Athena Karkanis Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

With the full name of Athena Irene Karkanis, born in Lethbridge, a town in the Canadian state of Alberta, on September 7th, 1981. She holds the nationality of a Canadian, and her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is a famous personality because of her identity as an actress and a voice artist, and singer. Athena Karkanis is a famous actress and model in Canada who became famous for playing such as Grace Stone in the season of the 2018 television series Manifest. She is well known for her role as Grace Stone. She also appeared in many other films, such as The Art of War in 2008, saw IV in 2007, saw V, saw VI, manifest, and another number of films acting in well-known roles. Her role in this makes the people love and respect her. This inspires Athena Karkanis to work harder to reach the audience’s expectations to fill their thoughts about him. In several good movies and TV shows, Athena Karkanis has been in prominent roles throughout her career in the entertainment industry. She also gave her voice to characters in several well-known video games. She also provided several narrations for well-known video games.

Childhood And Early Days

Although she took birth in Alberta, she was raised mainly in the capital city of Canada, Toronto, by her parents, who moved there within a year she was born. Athena belongs to Egyptian and Greek descent, but any other information regarding her parents is still unknown. Athena was a massive fan since the days of being a small little girl, and hence she spent most of her time in front of the TV.

Educational Background 

Athena, since childhood, has been a bright student and completed her high school matriculation with flying colors. To gain higher students, she got herself enrolled at the University Of McGill, which was located in Montreal, and from there, she obtained her bachelor’s degree. She was interested in studying law too, but she began to launch her childhood dream career of being an actress instead. She kept law studies aside and began to focus entirely on her career as an actress.


Athena Karkanis is a businessman named Mr.Karkanis, and her mother’s name is Mrs. Karkanis, a housewife by her profession. Athena Karkanis has only one sibling. Her younger brother’s name is unknown or cannot be determined. Athena Karkanis is currently single and she does not get married during her life period. She does not do any dating for now, and she was celebrating the holiday by holding a single status. The is no information about her past life or history.


Athena Karkanis debuted as an actress in the well-known field of animation in Canadian television series such as “Stickin’ Around” in 1996. She has also appeared in numerous television series in well-known areas, including Delilah and Julius Chappelle’s show. In 1996, Athena Karkanis started acting in the Canadian animation series the television show Stickin Around. More than that, she has been involved in Missing, Delilah, and Julius and the Chappelle shows, all well-known television shows.

In the year of 2010 of, Athena Karkanis started working on the talk show as host, and she drew the” Sundays at Tiffany.” Skyland, the best years, dex Hamilton and growing up creepie are the film that Athena Karkanis enroll. She also portrayed the series such as Dex Hamilton in Skyland, but it is too late to say goodbye, and the fire and ice and the Ron James show.

Pregnancy And Love Life

Athena happens to one of the most secretive ladies in the entire film industry and hence never shares almost anything with the public regarding her relationships and love life. Rumors began to spread that she is dating a journalist, a man whose name is not known. But Athena finally uploaded some of their pictures together, which made the relationship open to the public quickly. But anyway, it does not seem that they will marry anytime soon or start a family, and they are focus on their career. Rumors again spread that she became pregnant, but it turned out to be false. 

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The Name

Athena has received her name from the good old Greek mythology. Athena is the powerful Goddess of Wisdom according to the myth and civilization, law, justice, courage, wisdom, and everything; it is also written that she was a great mathematician. As per the myth, Athena is the daughter of the formidable Zeus, and from Athena, the country of Greece got its capital city’s name, Athens.

Physical appearance

 Athena Karkanis is a hot and gorgeous woman who looks exactly like a stunning one. She has a pleasant, able personality with a cute smile. Athena Karkanis has a hot, lovely face, body measurements that make her more attractive, a curvy figure, and a beautiful shape with a slim body type. Her body measurements are approximately 33-24-33 inches. The height of Athena Karkanis approximately comes under 5 feet and 7 inches, whereas her weight is approximately about 57 kg. She has long, shiny, gorgeous black hair with stunning dark brown eyes that makes to watch them again and again. Athena Karkanis’s eyes always look mesmerizing. The favorite color of Athena Karkanis is green and black, and the food I like to eat is pasta.

Social Media Sensation 

Athena is quite active on different social media platforms. In February 2012, she had launched her Twitter account but never really used it that much, so gaining just about 200 Twitter followers. She is primarily famous on the Instagram platform, and there she has earned 21000 followers for herself. She has uploaded there somewhat than 65 photos in total. On Facebook, she currently has around 1,400 followers. 

Net Worth 

From her acting career, Athena has accumulated a net worth of around 1.5 million US dollars. She is popularly known in the television series, which is the title for the famous role of grace stone in 2018. She also survived in various other roles in the most popular television series and movies, which may increase the net worth of Athena Karkanis. Both the actress and model can provide much more wealth for Athena Karkanis.

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