Best Productivity and Employee Time Tracking Apps

Time management is one of the things that organizations try to enforce throughout the workplace to make sure that employees stay productive. This helps them stay active, meet their deadlines, and create a work-life balance. This shows that managing time is very important for people at work and for people at home. Being productive helps employers lookout for improvements in the processes and evaluate tools to manage teams and the workflow.

In the current digital age, there are so many apps that keep a check on time and track resources who are performing well at work. These apps are very useful if you work with resources who are working remotely and onsite. This makes work and employee management so easy in the current age of technologies like the Internet, different apps, Cable and Satellite TV services. Many of these tools work just like project management tools as well which you can download for free. This can help you with other tasks that you want to manage and complete.

Here are a few tools that can help you keep your employees productive:


This is a project management tool that can help you manage your projects, clients, and remote team. The good thing about using ProofHub is that you can manage teams of almost all sizes and complexities. This means there is no need for you to worry about maintaining lengthy email threads, unorganized projects, and missing deadlines. The app can help you with all of the above when you are traveling and delegate tasks, do team collaborations and store and organize your important data, and track work progress. The app adds more power to your work-life and other aspects of your work.

App Store Rating: 3.4


This is one of the fully automatic time tracking apps that can add more to your employee productivity. You can see task output and progress within the first week of using the app. You can monitor your employees and the time they spend while they are online and offline, calculate the costs based on the hourly rate of your worker and track the time taken on the projects. The iOS app comes with a mobile timer that starts manually starts and stops on the app, gets a remote view of the office and fills in the gaps and so on. Using the app, you can view your profile and view and change your settings.

App Store Rating: 2.3

Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log

If you are someone who loses track of their time, an app like Toggl can help you handle everything with a single tap. Also, you can keep a track of your time and manage your time easily. You can also use Siri to track your time without using the keyboard. It can cover all devices and use a browser as well, then stop the time tracker once you are done. You can do this by using your phone or the Apple Watch. You will find your time tracked and synced safely between your iPhone, Watch, desktop, and browser. To enhance your focus, you can use the Pomodoro mode with a feature that can help you achieve your goals.

App Store Rating: 2.3


This is one of the easy time tracking apps, manage different invoices while you are traveling and log expenses. The app consists of a beautiful and organized timesheet that can help you start a new timer and stop the one that you leave running at the office. There are simple timesheets that use start and stop tasks, the project manhours, and also support manual entry of hours that you can bill and ones that you cannot bill. Users can also receive reminders on a timely basis to submit their time and track time online and offline.

Another cool feature of the app is that you can input different expenses easily and take photos of your receipts and upload them directly to Harvest. There are so many features that you as a manager can use to manage and look after the working hours utilized by a team or a group of employees on a project.

App Store Rating: 4.2

Hours Time Tracking

The app lets you keep a track of your time when you are working as a freelancer, employee, individual user, or employer. You can use the app by activating a simple timer to track where you can spend hours and use a visual timeline to make corrections to errors. You can also use a bulk timesheet entry and create a timesheet after the fact.

The app can make your workspace flexible. The Hours is the perfect and easy time tracker for your work where you can use multiple hours tracking options, manage teams, and enable collective tracking for different team members during the current period.

App Store Rating: 2.3

TimeCamp Time Tracker

The app can help you log your time, generate reports and create new tasks while you are traveling. You can start the timer with a single tap and easy time tracking and fill in your timesheets manually. You can add important notes so that you don’t have to roll around tasks when you have to go for meetings.

You can view and edit timesheets and plan your upcoming day easily. To check progress and review your processes, the app can provide you reports that you can browse with a single tap. This helps you spend more time on work and less time collecting data so that you don’t have your hands full later on.

App Store Rating: 3.1


This is one of the most used apps that can help users understand, become more productive, and block distractions. The app can help you track your mobile time including daily screen time and pickups throughout the day. You can set a daily mobile team and get real-time alerts when you are spending too much and get weekly reports. This way you can build a better phone habit. One of the best things about the app is that you can get location data that is stored locally on your device and are never shared. The app has some amazing and productive tools to record time spent on apps, projects and different websites. 

App Store Rating: 3.2


In the end, one can say that there are so many apps for users, especially managers who want to make their working hours utilized wisely. Also, these tools are very useful to make amends to your business processes and increase the efficiency of your employees and different teams working on projects. One of the best things to do is that you can download these apps easily on your iPhones and carry on with managing your teams even if you are not present at the office.

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