Boy George Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

George Alan O’Dowd is professionally recognized as Boy George. He is a renowned fashion designer, singer, songwriter, record producer, DJ, and photographer. His skills have made him the lead singer of Culture Club, a very popular band. George has recorded multiple songs like Time, Karma, Do you Want to Hurt Me, and more. He has a hermaphrodite appearance and has a soulful voice which made him gain many awards and respect.

He creates music by being influenced by reggae, blues, and rhythm, making his music recognized as a blue-eyed soul. George performs outstandingly, which made him receive Ivor Novello Award in 2015 from the British Academy of Authors, Songwriters, and Composers.

Early Life

Boy George took birth in 1961 on 14th June in Barnehurst, England. He was the second child of Dinah O’Dowd and Jerry O’Dowd and was raised by his parents in Woolwich. He belongs to an Irish Catholic family as his father is of Irish descent. He has five siblings, including his younger sister Siobhan, younger brothers named David and Gerald, and an elder brother named Kevin. George’s mother told him that his father and grandmother were both mentally abusive to her even when she got pregnant. She said that his father was a horrible father.

George compared the history of his family to an old sad song. He described that he had an abusive childhood by listening to his mother and seeing the condition of the entire family. When people listen to his heart-breaking story, they find it the reason behind his expressive songs and soulful voice.

Career Beginnings

Because of his different appearance, people used to make fun of him. He became habitual of living that way and said that he loves when people stare at him. His career has been full of controversies. George went to different schools, but he used to get debarred every time because of his appearance, difference in opinion, and view. There was a time when George had nothing, no money, no school, and no way to earn even to live life or eat food. This made his work as a milliner, make-up artist, and fruit picker earn a living.

In his late 80’s George got addicted to drugs which made him got arrested. He was then sent to a drug rehabilitation center to overcome his addiction and get the right treatment.

The successful career details of Boy George

Boy George, Mikey Craig, and Jon Moss were the other members of the band Culture Club that Boy George founded in 1981. Roy Hay was the band’s guitarist. Singles like “Do You Want to Hurt Me” and “Karma Chameleon” catapulted the band to stardom. After that, they went on to sell over 50 million albums globally. As a solo artist, Boy George was also a huge hit. His album “Sold” went to the top of the UK album charts upon its release. Boy George has reached multiple significant professional milestones. He’s won four Brit Awards and two Ivor Novellos and has racked up over 150 million in album sales throughout the globe.

Additionally, he has been honoured with a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He released two new tracks, “Clouds” and “Isolation,” off his forthcoming album Geminis on his YouTube page on March 2 and 26, 2020, respectively, in music videos. Forget the Instruction Book. 2021 saw him performing with Paul Weller and conductor Jules Buckley a cover of “You’re the Best Thing” by The Style Council on the BBC special Paul Weller – Live at the Barbican. His judging gig on the Irish talent competition The Big Deal started in September 2021.

Personal Life

Boy George had multiple relationships but never married anyone. He told in an interview that he is homosexual and tends to buy sex whenever he wants. His life was full of controversies, but he has earned a great name and fame in the industry due to his musical career.

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The physical appearance of Boy George

Boy George, as George Michael, is 1.83 metres (6 feet) tall. His weight is 80 kilogrammes or 176 pounds. He lost 40 kilogrammes by paying attention to his health and undergoing an extreme makeover in his 50s. Though he currently has a white head of hair, photos of him as a youngster show that his hair was formerly a ginger hue. He has a set of piercing hazel eyes. He has a typical build. He has light skin. A size 10 in the US, 9.5 in the UK, and a 43 in the EU would fit his feet perfectly. She’s beautiful and slim, with a radiant grin. Both Marc Bolan and David Bowie are tattooed on his arms. Even now, he still admires these tattoos the most.

Awards & Honours Received by Boy George

  • 2015 winner of the Ivor Novello Award
  • 2018 winner of the Attitude Awards

Net Worth

George is a very well-known English singer that has been in the music industry for quite a long time. His growth in the music industry has made him live a luxurious life. He has quite a different lifestyle because his childhood was very abusive, and he has earned everything himself by his determination and dedication. There are also other solo albums by George. This Is What I Do was released in 2013 and is his most recent album. He has logged countless miles on the road with Culture Club and on his own.

Although George struggled with substance abuse, he is now sober and healthy. In Take It Like a Man, he wrote an honest account of his life’s ups and downs. Djing and launching a clothing line are two of George’s latest occupations. On the British version of The X Factor, he also served as a judge. The average estimate of George’s wealth is $50 million. Through the popularity of his music and the sales of his albums and concert tickets, he has amassed a considerable fortune He has recently been focusing on his career as a DJ and his clothing brand.

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