Aubrey Marunde Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Bristol Marunde and Aubrey are the most popular partners and got fame from the reality show name Flip or Flop Vegas. Bristol is a distinguished fighter of MMA or Martial Arts, and on the other hand, Aubrey is running her business in real estate platform.

Early life and family of Aubrey

In the year 1983, Aubrey Buck had taken birth. Aubrey showed her real estate working interests from her childhood days. Aubrey sincerely used to see her father constructing many houses and home renovation projects as she grew up in a general contractor family. Aubrey was involved in sport from a young age, and at the age of 14, she worked as a gymnastics trainer. At the age of 19, Aubrey made her club, and she also used to love doing sketches from a young age.

Aubrey’s Educational background

Aubrey finished her matriculation degree from a high school located in Milton; after that, Aubrey shifted to Las Vegas. There she studied Bachelor of Marketing Administration from the Nevada University. But, Aubrey always helps her father doing his profession during her college days.

Aubrey career in Real estate

Aubrey successfully achieved the license in real estate in the 2006 year; she got multiple projects on the real estate platform from that time. However, from that day, Aubrey worked on many TV shows, and she showed for house restoration projects. Aubrey had done almost 150 projects on real estate and. Aubrey always loves to work on projects of Nevada houses and all. And Aubrey always shares such projects on Instagram profiles. Aubrey’s other famous TV reality shows include Flip or Flop Las Vegas, Harry, Home & Family High Stakes Flippers, and more.

Aubrey Marunde’s Reality TV programme Flip or Flop Las Vegas

On March 1, 2017, the “Flip or Flop” series announced that a sequel to the programme would be filmed in Las Vegas. On April 6, the first episode of the new series was shown on HGTV, and it was an instant hit. This success directly reflected the popularity of the previous series, which debuted in 2008 in Orange County, California. Bristol and Aubrey have found success in making money through their real estate investments. The data for the programme show that they make a profit from their partnerships regularly, and the initiative’s overall earnings may reach as high as $225,000.

Late in 2019, the third season of “Flip or Flop Las Vegas” came to an end. Although HGTV has not yet announced the launch date for the fourth season, viewers are already excitedly anticipating the show’s return. Andy and Ashley Williams hosted “Flip or Flop” in Fort Worth until the Texas iteration of the series was terminated after a single season in 2017. Mark and Liz Perez host “Flip or Flop” in Chicago, while Ken and Anita Corsini present “Flip or Flop” in Atlanta. “Flip or Flop” was cancelled in Texas after one season in 2017.

Get to meet Aubrey Marunde’s spouse Bristol Marunde

Aubrey first met Bristol Marunde, the guy who would later become her husband, during a UFC fight that she saw in 2009. The fight took place in 2009. Before Bristol pursued his present real estate and design occupations, he was a dedicated practitioner of mixed martial arts (MMA). Following the confrontation, John Guns introduced Aubrey to him at the party. They started dating on May 22, 2009, after an instant attraction, and on May 24, 2015, in a private ceremony in Las Vegas, they tied the knot. Their relationship began on May 22, 2009, after an instant attraction. They recently welcomed two children into their family, Kane and Kale, who are said to take great pleasure in accompanying their parents to work and seeing them restore their customers’ houses. The family has now grown to include four members.

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Interesting facts about Aubrey Marunde

  • After spending her childhood assisting in her father’s real estate business, Aubrey Buck finally decided to apply for her real estate licence in 2006.
  • Aubrey Marunde, whom she had met in 2009 and who was a previous competitor in mixed martial arts (MMA), became her husband.
  • The couple is responsible for the success of the popular HGTV series “Flip or Flop Vegas,” which has helped them acquire a fortune of $5 million.
  • Their two sons, Kane and Kale, are known to accompany their parents on many of their business travels.

Hobbies and Interests of Aubrey Marunde

Aubrey is an experienced and accomplished creative professional. She often draws for her job, and the Leftbank Art Gallery has hosted several of her successful solo exhibitions. She seems to have a particular place for depicting flowers in the hair of the women who are the topic of her portraits. She often represents dogs in her artwork since they are one of her most beloved animals.

In addition to the canine members of their family, the Marundes also take care of a large number of fish, two parakeets, two turtles, and lots of fish. Apple, plum, and other types of fruit trees may be seen growing in their backyard orchard. It seems from the content of Aubrey’s Instagram profile that she and Bristol like spending time with their children in public, whether for a walk, a lunch, a stroll, or any other activities listed above. They had just got back from a vacation to Europe, and during their time there, they discovered that their stay in Florence, Italy, was very memorable.

Aubrey’s Physical Appearance, clothing style

Aubrey’s hair is brown, and she has hazel eyes. Her height is 5ft 5ins (1.7m), and her weight is 136lbs (62kgs); on the other hand, Bristol’s height is 6ft 1in (1.85m), and his weight is 170lbs (77kgs). Aubrey loves wearing summer clothing in a light color, and she prefers wearing high heels and fashionable boots.

Net worth and salary of Aubrey and Bristol

Aubrey and Bristol both net worth in 2019 estimated up to $5 million. And their net worth is increasing more doing many TV shows.

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