Bryan Silva Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Bryan Silva was born in Florida, USA, on 2 January 1991, so his zodiac sign is Capricorn, and he holds American nationality. He is a rapper and a social media personality, who gained recognition while active on the Vine platform, and mostly became famous thanks to his “Gratata” vine.

In Florida, located in the United States of America, Bryan Silva took birth on January 2nd 1991. Hence, according to his birth details, it is evident that his nationality is American and Capricorn is his zodiac sign. By profession, he is a social media sensation mainly famous for his self-written and composed rap songs. He gained popularity across the United States as he was an active part of the vine media platforms, and his fame rose to new heights if he thanks “Greta Vine” for it.

Childhood And Educational Background 

With his only sibling, a brother named Philip, Bryan was brought up by his parents in a middle-class family in the American State of Florida. His mother was a housewife, and his father worked as a salesman. By ethnicity, Bryan is a Caucasian and practices Christianity as his religion. 

Bryan Journey To Jail

During his high-school days, he was once caught by the police and was put to jail for assaulting and breaking into school places not to be entered by students. His principal was the one who initiated calling up the police and putting Bryan to jail. During his quite a long jail sentence, he began looking after his body and started working out. Immediately after his release from jail, he started hitting the gym to increase his fitness even more. He probably rightly thought that going for a college degree is not his teacup, so he decided instead to launch his career through the internet.


With the Vine media platform’s help, Bryan could launch his internet career, a social media platform where you can upload your own made videos and showcase your talents. For Bryan, it was comedy and funny videos. But the Vine social platform didn’t last long as it was bought by the owners of Twitter in the year 2015 and finally decided to shut it off in the year 2017. A new Chinese origin app named TikTok made it big in the market, which is similar as a vine but Bryan never chose Tiktok to carry on with his career. Bryan Silva did not have an idea of preferring to be a tiktok as her career; instead, he preferred to become one of the rap stars. For becoming a rape star, prepared her, and focussed much on his career as a rapper. In 2014, he composed and released his first songs, which can be titled “Scary Site,” Money and Fitness,” and “Tony.” where these will become more popular such as “She Call,” Swaggin,” and “Swag Like Bryan.”

On the platform of Soundcloud music, Bryan Silva uploaded his songs, and the result can be gathered later, such as he got fan’s support for his songs and motivated as much as possible to continue his music career. In 2015, Bryan Silva released some of the songs collection such as “Foreign,” Trappin,” and “Spraying.” By the end of 2016, “My City,” which is a single song, has composed and uploaded. “Flex OMG Year” and “Gratata” were released in 2018 and became more popular in the collection list. Throughout his life career, Bryan has contributed his life to music, which shows his levelness against it.

SoundCloud Rapper

Instead, he decided to write and compose his own songs and upload them in the musical platform named SoundCloud despite only lip-syncing. With his fans’ support with him he began to gain prominence and fame as a rapper, and he carried on to write and compose more and more songs. 

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Love life and dating of Bryan Silva.

On the internet, there is a rumor that vine star is gay, which can be after talking about the prison time spent with vine star. This talk is further moved to people as Funny talks that in jail what will happen to gay men. But viewing to, many people believe that Bryan Silva does not have any interest in the gay man. But Bryan Silva did not carry about these rumors that can happen. But he knows that his ex-Viner has married her girlfriend, known for a long time as Lissy Silva. She is famous on the Instagram website as a famous model. In 2015 both of them started dating after a long time. They shared their love in the way of dating. By the end of 2017, they planned to get married and also executed their marriage that year. Both of them were sequenced uploading their couple’s pictures on her Instagram account page and also along with their daily lives. Further, the couple did not have any children, but both of them were living their life full of romance.

Presence of social media

As a tuber, Bryan Silva Has suddenly stopped his videos on youtube. Bryan Silva created his youtube channel on 9 August 2015. As he uploaded the videos that can be counted as 12 and can be viewed only by the 13 members or 138 views. On her Twitter account, Bryan Silva has many

Followers, which are more than 50,000 followers. He has been continuously uploading tweets related to jokes and funny videos to entertain the viewers as much as possible. Due to some of the issues, the industry has banned his Instagram. On his Instagram account, he has followers more than 500,000. On his Instagram account, he is personally used to upload his cat picture, named Gucci. In addition, he has created an additional account for his cat, but it can be running out by him and his wife together.

Appearance and Net Worth of Bryan

Bryan is now a man of 30. He possesses brown coloured eyes and short brown coloured hair. His height and weight respectively are 5ft 8 ins and 65 kgs. Upon estimation and prior to authoritative sources, his total net worth is around 1 million US dollars, as of 2019-20

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