Bruno Massel Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On May 23rd, 1974, Bruno took birth in Elmhurst, a place in Illinois, USA. This shows that his zodiac sign is Gemini, and he holds American nationality. He attracted fame as he was cast for a television reality show named Garage Squad. 

Bruno Massel’s Childhood Days 

Bruno spent almost all of her childhood in Elmhurst, raised by her parents C.Roz Massel and Bruno Massel— he is their only son as his other siblings Jackie, Debi and Suzy were all girls. His father used to be a veteran of racing drag and has won several championships during her career, and alongside this, he was also an inventor and an entrepreneur. Bruno got interested in car racing for his father and has developed a strong love for drag racing along with his father and dreamt of himself becoming a race one day.

Educational Background 

For his schooling, he studied in his hometown school named York High School. He used to play football on his school team. After completing her matriculation, he enrolled himself at the Iowa University and did her 1986 in marketing and finance. 

The career of Bruno Massel

After the completion of Bruno Massel graduation, he decided to study the field of law and had a chance for that. But unfortunately, Bruno Massel mind quieted his idea by seeing the modelling agent. Bruno Massel launched his career in the model industry in 19976. Bruno Massel has been posted chiefly as a model for the Ford car company, but her parents are not satisfied with the job. But Bruno Massel does not consider this one, and he keeps moving towards her job. By way of job requirements, Bruno Massel has traveled from top to end of the US and Europe. When Bruno Massel becomes a part of the drag racing industry field, her father ends up in the hospital, and he must get surgery. The surgery succeeds, but Bruno Massel father needs to take some of it to recover from the surgery. So Bruno Massel has a situation to carry on her family.

Bruno Massel has started racing in the national tour of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). He has participated using his father’s car, which is Top Dragster Car, which can reach more than 200 mph in six seconds. At that same time, he both a career which is racing and also modelling, after that only Bruno Massel decided to check up skills on the television side, so Bruno Massel has gone to TV commentator for some race shows such as “TNN” and “SPEED.” After he did this show, it may be reached several channels and then be noticed by TV reputation, and then Bruno Massel can be invited to appear in some of the show channels on ESPN and Discovery Channel. On the other side, he moved from IHRA to the National Hot Rod Association, and then he continued his race career for the next ten years, becoming a champion in it.

Car Crash Accident 

Bruno, unfortunately, got himself involved in a car accident in the year 2010 shortly after becoming a winner of a race, and the round had finished already when he faced the car crash. It seemed to be lethal at first, but it comes to be only a concussion and nothing much severe than that.

About Bruno Massey’s dad

Bruno Massel Sr. is a drag racer who can start his career in 1965. Massel Sr. has done his breaking record and built a record in the roadster of A/ALTETRED. He has the most fans for his racing, and fans kept a nickname for him, “Gladiator.” Bruno Massel father is a champion for the NHRA drag racer and has also achieved a set of national records in events. More than that, he got many awards at the most challenging level of any competition. This is the main reason for her son, which makes Bruno Massel inspired by her father. This makes Bruno Massel follow in his footsteps.

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Personal Life 

Bruno is married, but he never really speaks a word regarding his marriage, but some of the things are still known to the media anyway. Bruno met his future wife, Dayna PurgatoriaMasselin high school, as they were colleagues of the same school. They dated for almost a decade and finally married on December 28th, 2002. They have given birth to two kids, but their names and exact date of birth are unknown. 

Interests And Likes 

He is a heartfelt racer, but there are several other things Bruno seems to be interested in over the years. Bruno was a good football player during her school days and often considered taking it as his prior career. But later, he chose to take up racing as his career and forgot about football. Not only that, he plays basketball and baseball, too, alongside hitting the gym frequently and used to practice martial arts. He loves to watch movies in his leisure time. Often during his off time, as he is a sportsman personality, he plays tennis and racquetball. He often wanted to a part of the American entertainment industry, but he has not yet got any big chance to get into it. Two of his most favorite Hollywood movies are “Pulp Fiction” and “Godfather I.” 

Presence in social media

Bruno Massel is very active in the social media industry or networks because he can enjoy the trending he is getting from the internet. Bruno Massel hs activated his Twitter account in the middle year of 2014 in April. On Twitter, he has followers, which are more than 7,000, and Bruno Massel can tweet in her account over 1,200 times. Rather than Twitter, Bruno Massel is more popular on her instagram account because the followers count can reach more than 30,000 people. In contrast, the uploaded video or picture is more than 400 pictures. Besides Twitter and Instagram, Bruno Massel also has a Facebook page officially, which can reach its counts of over 16,000 followers or fans. Bruno Massel has an official website titled Bruno” in that site, you can check about the cars, pictures, photo gallery, contact number, any questions, suggestions, etc.

Net Worth And Appearance 

He is 47 years old now, having brown-colored hair and blue-colored eyes. His height and weight are still unknown. Bruno’s net worth is around 6 million US dollars. 

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