Bobby Valentino Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

It is not just actors who are famous in Hollywood, but there are several singers and songwriters as well. Today, we will tell you about a viral singer and songwriter of the USA whose name is Bobby Valentino. He was born on 27th January 1980 with the word sign of Pisces. His date of birth makes him 42 years old now, and he was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. He is a person of brown complex and has a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. He is a viral singer in the USA and has a huge fan following across the globe as well.

More about Bobby Valentino

The birth name Bobby Valentino is Robert Wilson, and he is a well-known cyclist. Apart from that, he is an American singer and was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is not just a singer but also a songwriter and cinematic actor. He has got various awards for his talent, like the gold award from RIAA, and he is capable of using multiple musical instruments like piano, and he’s very good at vocals as well. His family moved to Georgia, and therefore, he was highly influenced by various singers of Georgia like Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. You might have heard about these great singers and actors already, but Bobby started his career in 1996. It was the first time when he used his real name and joined the R&B for singing.

He contributed to the institution in which he is working by producing two world-famous albums of songs. It was in the beginning that his albums were not so successful, but after being a little demotivated by his not-so-popular songs, he joined Clarke Atlanta University, where he studied, and he recorded several songs as well. He was not so popular before he started studying at the above-mentioned university, and there is a lot of hard work associated with success.


If we talk about the music career of Bobby, his famous first album was created and produced in 2005 by production company Island Def Jam and Ludacris’s Disturbing the peace. And when he made his album in 2005, it was followed by the RIAA gold award, which he received due to excellence, and this increased his fame further in the audience. It is not just music that provided him with fame and popularity, but in 2016, he made a partnership with Michael Caseau. With this partnership, he was allowed to directing and financing several music videos as well. Also, after the partnership, he created the Hollywood Hearts soundtrack, and it was a very successful thing that he has done all around his career. It is one of the most famous masterpieces created by him and is very popular among his fans to date. There is barely any relevant information about Bobby’s personal life, but he has an elder sister named Michelle.

Movie Career of Bobby Valentino

The early beginning of Bobby Valentino started in 2016 when Robert has been made a gentle partnership with another director who is named Michael Cascade. After get committing to him, Michael allowed him to help with his upcoming work, in which way of financing and also directing any movie will gain help from Bobby Valentino. As a result of this, Bobby Valentino has been produced the music for the Hollywood Hearts soundtrack as soon as possible by him. After releasing this soundtrack, It became a famous one and is also considered to be one of the most outstanding works that he has done throughout his career time.

Height and Weight of Bobby Valentino  

Bobby Valentino’s original height is 5 feet 2 inches, expressed as in meters about 1.58 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimeters, about 158 cm, and then the weight of Bobby Valentino is 60 kg, which can be described in pounds as 132 lbs.

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Appearances and Body Measurements 

Bobby Valentino looks hot-looking and fit because of his fitness; he can connect well with people. Bobby Valentino has worked much more to increase his net worth through his career settlement in television media. Bobby Valentino has short curly hair with the color black. Bobby Valentino has a pretty-looking eye that looks black. The body measurements of Bobby Valentino cannot be able to determine. Bobby Valentino did have any of the tattoos on her body. The shape of Jessica Money’s body is fit, and then the biceps size and shoe size of Bobby Valentino are not able to determine. Jessica Money has no tattoos on her body. The skin tone color of Jessica Money is black-tanned.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of Bobby stands at $6 million, and it was all and by his hard work in the field of acting and directing as well. Although the net worth of Bobby is not as much as the other Hollywood singers, he is very popular among his fans. He has done very hard work in his life, and it all paid off by making him one of the most popular singers in Hollywood.

Some of the facts and trivia about Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino’s most popular album collection has been listed and also ranked in the R & B Singer, which is considered to be the most popular collection. In addition to that, it also ranked in the elite list of famous R&B singers in place of the United States. On March 22, 2011, Bobby Valentino released his fourth album collection, which is titled Fly on the Wall. The first single released under the title of Phone # can be produced by the famous producer Jazze Pha, and Piles is also featured as a rapper in it. Bobby Valentino continued his work in his music career by releasing his second singles tracks, Words off Fly in the Wall, in the year 2010 in December.

Similarly, the third singles track was released in February 2011, using the name Rock Witcha, and the Alao remake was released in 1989 under the name Don’t Be Cruel. His fourth album is named Aas Grab Somebody, which featured rapper Twista. After some months ha born as soon, Bobby Valentino released his first single, track, dusk till dawn in the Name Mirror, in May 2012. Dusk Till Dawn was released in 2012 on October 12, in which it can be sold more than 50 000 copies in a single week.

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