Best Dubai Travel Tips

Dubai is a real jewel for travelers! It can be visited year-round – the air temperature doesn’t drop below 25 degrees even in the winter months, the sea never goes cold, hotels and stores are open without vacations and weekends. But Eastern culture has its own specifics, which is worth knowing before you go to the most luxurious resort in the world.

Before the travel

When is the time to visit Dubai?

You can plan a trip at any time of year – the number of rainy days here does not exceed a dozen per year. The average daily temperature in January is +24, in July it’s +41 and the sea never gets colder than 23 degrees, so you can swim all year round.

In general, there are two main seasons in the UAE:

Hot and moist season – lasts from May to October, during this period you may be shocked by the hot climate, but also with the stuffiness;

Warm season with low humidity – it begins in November and ends in April. This period is popular with tourists, although there are some chilly winds. It is a good time to walk around the city and take excursions.

We do not advise going during Ramadan, as during the daytime you can not eat and drink in public places.

Peculiarities of entering the country

The first thing you should know – Persons who have in their passports a visa or other markings of the state of Israel, can not enter the country.

Also, quite strict conditions for the entrance for ladies. Unmarried single women under the age of 30 may have trouble with the visa – it probably would not be received. The probability of obtaining a visa will increase if such women will be accompanied by her parents.

During the travel


Cabs in Dubai are expensive, experienced tourists recommend paying attention to public transport. Streetcars and subways allow you to get anywhere in the city. Transport is comfortable and works almost around the clock. Renting a car is also a great option. You can book a car of any class, even super car rental presented in here. There are a lot of different rental services in the city, so you can look for the proposed options in advance by typing into Google the request you are interested in, for example: “SUV rental Dubai”, “Lamborghini rental Dubai”, etc.


Clothing should be modest. Women should not wear revealing dresses. It’s better to wear clothes that cover your arms, neck and knees. Appearing in public places in sportswear or beachwear is considered extremely indecent. Shorts and shirts are also not acceptable in most cases, especially in public buildings and events, although they may be worn on the street.

If you travel during Ramadan

If you are traveling to the country during Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting, know that believers are not allowed to eat or drink until the sun goes down. The same restriction applies to tourists in public places – you should not smoke or chew gum there either. The consequences for breaking these taboos can be quite devastating. However, these restrictions do not apply in most hotels of Dubai.

Photo during travel

When walking around Dubai with a photo or video camera in hand, remember that it is forbidden to take pictures of government offices, palaces of sheikhs and military facilities. However, you can take pictures without any restrictions in all the other places you like. There is only one restriction – you can take pictures of local men only after asking their permission, and it is better not to photograph women – excessive attention to the local woman with a high probability can lead either to a fine of up to 60 thousand dirhams or imprisonment.


Most tourist areas and hotels can serve you alcohol but it’s better not to leave their territory and walk in public places drunk. You cannot even take alcohol outside of bars and restaurants where it is sold.You could be deported from the country for doing this.

And one last, but not the least thing you better know about

Documents or copies should always be carried with you – most police officers work without uniforms and are quite meticulous in monitoring compliance with traditional norms.

Now, knowing these things, there is nothing to spoil your stay in Dubai! Have a great trip!

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