popular YouTube personality but his other sibling’s name is Grace who is just a common person.

Talking about the love life of Carter, he was first just a friend with a YouTuber but then they both did it each other for a while. It was in 2012 when they both started interacting with each other but they are still together. They both are connected to each other very closely but they haven’t disclosed any information regarding their engagement into the relationship till date. They do not have any engagement plans yet but they have adopted some baby dogs together. The names of the two dogs adopted by them is Otter and Mill.

Youtube life

If you talk about the YouTube career of Carter, it is quite well established. He has a fan following of 3 million followers at this point of time. It was 2009 when he started his career in the YouTube by posting his first video ever. The name of the first video was titled as “my first vlog”. He is very talented YouTuber no doubt and he keeps on posting videos on a continuous basis. He posts 4 videos every week on an average basis and gets over 2 million views daily.He has almost half a billion collective viewing on his YouTube channel and this is the proof of his widespread popularity among his fans. Due to his accelerated activity on the YouTube he is gaining followers very fast.

Carter posted the science experiment video named Ninja Weapons Soda Drop Test, then his video got hit, and he started to post more experiment videos. Then he started to post general vlogs and some experiment videos. In a short period, his channel reached more followers after posting the video RC Car Drives on Pool on December 21, 2017. He got more than a million views for his channel, and in 2018, his channel had more than 12 million views.     

Relationship details of Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer was in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber named Lizzy Sharer, and they both dated for many years. During their relationship, she has over 4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Often they both will use to share their pictures on Lizzy’s Instagram account, and they both seem to be very close to each other. They will appear together in the prank and challenges videos. The couple has more fans and followers for their videos. In 2019, they both broke up their relationship, and they did not disclose the reason for their broke up. After they broke up, Carter was not in a relationship with anyone, and he is single as of now. Still, there are rumors that Carter was in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber, but the star’s name is unknown.

Net worth

Carter has got an average earning of $5000 per upload on every single YouTube video. Other source of his income is also from the YouTube which is through video promotional ads. It is nothing else but YouTube that has made him a total net worth of $2.6 million. He is considered to be one of the highest earning young YouTube personalities across the globe because his per year income is more than $1 million.

Carter will have a net worth of $ 8.5 million as of 2023, and he will use it to get his primary source of net worth being a YouTuber. Carter’s channel will get an average of 1.5 million views daily on the average base. He will use it to earn $ 7,500 daily from the video he posts on his channel. Carter will get $ 2.7 million yearly for his work in advertisement and collaboration. Carter has yet to share whether he has any other source of income except YouTube. 

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The Physical appearance of Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer will stand 5 feet 10 inches in height and weigh 50 kg. There is no information about his chest, waist, and biceps size. His eye color is green, and his hair color is brown. Carter’s shoe and dress size are unknown.

Social media presence of Carter Sharer

Talking about the social media presence of Carter Share, he is very active on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. On her official Instagram account, he has more than 822k followers, and he will use it to upload his pictures and video more. He has more than 30.2 K followers on his Facebook, and his official Twitter account has earned more than 10 K followers. Carter has a YouTube channel that has more than 8.15 million subscribers.

Favorites and hobbies of Carter Sharer

Carter always prefers non-veg foods, and ice cream is his favorite dessert. He loves motor vehicles very much and often go to bike riding along with his friends. Carter is an animal lover, and he has two dogs along with him. He likes cars very much, and his favorite car is Lamborghini. Carter used to travel a lot, often traveling to many countries, and his dream country is London.

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